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See this task. Everyone treacherous smile. Then do not move the sound sè. Chen Qian and group yd people live a long time. Naturally, this is an unscrupulous. Immediate insight into their thinking. However. At this time. Chu transit but chaos into it. "Chenzi" Jiang Chen a his tone of voice. You know he has a difficult thing. "There are what matter to me straight. Old Chu." "Carry carry fellow just pick up a task completion time limit. My shortcomings manpower." Jiang Chen Tao. "Who wants far as to speak, and let us here is the limited tasks we Total Total." He and transit Chu talked it over afterwards. Han Na eventually reluctantly gave Chu transit. Then sigh road. "Oh ... I let the woman a man." Han Na according to his pp is shot. "Let a hair. Thou misnomer food goods." All while laughing. Without Han Na. Equivalent to less of a significant output and 2t. Jiang Chen can only adjust tactics. Siqibailai Siyu invited into the yellow team. Thus, in addition chasing a few mm. Then pull up a Shangguan Yunfei. The team's neat. Qian Chen Siyu shared mission to yellow after. Huang Siyu snappily said. "Slut river this is not like your style ah. So honest. 8 individual tasks took eight people ah." Jiang Chen smiled and said. "It's okay. Really beat, so let our brethren collusion. Rì the players dare to do it. Let's brawl" People look profusely. Are not ashamed to praise Jiang Chen shameless. "But. How is a problem ah." Chen Qian look tangled. "The queen sister did not give me any solution. Let me find you ah. Master." "This task is called the area where the eight differences lair. Rì eight differences nests in this area an island called Magic Snake Island and this island. normal way if we enter it. just have to use six hours by boat. followed by two hours to complete tasks is ridiculous, but Well, I'd have a better and more economical way. Less than half an hour to get to the magic Snake Island. "Chen Qian no small surprise. "Master,Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle Sale, you talk about. How a meaning." Jiang Chen strange smile. "What equipment are repaired. Supplies have brought enough of it. Let's start now, I bother to explain." These people have always believed Jiang Chen. Because Jiang Chen Zhe Si is truly a "Hope control." He seems to be dedicated to the game and students. About the game's many tricks, knowledge. He back of its hand. Even relatively weak recently a project. . Paolu are beginning jīng pass up. They Magic Snake Island. Normal channels must be six hours. You can but a vice. That is the secret of the island from the channel in the Cape too. The underpass is waterways. And there is a natural slope. Everyone can put here as a water slide. Glide all the way to the Magic Snake Island. So. When Jiang Chen came to this path with all the time. And they were all surprised not small. Shangguan Yunfei amazed. "Brother you how to find this place." "Oh, this tea also thank Drunk Love this kid's favorite thing to do is to be lazy and transboundary kill order these two hobbies., But he wasted a lot of time." Jiang Chen talking. It has been sitting in naturally occurring water slides. "This road is his effort took a long time to find." Shangguan Yunfei said. "This place is too concealed." "Must he find this place when. Was also depressed once yet. Waterslides direct access to the other side of Snake Island magic underground. However. Magic Snake's entry level is 145 and he was level is not enough, so when transferred to the other side. distracted by the system settings of the protective film to shield. could not set foot on the island. "" uh This how broken. "" not broken. only back to the city. "Jiang Chen's body has a water slide glide. "So That period of time this kid desperately leveling. Finally rushed to the 145 later. Island rì the player gets it. Santianliangtou he Navarathiri these unscrupulous chrysanthemum burst. These Special shameless guy. has been the resurrection point set at the foot of the mountain foothills here is very subtle, so until today. rì the players can not find them over time. rì the players jittery. also not many people dare Magic shedaoensis it. chrysanthemum burst that somehow it was the taste. really unhappy. "Huang Siyu Minzui smile. "This is what you dare to break with our 7 personal reason island." Jiang Chen nodded. "This is the love of tea drunk had thanked them. Predecessors trees descendants cool ah." Rice Lan Road. "Chenzi Not me dispel your positive xìng. Rì probably not landing the player. There are other reasons." "This I also investigated the island of monsters and not that much. And most of the monsters discrimination in eight nests My rì the informant had previously chatted. said that inside the monster level is too high. too strong. even if it is not easy to get the player to switch them. "Jiang Chen laughed. "The queen sister knows I like to challenge the limits,Oakley Scalpel clearance, so this time the task assignment given us. Was to give us advance into the canyon Kuanglong preheat it." Chatting on foot. Time flies naturally. Within half an hour of effort. People feel their only shines. Followed by "plop" sound. Jiang Chen shouted stumble body. No way. This is the result of pre-emptive suffer. Jiang Chen Jing entire head are Qiaotun squashed. Almost hang. Ulrich got embarrassed. Shy to Jiang Chen made a heartfelt thoughts. "I am following it taste good." Jiang Chen tough and stood up. Back to Li Jing one. "Your old following strange taste." Then. Jiang Jing Chen was brutally assaulted. For unknown reasons. They are in this area. Magic Snake Island is the main peak of the bottom. This unique character. Surrounded by a bell rǔ stone. Only. Jiang Chen did not have time to see the scenery. But anxious to go out. Shangguan Yunfei asked. "Brother you how not buried resurrection point." Jiang Chen smiled. "We did not come here to kill chase feats. Daguai but so is not suitable for buried here point eight differences lair while we buried." Shangguan Yunfei sighed. "Brother ... Or your experience more seasoned ah." Jiang Chen laughed. "We caution right now rì The players also have a lot of three revolutions. Strength improved a lot this time action relative to the number of people we love tea drunk them, or more. Certainly arouse his suspicions, I mean This time is also an experience for everyone over another. worry too much,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, I returned to our left hand. "finish. Jiang Chen and Li Zi on the right eye. Are treacherous smile. Out of the Magic Snake Island peak. Jiang Chen, who walked along the front of the depths of the forest. Only one of the forest called tail bat monster. This bat level is 205. Magic soldiers monster. This time, after a new piece of information. This monster is xìng improved 10. Appears. Mercury company is also an additional difficulty of the game it. After all, the game like Jiang Chen, pears sea from time to time will be able to get this kind of equipment yín cattle fork too many people. In order to control their growth. The system can be described as doing their utmost. Magic Snake Island is not large. However. Jiang Chen, who today is not the time come. Because differences in the eight nests door. There have been a large red sè spot. These points of light are too dense. And arranged in neat rows. Visually not a monster. Instead rì this player. These rì the players obviously have found them. Many of the light spot color sè suddenly shallower. Much as the game. Jiang Chen, who very clearly how this is going. Shallow spot player. Stating that they opened a stealth skills. At this time. Jiang Chen immediately took out the creation of the stone. In a relatively secluded grass buried resurrection point. "Ready to fight." Jiang Chen calls out, Tracy and absolute shadow. Then one would WANG Yue Lan into his arms. After all, WANG Yue is a secondary occupation. In this case. Is very important to protect her. Jing Huang Siyu one will hold on Aralia beast. Several other people will quickly enter the state of war. Spread toward the four directions, respectively. Jiang Chen led the way. Leather quickly rushed into the profession and the other the most intensive areas. Directed around thundered loudly. "We kid Do not hid Non let out what I put you group." Carter. Not far from an assassin appeared. This man is a middle-aged uncle. Look wretched. Jiang Chen one recognized him. These people. The Murder of God is rì demons left the guild. "Aphelion you dare to break our sacred territory. Not quit." Jiang Chen raised the wrath of the hands of the era of the blade. Understatement whipped up a Stormrage. "To reciprocate. Associate you will come to our house to play. Permit us to visit your home ah." This trick. Surprisingly fast. Devil left simply no defense. Kneeling directly hit. Head popped up a 64,453 points of damage figures. No way. Although there is no change weapons. But Jiang Chen, after all riding the Jedi shadow. Who have very day steaks and Wang Yuehua genus xìng. Attack or let it crispy assassin afford injuries. Devil left this hang. Jiang Chen quickly behind flashing blood out of a road sè light. Shouted dozens assassin turned murderous concentration. From multiple directions toward Jiang Chen flew over. Really. Jiang Chen very underwhelmed such killings are played without a brain. So. He can only stay with their simple and crude. Straightforward a polar day wielding dragon dance. First break avoided. Then break chrysanthemums. These cannon fodder soon Burgundy fart towards cold. But. Things are not so simple. Around while silver Dasheng. Rì large rush out of the players. Exactly who is the boss demon killing God's Eye. Demon eyes coldly. "What's special. Had wanted to catch this fish apricot Hanada not think of oriental demon actually caught this fish. Aphelion. Magic Snake is your burial." W
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