Teach at monkey tree-Common and simple English conversation

July 19 [Wed], 2017, 17:42
Teach at monkey tree, the official English greetings
To greet someone in a more formal way, use the "good + [time]" type, such as the following:
Good morning!
Can be used at any time before noon.
Good afternoon!
Usually between noon and 5 pm to 6 pm.
Good evening!
For any time after 6 pm. In addition, "good night" usually means that you say goodbye, but before going to bed often use this phrase.
Third, the introduction
If you are talking to you, you do not know each other at all. Then you say hello, the first courtesy to introduce themselves, and ask each other's name. The following is the English conversation sentence will be used:
My name is ~. What's your name?
(My name is ~.
This is a simple and neutral sentence that is quite common!
I'm sorry, I do not remember your name.
(Sorry, I do not remember your name, you are ...?)
If you have seen someone before, but you do not remember their name, you can say this English, but more informal.
If you want to introduce another person to someone else, then simply say:
Please meet + [name]
This is a formal introduction to the use of conversational sentences, such as: Please meet my friend Tom!
This is + [name]
This is a commonly used conversation sentence, for example: This is Tom!
The above is the introduction of self-speaking English, and the following session phrase is used to respond to someone's self-introduction:
Nice to meet you!
This is a very common conversation
Pleasure to meet you!
Simple and polite response
It's a pleasure!
Although it is informal, but also good.
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