also have what thing

June 25 [Tue], 2013, 12:41
"Du Hua very Niubi shook his head" she didn't give us, we'll just take it, this is what." "No, boy, your behavior." "I lost!" Du leader eyeball a stare "you put the Zhou Dasheng boss called, I lost, did you hear that, not a difference, you shut up, don't shut up, I put you in the mall to buy! So you didn't eat for rice!" The manager hesitated for a moment, looked at the Du Hua, also do not know what the antecedents of the. A group of people around Wang Long look silly, the Du leader when so Niubi ah, really, really long face, the flower, it has a kind of brain logical thinking. "All over!" Du taught master hand refers to "the what, you come, you give me, I let you take what, you give me what, do you hear? Take me, as long as appropriate, buy!" Another attendant hesitated,Oakley Juliet clearance, hurriedly walked over, Du taught master hand refers to "this, this, this, this" continuous refers to the six or seven rings, only refers to the platinum ring. The waiter gave out, Du leader very Niubi reached a "come, come, one with,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, have a look." "Hello, sir, this, this." "What this, you say." The waiter thought a moment "you take a few this is the one and only, manual costs will be high a lot, to be higher than the normal price." "That is why" Du Jiao main face does not matter, looked around "you see, all such as he spoke, also have what thing, can lead to contradictions so big?" Then Du Jiao main stretch hand a "no money", "this is the 630 of a gram per gram, manual, one hundred, the ring is 3.5 grams, you see, these rings, each ring is a simple style, aperture, aperture outside look the same, there is a small word each aperture intermediate a total of eight, ring, the word also has eight, all wishes come true, Fukura Yasuko, this is special, we also behind Zhou Dasheng counter tag, is the one and only." Du leader the eight ring out, Wang, bell, Gong Zheng, Gao Yu, Li Lei, Lian Du leader, only six people, there are Wang Ci, Zhang Shuang and Xiao Xiawen, also do not lack. I think the platinum ring on look, everyone put the ring on the index finger of his left hand, in turn, Wang Lung, heart, clock, Gong Zheng, thing, Taka Yucheng, Du Fu, founder, Li Lei, Yue, left and Kang two words. Du Hua squinting, looking around at the people "as a set, then these two will, so these eight are, and that my sister." "Don't, don't, I don't," the king put the ring back "has a lot of, really don't, elder brother Hua, you buy our previous R ì son just bought." Du Huagang wanted to talk, while Wang Long said "OK, she don't do not." Du Hua also did not think too much, turned and Kang two ring down, gave Wang "has two,oakley sunglasses cheap, the rich out of the" long pondered "another day to see Xie Tian, to thank day, another keep." Du leader nodded, take a table "billing cool!" Peripheral >
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