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PS: The third and more sent today plus more, there is a fourth chapter, seeking collection of red ticket seeking freshmen seeking to join the training, redeployment of those veterans from the army in terms of extremely simple, life was really like drinking water was a bit bland general , without any stimulation. Particular group of naive, soft body bone strength did not help too much training, military training, and gradually reduced to a form of Bale. However, they did not expect in the upcoming Before leaving, even received an order to scrap such a hand in front of this sub-That would be a good fun. "In the future remember unwary people." An instructor sneer, pendulum arm suddenly, suddenly thrust waving to Xiao Yang orbital orientation. Another fast one can almost foresee the immediate horrors of this sub-bang when approaching shadow boxing infinite eyes when Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang had carelessly drooping momentary lightning right hand raised, palm forward, firmly seize the fast fist waving to the brake, the instructors God sè slightly changed suddenly, felt his fist was the other man held the hands of prison, that does not seem the slightest threat to the power of the hand, even contains such a powerful force. So close that he did not spend anything though fighting skills, but the intensity does not have any mercy Xiao Yang easy catch, such as root-like legs standing on the ground, did not budge impressively. "Turned out to be a practicing family," the instructor touch jīng light eyes flashed, his right foot twinkling of an eye lift. If the leg shadow stick mercilessly down the lower body Xiao Yang Xiao Yang sudden bang as steel heels while the sound of the collision broke sè the instructor's face suddenly changes, this child turned out to be a hard stubble, his two consecutive attacks, he should have easily caught, regardless of the intensity or from the ability to respond far beyond their imagination to know that he honed in the military, but a five-year veteran, even in the hands of a freshman no favors at the moment was also his fist clenched each other, such as the giant clamp vise-like call legs firmly shadow switched between the instructors fired again, this time, has no reservations Xiao Yang once again meet up with the legs suddenly bang Legs shadow Meng Huang, moments apart, they instantly collide again. Bang a few successive violent collisions in mind that instructors face sè has become embarrassing them, his right hand was clenched, feet crashing down, shocking aching up. "Paralysis, is this kid's feet are really made of steel?" The instructor could not resist micro air suction the mouth. "Your foot is very hard?" When he stopped, when Xiao Yang has been in defense between towering looked up at him, her face serious openings. Heard, the instructors God sè a moment. Shua fresh burst of urgency at the bottom of the wind sounded. "Bad" that instructors face sè sudden change inevitable, the suddenly greeted with a foot fracture bang crisp cracking sound "ah" With the scream, Xiao Yang's hand a loose, the instructor suddenly fell down, so that he could not help feeling tingling screams. This is the first initiative Xiao Yang shot. First, there will inevitably be a little pain. Xiao Yang understands the instructors mood, light shaking his head, eyes immediately transferred immediately beside the road side of the instructors who have been stunned, "your feet hard not?" Pops the instructor suddenly grow tall, thin, two steps back again and again , revealing a strong fear of the pupil, who fell to the ground before the fracture instructors which recorded sound like thunder-like in his ears. "Seven of fighting skills, physical strength is in our detachment in the upper-middle, even today, planted in a student's hands was so miserable" tall, thin, instructors help but shiver. Xiao Yang reflected in its timid, lower lip, and immediately crouched down, smiling, opening, "your feet are not hard." Hissed the instructors constantly smoking air, his hands holding his swollen feet that have been , severe pain let him out of his forehead sweat constantly Cen, Xiao Yang have no time to answer this question. At the moment, Xiao Yang is already a tall, thin back to another instructor who their God sè changing moment, a sudden burst of flashing eyes, eyes resting on the side of a brick, suddenly a stride rushed up, picked up the brick Xiao Yang blocks quickly toward the back of the attack came calling wind Henla incomparably direct shot Xiao Yang's head toward the brake, suddenly, Xiao Yang's body in a very incredible speed suddenly jumped from the ground since the moment they arrived in leaps an ordinary hard to reach the height of the right leg suddenly swept out. Snapped accurately kicked in tall, thin wrist instructors, bricks suddenly fly impressively while leveraging the figure of a turn, hip to fall rapidly between the legs of the tall, thin film instructor's chest. Boom powerful force directly to the body kicked two meters, the pace of the moment of landing, a strong impetus to the tall, thin, instructors did not live the pace steady, pops Annealing a few steps, a stagger it fell to the ground on his chest came a hot tingling sensation, as if internal organs have shifted. Suddenly looked embarrassed, Xiao Yang's eyes looked better with a bit unbelievable panic, this kid's skill is so horrible, "You just put it is indeed true." Xiao Yang to look not look back at the tall, thin instructors, squatting down to go back again, smiling opening, "This is indeed a suitable place of interchange." At this moment, the instructor hands still clinging to his leg, looked at Xiao Yang, conceal eyes shocked. "Look to your clothing, presumably military training instructors." Xiao Yang short acoustic opening, unexpected road, "Sun Qianqian and what is the relationship?" "Missy" The instructors voice screeching halt, heart abrupt Yi Deng, immediately closed lived his mouth. Xiao Yang glanced at the instructor, suddenly shy again laughed, took down his shoulder, "Do not mind if we talk about it in depth." Sports arena, new military training exercises in full swing, and the atmosphere has risen to the extreme. "The next square, Department of History, a class" resonant voice resounded. Finally turn to the case history, came to chat with Jun Ying Su Xiaoshan iron looked up toward the side of the team bayan shout encouragement. "We are ready history department three classes, can not afford to lose face," "I'm all out Yang Ban Wei" This is an idea that touches the slogan Hande blood boil. Su Xiaoshan smiling, cheering for them, suddenly, the handbag was heard a ringing tone. Pick up the phone, Su Xiaoshan frowned, "iron tassel,Mens North Face Denali Fleece Sale, there is now an urgent task Registry arrangement would leave me." Then Su Xiaoshan looked toward team speaker said, "We gave power point" Watching Su Xiaoshan hurry to leave the back, no one noticed, the podium, a man wearing a military uniform mouth slightly cocked, suddenly covering its rich smile, his eyes sweeping the side of the king now square iron tassel, eyes swept After a trace of compassion, fingers tapping the desktop. This person, that led the military commander, He Shaowei history class performers successfully completed, two classes are also marching neat square feet walked over. "Reports commander recruits two classes should go to the Department of History, 51 persons, 51 persons actually present, the report is completed, please indicate" the first row a student trot forward, saluted shout "began performing" He Shaowei extremely loud sound . This person immediately sè awe of God, salute, the standard way to turn back, trot back. Performances started "He commander, the performance of this term newborn, still can." In this case, He Shaowei sitting beside a portly middle-aged man with a smile openings. He Shaowei smile and nod, "the overall quality of training has indeed been some improvement I quite satisfied with the outcome, it is only one class, and there should not be any surprises," middle-aged man looked up at Heshao Wei, rather laugh with meaning laugh. Middle-aged man is one of Fuda Dean Director Sun Siming "next square, three classes of history" Soon, three shifts forty-eight student of history while screaming 'go all out, Yang Wei my class' after , stepping toward the podium immediately head just below. Simply finishing the same procedure, after formation, a student trotted forward, saluted shout. "Reports commander History Department recruits three shifts, should go to 49 persons, in fact, to 48 persons, a man leave the report is completed, please indicate" heard this, He Shaowei eyes sweep of the eye of the student, abruptly opening shout, "Leave reasons "" Report "that the student did not think the company commander has suddenly ask such a question, a time to panic, he just can not tell a complete word," because "bang He Shaowei suddenly a quick photo of the next podium, eyes with anger "Director Sun, this is my sessions with so many recruits, the only unexcused absence occurs," Fang Siming this time the eyes are laterally beneath the sound with something sharp, "absent student's name?" "Jun-Jun iron Ying. "the student panic opening Heshao Wei Fang Siming was on the podium with the most important person, they suddenly angry, and let the students feel they have legs felt weak spot. "Jun iron Ying?" He Shaowei eyes swept all three classes of history, "You Can anyone tell me why this person leave" "I would be king iron Ying" At this time, the king himself impressively iron tassel turning a wheelchair slowly toward the bottom near the podium, his eyes calmly watched the podium a few people. The emergence of iron Ying-jun, immediately aroused a storm of all those present. Many people have heard the name Ying jun iron, also seen on the side of the girl sitting in a wheelchair, but is not the king but also how the name iron tassel linked with this girl. The audience's eyes are focused on Jun Ying iron body, with each sè attention. Jun Ying iron exhaled deeply, eyes hard to keep calm. At this time, He Shaowei condescending overlooking sweep, light sound openings, "Since you're here,Canada Goose Yorkville, why not participate in military training performances." Voice down, Jun Ying's face sè iron can not help but subconsciously muffled somewhat. She did not understand why He Shaowei suddenly asked out of the question, however, does not seem like such Heshao Wei Ying-jun iron open, his eyes fell upon the king Ying iron legs, with a burst of strange tone, "You can not stand up? "can not stand up in this sentence Zhichuo monarch monarch iron iron Ying Ying scar face sè become more embarrassing. At this time, suddenly, the side of the podium,Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Men, it is a shocking figure straight up "another man" "He will not again come to Professor Fu, right?" Someone recognized immediately Xiao Yang. Xiao Yang Lan God sè uneventful, the pace quickly went to the podium zhōngyāng. Simple and quick action, all too late to react in time, Xiao Yang suddenly grabbed by the collar He Shaowei behind force in the twinkling of an eye it turned, immediately punches wind, fast as lightning, ruthless moment He Shaowei relentlessly hit in the nose and everything so fast dazzling. If only to see the fountain-like breath spray shè out very red very hot PS: I hope this book will be very red, very hot little some things, but also to late fourth today, but there will be, quality assurance, we hope a lot of support.
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