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September 03 [Sat], 2011, 10:16
The lack of star-studded list of political stars seem to fit the new cabinet Prime Minister low-key personality, but who with "Loach" self-evident, but the new prime minister on Thursday met with officials of the two major opposition parties - the opposition has not been met on the first cabinet, This is rare in Japanese politics, it shows Yoshihiko Noda hopes to ease partisanship, as soon as possible to solve the reconstruction, such as Japanese government bonds holding the most intractable problems.
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Yancy rain: In fact, foreign minister and finance minister will really surprise people a bit, but generally speaking, the whole layout was more careful consideration, inner circle, inner circle, circle it three times outside the party was a more careful consideration.
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By convention, Yoshihiko Noda appointment the next day with U.S. President Barack Obama held a telephone conversation, and said it would continue to deepen the Japan-US alliance, said Peking University Professor Wang Xinsheng, the new era that a "pilgrimage" is also given new meaning.

Wang Xinsheng: Yukio Hatoyama time to promote East Asian community, in this context that he was to strengthen the Japan-US alliance as the basic conditions. Naoto Kan, the Cabinet later returned to strengthen the Japan-US alliance as a system, because it needs U.S. support in Asia to increase the voice. So I think Noda came to power after the first U.S. president and the phone is quite normal. In the present context there is little new meaning: how Japan and the U.S. in coordination to the corresponding problem of China's influence.
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