Pork Chop Pork Chop 

August 10 [Fri], 2007, 22:27
My marketing lecture today only had roughly 20 students
20 out of 200 from my cohort?
Only 10% wanna do advertising/PR in future?

After that, waited for Para who's late
she brought me to canteen 2 to have lunch
Western food.....PORK CHOP!
Where can u find Pork Chop in Ngee Ann?
No where!!!
It was so nice before I realize I should take a picture,
half the pork chop is gone.

Too bad :P


August 09 [Thu], 2007, 16:36
Sorry I wasn't able to blog much on this blog these days.
Gave all my free time to my AKB48
My school has started..

We had free buffet on first day..how nice <3
But lectures had already started
We have already been briefed about assignments & final exam.
Kinda felt stressful... since I haven't have classes for nearly a year (remember I had no classes in my final semester)
Exam weightage is very high..50% to 60%
I remember how we whined about having exams with 40% weightage..
And I have 6 exams in one semester
I only had 3 exams in my entire poly life.

People... they seem pretty normal? Haha...
I was pretty surprised to hear many speaking in Mandarin, since it's not common in our mass comm
Somehow, everyone disperse once lecture's over. So I see single souls here and there...
Anyway, out of the 200intakes, there're only 20 poly students.
I can't understand why my lecturer asked us to raise up our hands... the JC peepz were all staring at us as if we're rare endangering animals XD

Choosing electives, fulfilling General Education Requirements were also a tough choice. There are so many to choose from, and it's hard to get the good classes.. since the school gave priority to our seniors. But nevermind, I don't mind having a bad timetable as long as classes are good..

I'm taking 6 subjects this semester..
My 3 core subjects, 1 Prescribed Elective, 1 UE for my minor & 1 GER-PE.
I hope I can cope...
As long as I can get into second upper class I'd be relived XD

The school's really big we have to take bus into our school. But luckily for me, my school's building is right in front of the bus stop. We have to walk 20-30min to reach the nearest canteen, Can-B, though. But I heard the food sucks. So maybe I was lucky to have 2hours breaks instead of 1hour breaks. The shuttle bus is bad... it's slow and the frequency is bad... I was late for one of my lecture because of it. Maybe next time I should walk instead =.=

And my school's pretty warm even though there's wind. Many staircases that I need to climb too. I bet I'd get rid of my thunder-thighs soon, walking around the huge campus..

Post Office 

July 30 [Mon], 2007, 22:10

Like everyweek, I stepped into post office in the beginning of the week once again.
Sent Yuko her fanletter as usual.
But this time, I wrote fanletter to Shiho too, regarding her graduation.

Today I ate curry for dinner! Looks good doesn't it? heh

Next week today, I would be in my new school...><
School's starting soon
Freedom's over soon

the meeekeee recently. 

July 25 [Wed], 2007, 16:34
Let's do a sum-up of what I'm up to recently!!

Recently my...

Fav artist -
Misato Aki

Fav Songs -
Nounai Paradise by AKB48 (Team K)
Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete by Misato Aki
Himitsu Dolls by Nakahara Mai & Shizimu Ai

Fav dramas -
Hanazakari kimitachi e
Hotaru no Hikari

Something I'm currently eating -

Things I just bought -

Stuffs I'm obsessed with -

Stuffs I laughed at recently -
Koike Potato Chips
Stalking pictures of Kojiharu Yuko took
The World of Golden Eggs

Stuff that made me cry recently -

Remarkable stuffs I did recently -
Just did a new fanart yesterday

-This baton is stolen from Maimai's blog ^^ -

Melon Soda!! 

July 22 [Sun], 2007, 22:29
Rainie, I'm still doing this blog!

Today's a pretty happy day..
Woke up early to update my AKB48 blog
And read through the kanji(s) for my Kanji test
Despite the fact I didn't study much,
I thought I did pretty well (..)(^^)(^。^)(*^o^)

And later, went to Vivocity with my mum
Bought Melon Soda from Daiso..
a taste I haven't taste for some time
Missed it!!!

Finally got to watch Harry Potter
..After that, I got pissed.

You see, I was at food court and I got a seat
And this old couple just sat on my seats in front of me?!
God dammit,
it's not that I wanna say but
It doesn't mean you're of higher priority than me since you're old
You get hungry, I get hungry too!!!
It doesn't mean you're old you're hungrier than I am!!!

And I glared at them (as usual..)
They gave me a "What wrong I did?" face
I was seriously mouthing the F... word.
Glared at them many times more
Shook my head hard while glaring at them
I walked away...

my AKB48 fanblog 

July 18 [Wed], 2007, 13:11


I've decided that I open an AKB48 fanblog
and blog all about AKB48 I can there.
Otherwise my personal blog is becoming an AKB48 fanblog.

So it's all gonna move to "From Miles Away"

Hakuna Matata 

July 18 [Wed], 2007, 13:04

Yesterday I met up with Sam..
We went karaoke yo.

We didn't book a room for Japanese songs
so we can only sing till the people who booked come
But I got to sing AKB48 songs all for twice.
Good enough.
Quote from Sam "I'm the one suffering"
in reaction to me singing AKB48 songs (and dancin')

Then we switched to Mandarin machine..
I realize how slow my Mandarin reading has became so slow
I kept reading the wrong words and couldn't follow
Bad me (><)

Sam sang Hakuna Matata...OMG
I can't stop laughing..
She did monologue in it too ><

We went even crazier..
Sang like 6-7 Backstreet Boys songs.
Old School enough.

And after karaoke we ate lots at NYDC.
Shouldn't have ordered so many sidedishes Sam.
I'm so broke now!!!
Potato Salad ftw.!!!

A bad fan I am... 

July 15 [Sun], 2007, 23:45
I'm such a bad Yuko fan..
It's not just one thing that makes me think so.
But anyway, some of the stuffs I don't feel like telling..
so if I didn't tell u, don't ask k?
LOL, I sound like a bitch here

1) I didn't realize something so significant & obvious only after a month.
2) I didn't realize about their blogs. What the hell..
3) Something about this picture...

Yeah that's all..
Thanks for hearing me ranting ^^

I'm still gonna work harder to become a better fan!!!

Cosfest 07 Day Two 

July 15 [Sun], 2007, 23:39
Oops I skipped the final & biggest day
Well, so many of my friends didn't go ><
Poor Bishie Shizu is sicked..hey u gotta do private shoot for ur sexy Yuki costume *invite me please*

But I went Downtown for the event yesterday..
didn't cosplay though
I shot some photographs instead..

But the thing is that, tono & i spent more time
rotting at Burger King more than participating the event
we are slackers!
Slackers ftw!

Well at least, I produced some photos
View them here ^^

Random caption. (llllll〃^∇^)o_彡☆あははっ 

July 14 [Sat], 2007, 0:22
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:ミキ/cM
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1987年9月19日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:O型
.Born in Malaysia
.Grew up in Singapore
.NTU Comm Studies Year1 Going-to-be

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