Race Hou of mixed mining district

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 14:47
Race Hou of mixed mining district, said themselves "cervical and lumbar of injuries", she incompatibilities asics gel nimbus 14 canada between the; said themselves "semi-final tour open has", so "finals to spell out", she clearly clear; said Beijing Olympics won zhihou up 5 years of ups and downs bumps, she response "has never are believe coach, follow coach guidance"; talk to champion accomplishments, she is frank, since 2011 first half of Hou, "has fast two years didn't like today such tour into 2 points 5 seconds has".
At the London Olympics after losing son Liu song didn't say anything, but this time she finally said: "there is no water in the water for a long time, and I don't know why, but after a lot of troubleshooting the diagnosis, only to find himself cervical and lumbar spine injuries and very serious, treatment on a daily basis now. "For a gold medal, she had been looking forward to for far too long:" fairly happy, goal of the gold medal before the competition! Any athlete to get a Championship, but no one can say we can get. "
Never set the setting sun slanted Barcelona mengzhuikeshan, was built in the mountains round Saint George asics aaron mt canada Palace swimming pool under enveloped in a golden light. High Office look like a big gold medal. Sun y Standing tall on the podium, is he hanging neck has just been awarded the Gold Medal of the men's 800-meter freestyle events. This is Hangzhou boy received the second gold medal at the World Championships, the Chinese team in the 100th Gold Medal of the swimming World Championships history to win. From apprentice turned before, to today's double Crown coronation, Sun y action show: despite coaching change controversy, he's still the same in the pool, cyclonus Sun y.

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