MOP give people magic felling when they are playing

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 15:26
The magic ancient mountain treasure trove of open after a few weeks, we plan to re-release a copy of the other two teams in the d3 gold Mist of Pandaria: fear of the heart about the station. This is why there are many players would like to use MOP power leveling for the game.

The two raid a total of 10 leaders, and have for some link to the story line. In the hearts of fear, players will challenge the mantis people fear the evil possessed Empress. Some players may not know. This is truly fear, doubt, or anger cohesion is now the object of not only wreaks havoc throughout the Mist of Pandaria.

Continent will corrupt any subject to its disk data biological. When players beat the Queen, they will be possessed evil fled her body, and went into hiding. In the next raid FOUNTAIN Taichung, players will chase relying tail and flee the evil, and defeated. Two copies are a higher degree of difficulty than the magic of Ancient Mountain treasure house. Players must collect enough magic of ancient mountain treasure trove of equipment, in order to challenge the two copies. This is why we intend the magic ancient mountain treasure trove of open a few weeks before the release of these two main reasons of the raid. From this, we can see that the MOP power leveling will help them a lot.

Ion described appetizer just this piece of information, the content of the game. When we begin to share the 5. 1 version of the content with the players, we will announce more details about the raid. It is very grateful to the two of taking the time to attend the meeting. Before the end of the interviews, we did not want to share it.

I would like to thank all the players involved in the Beta testing. Town Raid game content was quite satisfied, very looking forward to the release of the full game when listing "Panda Leah mystery content.

In the game Mist of Pandaria, players are fighting for a long-term plan, looking at these plans taking shape is really great. Also please the players continued to give us advice.

The druid 5. 0 will be called a four talent specialization, occupational. Therefore, I feel that in order to balance and increase the diversity of occupations and occupational characteristics of fun, it should let all occupations are adding a fourth talent.

The following is the general idea I want to see the fourth talent: First of all, the Master, I suggest to let talent can freely with the point era there have been Addict Law called the fourth talent. Frostbelt was as the main output of the ice with skills, and Frost fire become law output Addict skills can even imitate the balance Germany mode engage Addict balance the energy system. It can greatly increase the fun and the freedom. This will be why Mist of Pandaria power leveling can attract the attention of the players.

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