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Shop manager is also a surprised, busy from the counter came out, a mbt kamba full face of pile of huan way: "several ye, what brings you several blow came, shop is ablaze, quick in private room sat, SIMS, this will give several ye take food and drink!" "No, are you busy you." The man put the led the way: "we are to wait childe ye." "Childe ye?" Manager again first one leng, and then to the hall inside around the once-over, will eventually eyes stopped at the YanFei that a table, accurately, LingHuYan body, some stuttering way: "this, this, this is not xu xu childe, well, you old when somebody else?" "Call you, hurriedly return to a sound." YanFei know things, gentlemen, I'm afraid this with the flesh for family, busy impact opposite make a glances, but see LingHuYan dilatory clip mouth vegetables, to swallow, and old god in the mouth of the sip of wine, this just lazy partial half a body position, to the led man way: "you come to do, do not see the childe is talking with her friend eat wine Syria words, also don't go out with me!" "Childe forgive me!" The man busy devoting to do a ceremony, on the face look some panic, but still refused to let go way: "master give childe appointed hour is coming, and the little people also to hello, if tuan start fire to come, when the time comes little people flesh suffering is too small, childe was grounded but great things." "Line line, know." LingHuYan a face of impatient, put a hand on the man said: "wait a minute there, I wait for my own sense of propriety." "But......" "But what? Hurry up go!" "Yes, dog, etc GaoTui first." See LingHuYan angry, the man also dare not to stay, lost several pieces LingShi to the shopkeeper, busy zone to the back to go out, but when he left in YanFei look, go out fully in the eyes of the meaning of supplication. YanFei know these do understrapper are having a bad time, on the stand a understand etiquette's son also good, meet LingHuYan this became clown, natural only wait for luck, how heart also some can not bear, and small track: "about, we also should go, if you haven't had enough, tomorrow for individuals the upper part of the body, and then come back to eat." "Look not to come out, heart is good." LingHuYan interest of looking at a face of orthochromatic YanFei, suddenly titter a smile and nod way: "yes, listen to you all, and I'll just try to drink many, then from this boy body to leave, you took the people send the past is."

The words sound just fell and LingHuYan head a slanting, vague not sweeping: "brother, today is really mbt changa carefree, brother for some drink carried away, let's get together again another day." Say that finish didn't wait YanFei spoke to each other, and a head of fall on the wine table. Manager again and small 2 got a fright, busy to come and help the hand, YanFei put a hand to need not, side endure smile, one side will be the xu childe flesh hold up, with vigorous strides to direction of blocks. Chapter one hundred and sixteen zhoushan island (1) If the rain online update time: the 2012-4-18 9:22:43 this chapter alphanumeric: 2993 Go to the corner place, have that several big fellow immediately collected, will be in a coma of xu childe took, YanFei say with smile: "your son had too much to drink wine, hurriedly hand he go home. " In this xu childe practice for speaking, drink too much wine is not impossible, but it is to a few cylinder a few cylinder spree, in a small pub to drink, it is not easy to get drunk, leading the fellow to know fairly well. Fortunately the son in the usual temper very is badly behaved, no less to these bodyguards out some problem, now estimated to again in this way to express their dissatisfaction, that fellow wry smile once, to YanFei way the acoustic xie, a will xu childe carried it on his shoulder, with vigorous strides departure. "Line, the somebody else go, we also go home." See a few big fellow more walk more far, YanFei for side hidden the shape of the LingHuYan said: "if you didn't eat enough, go back to the way to buy something snacks, so can?" "No, yidam eat about, home still have some tea, it is you that two friends send." "Old wei them?" "Yes, the two boy is very interesting, is the sword fix good materials, but because it's too lazy, lead to fix for always couldn't get on, free you can advise them." "Advised them? Who came to cause I didn't know it, I feel now live every day too lax, think at the beginning that in order to three meals a day in the day, now is a kind of evil......" YanFei exclamation a, and, behold, LingHuYan no DaChaEr meaning, some boring way: "you know not to comfort me?" "You need to comfort?"

LingHuYan squint say with smile: "you and they were different, before is too desperately, at that time no one give you directions practice,mbt narua so YouQingKeYuan desperately, but now I don't need to do that, to fix for the go up, state of mind must follow up, calmly is avenue, then as it was to be too quick turn to wrong, even if is the working time, in the heart also want to have a indifferently, understand?" "Don't know..." YanFei has fast froth, he don't know how hard this also has a problem, but think of each other daily that high-fed manner, and will give his training to engage in self world society a member's idea, more or less also know LingHuYan is in good for him. He suddenly understand a truth, destined to become a ancient hammer that people, ancient hammer can in order to own mind insist, always walk own road, even if a secondary big artisan so obscure all regardless of the cost, it YanFei absolute can't do, even if he is able to do it, LingHuYan also would not let him do so. He met LingHuYan from that day on, his life track happened an unprecedented change, if I want to help each other in the future work, must adapt to the world of rules, and these rules many are let him feel tired. But if not met LingHuYan, he could be big in the sun a unknown little brother, are more likely to lifetime so, into their s and s to unknown die, tomb of the limited may be only a HanLin, premise is to die HanLin than he a few days late. Want to be somebody, be about to pay some other things, this is the life of the causal relation. Do not know this is happiness or unfortunately, YanFei didn't speak, silently walk over the rest of the journey, at home to wash it, then went to rest, LingHuYan also rare not picky when he wash the perfunctory, for no reason to put him a horse. On the second day LianDan course, but YanFei didn't plan to go, but it's not that he doesn't attach importance to this course, in fact LianDan for him is a get rich good route, but today have decided to go to zhoushan island to go a was, as long as a tentative give up off, after looking for to heard speak classmate fill make up a missed lesson. Go to the dining hall bought some food, to stay at home LingHuYan in stores, Yin students on his zhoushan island tour. Zhoushan island distance wu yue chun county and not far, or is wu yue chun county a the outlying islands, flew past words about only need a wick sweet time, but because the city JinFeiLing, leading to YanFei can only choose to by boat, this time is spent more the.

Because the wu and yue county city has a long history, belongs to the cloud bounded open boundary when the first batch of city, so the traffic hub have very complete mbt sport 2 especially the city with the edge of the channel, it can be said is extend in all directions, the former can in the city disorderly fly also look not to come out, wait until JinFeiLing a issued and the role of the waterway traffic at a draught salience, become the main transportation travel. After all, rather than walk rather than ride, or really sit stivy big of carriage, or by boat more comfortable travel with some, especially the so-called scholars of the friars, more like this kind of travel mode. YanFei nothing scholars of poise, but he still chose to sail, in a big way of cloves have never met boat, come here to sit when a train, far haven't had enough addiction, and secondly by boat trip is the cheapest method, according to the mileage charge words, to zhoushan island only need to six pieces LingShi, rode words I'm afraid to twenty block are not only, it is to use the spirit of god, in the spirit filled in price about ten pieces of or so, it still student of internal price. These are not her how compassion, it is the ship loading were many, and they all the year round in the land management, ship's quality are also the preparation of good, imitation spirit a about twenty block, but it can run a round trip, usually can net ErSanShiKuai LingShi, a day about can run around three times. Three hundred and sixty it is good to have a master! YanFei side exclamation with the basic need not pay her what labor, monthly can earn 20007800 block, plane to give the city regularly pay taxes, also can leave two thousand s, even if the wu and yue in the county life level is higher, also enough family live a good life, if in the big cang shan county there mix of words, it is a FuYuHu's standard. If not in the city by boat is ancestral family, it is BaoTuan is exclusive, YanFei all want to buy a ship to join in, the money earn though than he is now less, but what hard all need not pay, more don't like him every time you want to tempt fate ah, is basically sitting on the boat static waiting to receive money. Immersed in envy jealousy hate, Yin come to the distance of the XueGuan recently in a ship station, row in the last place, waiting for the next ship's arrival.

Moments later, a mbt baridi ship medium-sized passenger ship slowly into the station, a few strong man red upper body and feet, yelling loudly with song, and then to the shore waiting crowd greeted surrender, YanFei feel some curious, find the inquire about just know, because this line is too fierce competition, now already can't like big ye like waiting to receive money, every time come to call a, let the passengers felt by the respect, this would sit their boat. Otherwise, not far from here is another, with their rob to business, your side a wait on less than, the somebody else later not come here to sail, your ship line just waiting to close the door closed it. Thank you for the little white bear, GengXiaoJiang the son, and 199 iqiur play reward, and thanks to 199 students evaluation tickets, bow ~ Chapter one hundred and seventeen zhoushan island (2) If the rain online update time: the 2012-4-20 2:41:15 this chapter alphanumeric: 2255 Originally the job is not easy, listen to the passenger side of the explanation, YanFei couldn't help sighed a sound, in the heart but not self-conscious gratified up. delighted at the same time, he is in the heart of condemned the skeleton others good state of mind, but the condemned have much sincere, have what effect, that only he knew. But this obviously just a small episode just, bigger gap is still in the back, YanFei soon see here, in wu yue chun county city sea sail a boat, is how not easy, also deep understand a truth, more than two thousand pieces per month LingShi and not so good earn.