think of a dark and stormy brother

June 26 [Wed], 2013, 15:54
Chapter 83 design chain meter "installed quite like it!" Hu moon smiles tenderly cry, mysterious spider silk a floating ice, and instantly deprived of a slim person's care face helmet, black hair falling down like a waterfall, revealing a charming countenance, who turned out to be disguised as a man, dressed as a warrior look, unraveling even after a U.S. Kinds, "a dark and stormy Oh, think of a dark and stormy brother was a passionate kind, but, unfortunately, unfortunately, ah ! one are brothers, one is a good friend, to be buried here. "Guofei Ying Ying a chuckle. "You dared to touch a hair of them, I swear you will be beheaded!" Black Wind ashen face, shouted. "Black Wind, not afraid of threats from the young master." Guo Fei Lenghe loudly. "Rip!" Hu Piaoshen month so woman came around, waved his hand, and instantly it Leather tear, exposing the creamy skin, like, and then search in her body from her pocket bags seized two skins and handed it to Guo Fei. "Ha ha!" Guo Fei opened it, grin, and two bags at least dozens of spells, who are all in the body of this woman, this woman seems dark and stormy very valued. "Put the two men, my whole body belongings are to you, from my dark and stormy demon hunting team never against you, I am a dark and stormy meant it." Stormy face ashen, Chen Sheng said. One is a milk fellow brothers, one is a confidante, he relented. "Oh. Stormy Brother, think on the right." Guo Fei nodded toward the hook the hook fingers. Black Wind quickly the body of the two bags thrown over, Guo Fei so big dead soldiers picked up, Guo Fei opened it, one which is ten began, one which is a one hundred gold coins Guo Fei a look, his face gloomy again, Nu Sheng said: "Black Wind, you lied to the young master it! ye to seventy thousand soldiers began buying an array of skills, your body what possessions to such a point that you do not want to let them live it!" With with Guo Fei, then two dead soldiers moment the two men raised up, the card in their hand to increase the intensity of the neck, big and knights dead soldiers also straighten the spear, a ready posture desperately. "Little brother, you are mistaken, HU Yan property in the hands of his sister married Zhao An Guogong, deep its favor, so he is very high status,Outlet Coach Leather, we take refuge in the country shortly male adults, they do not trust us , this time to perform the task, naturally to him lord himself though, and I repair to par, but the real flame up, I was not his opponent, because he was of demon repair, and practicing extremely overbearing fire Department of vitality, and his cunning cautious, even I do not know where to hide their wealth. "Guo Fei looked dark and stormy, it seems he was not a lie, suddenly a slight chuckle:" I think I misunderstood you, Presumably you have and their contact way, guided him up, robbed him, but a big wealth revenue it! By the time I put them. "" can! help you complete this afterwards, we mutually dry. "Black Wind Yanzhuyizhuan,Coach Shouder, Chen Sheng said. "Ah, as long as you are trustworthy, the young master naturally trustworthy." Guo Fei faint a laugh. "Well, I immediately went to him!" "No, you go this way, I'm afraid I did not rob him, but you find a way calculated to me." Guo Fei sneered. "My brother and his wife in your hands, you do not worry, what you gonna do?" Dark and stormy Chen Sheng said "Rest assured, then, the young master had died countless times I have a technique that can probe out whether you have betrayed me intentions, as long as you do not resist, let me play this method, I'll believe you. "Guo Fei faint a laugh. "You are dead warlock, I do not believe you!" Black Wind hesitated, Chen Sheng said. "If so, we will blow up, and your good friend, your brother tell individual right! I sent them on their way." Guo Fei lightly. "Brother, save me how you promised his mother, You say you want to take care of me, you can not watch me die." Shorty cried and cried. Guo Fei a, suddenly a little surprised that this dark and stormy Shorty and the big man turned out to be brothers, really amazing, such a big difference in his body, turned out to be a womb inside out. "Black Wind, you brisk walking, do not control us!" Namingnvzi face tough color, Chen Sheng Road. "Just do as you say!" Black Wind firmly fixed Namingnvzai face, thought for a moment, his face ashen nodded reluctantly closed his eyes. "It's a sentimental kind!" Guo Fei smiled, palms a belief, a black fog electricity shot out, not into the dark and stormy quickly eyebrows inside. Looked dark and stormy did not resist, did not use their strength to resist, after a pause, Guo Fei revealing a sly smile. "Well!" Guo Fei a chuckle. "You want trustworthy! Help me lift after the completion of this operation method." Stormy Chen Sheng Road. "Of course, the HU Yan et al cited here, help me to kill them, I will keep promise." "Good. Whiz!" Stormy finish, figure flash, it is necessary galloped under the monastery. Guo Fei quickly waved and said: "Wait, you go No, I do not trust, let your brother go!" "No,Outlet Coach Sunglasses, he was cowardly, I am afraid, fled to." Stormy Chen Sheng Road. "Oh, what is she to go!" Guo Fei a finger so woman said. "You can!" Stormy face showing a trace can not be perceived lighted up, thought a moment nodded. "Go!" Guo Fei nodded toward the dead soldiers, dead soldiers instantly let go of the woman, this woman leans ubiquitous ball helmet, walked slowly toward the dark and stormy. "Master!" Hu month paused, startled sound reminds us. Guo Fei waved his hand to stop her words, toward a dark and stormy said: "I siege HU Yan, we must carefully prepared, but also a strong black wind brother ah, here was the best repair for you." Guo Fei finished, the two bag spell eleven out to identify the main, to see its purpose, HU Yan reserved deal with. "Ha ha! Shit techniques, probing whether others have betrayed the heart, they must not deceive I, I know you're trick, did not have any such techniques." Stormy see this woman went to her side, one to pull her into his arms, turned toward Guo Fei laughed. "Are you afraid I killed your brother!" Guo Fei face sank road. "Kill him better, the NAO eggs, but for my mother asked me to take care of him dying, I would kill him, the net trouble, I wipe him all day, I would not want to control him, you kill him Zhenggewoyi. "severely stormy road. "Brother you!" Shorty face became pale, suddenly limp down. "You are never to get out the Black Rock Heights!" Black Wind sank his face, hands waved his sword, woman slowly pulling back, but seemingly slow but a retreat ten meters, agility fast alarming. "Black Wind, you're so confident! Huh." Guo Fei faint smile, waved his hand. "Ah!" Black Wind suddenly threw himself on the ground, a bestial roar, this pain from the soul, like an awl in the drill his soul, the sound of people called extremely nose tears started to flow a ground, put his arms woman terrified, clinging to him. Black Wind to head hit the pavement and miserable. "Oh. Lian Yang can not stand, you can stand it." Guo Yue Fei dark heart, the soul of this insanity was quite effective, but only in case they do not resist to play, once the other party or the strength protection with infuriating live in the head, or have to Yang instruments used in the body, the soul body to get in, which is its weakness. However, once they invade the soul, just like maggots as difficult tarsal bone removed. "Your honor, I beg you let him go, let him go!" This woman suddenly fell to his knees toward Guo Fei kowtow road. Guo Fei a bayan, dark and stormy pain Strepsils. "Black Wind, is your bad faith in the former, the young master may be worthy of you, you self-destruct promise themselves to blame, if you listen to the future, you can reduce the pain points, and if you do not listen, I will let you live nor Qiusibuneng." "You have to keep your promise, I'll kill HU Yan, plunder their possessions all yours, but accomplish this, you want to put us out, and lift this operation method, or else I would rather die!" dark and stormy big sword a Young, former cross in his own neck. Guo Fei nodded and said: "As you wish, just help me get six small Rokko array of magic skills to kill, they do as you say!" "Good. Meier, you've worked hard!" Black Wind nodded toward the woman, This woman wiped tears, galloped under the monastery.
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