ABS workability

March 19 [Wed], 2014, 10:50
Plastic ABS may also say that is the polystyrene modification, has the high anti-shock strength compared to HIPS and a better mechanical strength, has the good workability, may use plastic formation equipment and so on injection molding machine, antibacterial Board extruding machine carries on the injection molding, pushes models, the blow molding, the rolling, the lamination, foaming, the hot formation, but may also weld, the spreading, the galvanization and the machine-finishing. The ABS hygroscopicity is quite high, before the processing, must carry on the drying process, the dry temperature for 70~85℃, the drying time is 2~6h; The ABS product easy to have the internal stress in the processing, if the stress is too big, the cause product dehiscence, should carry on the annealing treatment, puts the workpiece in 70~80℃ the heated air circulation drying oven 2~4h, the recooling to the room temperature then.
Extrusion. The plastic ABS production tubing, the plate, the sheet material, and products and so on molding, the tubing may use in each kind of water pipe, the trachea, the lubricating oil and the bunker oil delivery pipe; The plate, the sheet material may use in the floor, the furniture, the pond trough, the filter, the wall insulation and the hot formation or the vacuum forming. Extruding machine's screw rod length to diameter ratio is quite usually high, L/D is between 18~22, the compression ratio is (2.5~3.0): 1, with a gradation belt torpedo screw rod, expects the tube temperature respectively is suitably: The hopper department 150~160℃, expects the tube front part 180~190℃, the die head temperature 185~195℃, the mold temperature 180~200℃, next EVA Sheet the blow molding formation temperature may control in 140~180℃ between.