but she saw Yang Kai there

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 13:05
Luo Xiaoman and autumn dream situation quite similar, two people are the daughter, in their respective forces identity is not low, but because the daughter body, so a lot of time appears very helpless. "I knew." Yang Kai nodded his head gently, "go out to meet." To hear him say so, our dream woods with: "when you have a conscience." Stood up, Yang led a group of people went out. Autumn dream before leaving back told Lv Song loudly: "you wait here for a moment,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, I'll arrange you." Lv Song nodded indifferently, the hearts can not help but give birth to a kind of the feeling of being ignored, after all, he had just come out, Yang Kaike didn't welcome. Mansion, crape myrtle Valley Group led by Luo Xiaoman, are quietly waiting for. A moment later,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, Yang and autumn dream left, followed by Dong light cold and blue at the beginning of the butterfly. "Autumn sister!" Luo Xiaoman saw autumn dream, joy cried, began to break up, but she saw Yang Kai there, immediately stopped the pace, neck shrink, become timid extremely. Fear of Yang Kai, has gone deep into her soul. I don't know why, anyway, as long as meet Yang Kai this person, or even just think of this person, Luo Xiaoman afraid not. This time if not for and autumn dream together, where she had the guts to stand to the side of Yang Kai. ""." Autumn dream know her courage is small, hurriedly came up and took her by the hand, good comfort. Yang Kai smiled and looked at her one eye, and then looked at with Dong light cold behind early blue butterfly. Found that the two women have one thing in common. It is has a pair of proud chest, two women's looks are not tall, and even can be said to be dainty and cute, but the chest capital is abundant anomaly. Look at his eyes, Yang felt two threat hit, can not help some dizziness. At the beginning of his blue butterfly will act recklessly and care for nobody eye fundus income, face some red. "Crape myrtle Gu fan hong. Seen a childe!" Lagerstroemia indica Valley crowd, walked out of a young man, smiling to greet the bow. "Fan brother not a stranger. Don't be a stranger." Yang Kai ha ha smile. Fan Hong said: "the last time in the tower if you have offended, please open you don't mind, Fan Hong here to accompany you not." Yang Kai's eyes flashed. Attitude also become affinity many, hearty laugh: "fan brother can help me, is my honor, the former things are feeling's gone away, would forget clean out completely." The last time in the tower, Dong Jiadong light cold, White House Baiyun wind, and the Fan Hong three people Ziwei valley a strong from the Pope door dug,Coach Handbags Sale, later met Yang, learned that he had a black level of martial arts. Are beckoning, the code to offer from Yang Kaina Xuan level martial arts to buy back. Dong Qing Han know Yang Kai's number, Baiyun wind is not clear, give against Yang Kai, the last white clouds wind died in pale cloud evil spider mother lair. At that time, Fan Hong's attitude to Yang Kai while not good. At least not like white clouds wind that kind of bullying, so Yang Kai did not want to hold a grudge. To hear him say so, Fan Hong immediately took pleasure in s è, opening more than. "Go in for tea, drinkin." Yang Kai greeting. Lagerstroemia indica Valley this >
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