This MBT shoe revolutionized the shoe industry

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 13:01

ZhaoGuoDong face badly, he just mbt kamba got MengZongGui telephone, MengZongGui very afraid, he realized DuYuLi were taken away is a sinister one million head, the finance section ShiQieAn is likely to put his potential a private coffer to exposed, FengZe one has two zhang this, an open, a secret, the secret books MengZong only generate DuYuLi know. These two days MengZongGui a brow & # 39; , c thought, the school staff wage arrears pressed he stifling, he proposed to DuYuLi from a private coffer to take out money come, first should emergency, can DuYuLi advised him not to do this, if doing so, someone will ask the large sum of money approaches, a private coffer wealth accumulated up is not easy, have outsmart the everybody's ear mother, now you want to take money out, equal to declare to all you financially do things, to all day outside poor-mouth are false, MengZongGui after DuYuLi remind, also think very right, a private coffer of money gross light, and slowly waste or quietly taste or in short the plutonium skeleton light. Can MengZongGui didn't expect the finance will have an accident, heard the finance after the accident, he thought the first thing he's a private coffer, I heard that safe ferret out fifty thousand cash, his head hum! The land is big, the stupid woman, why in the safe storage so much cash, this is not waiting for others grab handle? Have mercy on his more bitter yesterday afternoon with his face to the worker said is trying to raise money, please everybody patience to wait for that Labour will be down, this is the family has words, you safe have fifty thousand pieces, why don't you? Why also said to us that you have no money? MengZongGui most worried about is DuYuLi, again shrewd when women into the public security organs, also will be afraid, one thousand DuYuLi be somebody else scare lived, said what not to say, not in trouble? MengZongGui then remembered the ZhaoGuoDong, ZhaoGuoDong ShenQingHua is the wife's younger brother, MengZongGui is shen mother of dry son, he and ZhaoGuoDong usually relationship is very good, ZhaoGuoDong also no less to send school relationship was born. ZhaoGuoDong this just interrupt QiuJinZhu trial, whip him to call the past. QiuJinZhu in a good mood, and smile, smile, smile to ZhaoGuoDong way: "zhao innings, find I have something?" ZhaoGuoDong way: "old hill ah, you still don't think FengZe one not disorderly, follow add what disorderly?" QiuJinZhu abundant understand dissimulation way: "zhao bureau, I didn't the chaos, somebody else to ShiQieAn, I went to routine investigation, the thief to steal FengZe a zhuo finance section, if I ask, people don't have to say that I malfeasance?" ZhaoGuoDong way: "I've heard that you put the financial section chief to get here?"

QiuJinZhu way: "well, that's in order to know the situation!" "You mbt changa don't know the situation at school? Bring the somebody else to make the police car to JuZi, others thought she told ShiQieAn have shut? Do case also get multi-purpose in mind, know what call human nature not? How take account of the common people's feelings." ZhaoGuoDong in high velocity of the reprimand let QiuJinZhu at heart feel uncomfortable, QiuJinZhu ZhaoGuoDong to the quarrels with his reading is not a day for two days, many years since he lived in the shadow of ZhaoGuoDong, even his own honor is this fellow rob to, on the surface of QiuJinZhu ZhaoGuoDong very convinced, very fit, but heart but hate to the extreme, the past he has been depressed the hatred, but since the make public appeared, and then to QiuJinZhu ZhaoGuoDong hate too began to recovery. ZhaoGuoDong way: "old hill ah, hurriedly pair of DuYuLi put back, don't make popular of anxiety. QiuJinZhu a face of false smile: "well, I'll take her back, the DuYuLi not simple ah, actually in the safe to put fifty thousand piece!" QiuJinZhu these words is deliberately said to ZhaoGuoDong heard. ZhaoGuoDong is wrinkly to knit the brows, his first reaction was DuYuLi mastered a a private coffer, no wonder MengZongGui performance so nervous, ZhaoGuoDong although thought of this layer, but he did not think of a deeper step, the ShiQieAn is set to make public QiuJinZhu a bureau. QiuJinZhu will DuYuLi back, but zhang did not give her, this account given to make public the hand, make public and QiuJinZhu, also don't understand zhang this, but his side have often did ling feng, so any problems are not from them. Often did ling feng with only an hour as see the ledger full of loopholes, with this account mesh can prove FengZe the financial maelstrom, FengZe one deal with audit accounts and this account has a lot of access, often LingFengDao: "MengZongGui this man's a daredevil, from this account, can see, he conceals a lot of money." ZhangYangDao: "now can calculate concrete evidence?" Often LingFengDao: "this account has been able to let him to step down!" ShenQingHua mother lived in municipal party committee family court house inside, this is not because ShenQingHua don't want to live together, and mother, but because the old lady like you have a small yard, idle to nothing raises chickens in the yard ducks, although municipal party committee family members' hospital public proclamation regulation can not poultry livestock, who also won't interfere with the old lady's this hobby, who also can't tube.

ShenQingHua every day after work the first thing is to be caring and attentive mother side, the old mbt narua lady discharge not a few days, this two days spirit has not fully recovered. ShenQingHua came to the small courtyard outside, he heard the mother zhai laughter, he could not help but also show a smile, the mother's happiness is his happiness. For large open, a few hen in the courtyard peck, Mrs. Mr. Sitting on the chair, she adopted son MengZongGui moved a camp chair sat by her side, side to her beat leg, while talking with her, could see that the old lady is very happy, was forced to have to keep ho. See ShenQingHua come in, MengZongGui stand up in a hurry to call the sound: "brother, you come back!" ShenQingHua well a sound, MengZongGui complaisant to move the chair: "elder brother, you sit! I'll give you pour tea!" ShenQingHua say with smile: "how do I find yourself with a guest!" Mrs. Mr. See the son one eye, meaning a way: "you every day to a trip, the buttock haven't touch the bench to walk, Pope your every day to have to accompany my chat, when could I make happy, when just rest assured go, I this adopted son \} 1 kiss the son also sweet!" MengZongGui end the tea out, will tea on square stool, say with smile: "mom, you don't say so, I pavilion work busy, the size of the FengZe things to want to let him tube, even if he so busy every day, still have to come over to see you, is not easy." Mrs. Mr. Smiling look at MengZongGui way: "you this child will say breathe again to talk." She got up a way: "the evening don't go, at noon I just killed hen, is in the stove, the old stew chicken soup is sweet, you both sit, I go and see." MengZongGui way: "mom, I go!" LiuLaoTai put the motioning with his hand said: "your brothers to chat, I a person scare up line!" The old lady side into the kitchen, ShenQingHua face smile immediately LianQu, MengZongGui see his expression. The heart was filled with Tan Te, careful $\} $\} way: "elder brother......" "School how to return a responsibility? Three days two head out problems, everywhere now legend in your school safe rich, but wu wear don't give teacher pay, really have it? MengZongGui way: "elder brother, I was wrong!"ZhaoGuoDong heart to understand, and today he is planted in somebody else's hand. ZhangYangShe a set of let oneself drill, he unfortunately drilling, and just didn't give ZhangYangLiu a room, it is actually broke his exit, if oneself just watch your mouth. Scene would not be so passive. Things at this stage, can recognize planted, ZhaoGuoDong smile apologetically way: "a mayor, it's my fault, I must investigate this matter, shall be investigated for jurisdiction police station of responsibility, shall be investigated for the man!"

ShenQingHua glare at MengZongGui: "it's clear! MengZongGui it will set up a private coffer things from beginning to end to ShenQingHua mbt sport 2 replacement, as for the school two this account, he also does not conceal, zhang has let QiuJinZhu to get go, hide nor any necessary, MengZongGui know this thing must be shake out, he will start first for strong, since the meter, only by getting ShenQingHua understanding, oneself have survived an able to survive. ShenQingHua face becomes more and more ugly, after hearing his fingers after the MengZongGui the tip of a way: "you bravery son really big!" MengZongGui way: "elder brother......" "Don't call my brother!" ShenQingHua - howled. Mrs. Mr. Hear action came out from the kitchen: "what's the matter? You when secretary of municipal committee of the CPC is great, even the younger brother all deny?" ShenQingHua rather no Tuan, forced to live anger, to mother squeezed out a smile way; "Mom, that's all right, we kidding!" Mrs. Mr Way: "ZongGui although is my godson, can I put him when kiss the son see, he is better than you filial piety I have some more, he will walk out of something, you don't help him, I've won't forgive you!" Here, the old lady eye a red, turned. ShenQingHua most afraid mother sad, hurried forward to hold the mother: "mom, you don't - so" and I didn't say whether he!" MengZongGui aside way: "elder brother, I am wrong, I am going to go to discipline inspection commission metasomatism mistake, you rest assured, I micro thing has nothing to do with you!" Mrs. Mr. Listen carefully HuangShen, took hold of the MengZongGui arm way: "ZongGui, you stem what?" ShenQingHua sigh a way: "you give me to sit down, haven't I asked out!" MengZongGui heart secretly pleased, he knew ShenQingHua is bound to make moves to help yourself. The old lady after the return to the kitchen, ShenQingHua have a way: "you take from the public how much money? MengZongGui hurriedly shake head a way: "elder brother, I didn't take over the public a penny, and set up a private coffer is in order to help the teacher since welfare, usually work also want to use, anyhow I spend all of the body, not for personal a penny benefits." ShenQingHua natural not believe MengZongGui's words, he closed his eyes, want to think, leisurely way: "you say there are two this account?" MengZongGui nodded: "MingMian on a book, secretly have a, now don't but we, I dare say more than ninety percent of the enterprise is so small, let's FengZe hotel keep open, file time of hotel almost every full, and a few take their money to have a meal? Public funds to eat and drink, and account how to walk, a big part of it from a private coffer. ShenQingHua cold grunted, scared to MengZongGui a chill. MengZongGui full of wrong way: "elder brother, since the ZhangYangLai, he stare at me, with my adversary everywhere!" ShenQingHua nu way: "your ass wipe don't f net, incredibly still depend on the others!"

MengZongGui mbt baridi have his face raddens all over of closed his mouth. ShenQingHua way: "you a replacement, accounts make clear, I with discipline inspection commission aspects say hello to rest for a period of time, later again the consideration work problem!" MengZongGui dumbfounded, ShenQingHua announced he is equal to the principal career from now on end, MengZongJi heart has unwilling way: "elder brother, FengZe a graduation rates in the river first, my management......" ShenQingHua impatiently interrupt his voice way: "you the management level to high, and can how? From a private coffer, conceal school income, default teacher pay, which is enough to deal with you, yourself to think about it, it is your own way, let others get rid of you?"pumping MengZongGui careful consideration, he finally decided to active resign, his reason is very common, because of body reason can't adapt to the headmaster's work, so can the initiative. Resignation handed over in education director daiju narita hands, daiju narita for a moment without delay, and resignation to the vice mayor make public hand, make public see the resignation and don't feel too much beyond, in his view, the MengZongGui this is retreat in order to advance and retreat to the whole place, make a defense. Make public had a browse through resign: "what do you think? LiuJiangDao: "comrade MengZongGui sandy weill, intend to very firmly, his body has been bad, high blood pressure, diabetes, if we also insisted that he continues to do management work, it seems that some unkindness." Big officer person despise say with smile: "Lao liu, let's heart - know belly Ming, MengZongGui resignation is not because of body reason." Daiju narita awkward coughed. Make public took mouth tea ceremony: "I've heard that no, the finance ShiQieAn, from the safety deposit box search out of the fifty thousand pieces of cash, more than 30 of the book, and a secret zhang this, FengZe one not have no money, not can not afford to pay, is his private didn't a private coffer, which enrich themselves, deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates, big make unhealthy tendency. The LiuJiangXiao say with smile: "I've heard that discipline inspection commission and audit is to look into the matter, the thing did not clear before, not say." His wife is discipline inspection commission secretary, heard that nature is listening to his wife said. Make public to discipline inspection commission and audit findings and didn't have too much hope, this is exactly what he would rather use QiuJinZhu rather than through the discipline inspection commission reasons, he has realized that the whole FengZe system is a huge iron drum, they watch help, tail echo, a stranger very rare the door and enter, MengZongGui handed in my resignation, is never failed, he is in the building on the other line of defense. Big officer person see clearly, even before this, he had expected to MengZong the have such behavior.