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These words GuJiaTong it natural and graceful, but the heart has said that not SuanSe. Make public passionate way: "I don't want to our emotions forever, I don't think you light gross be wronged!" GuJiaTong wen wan say with smile: "silly boy, your feelings can be classified into many parts, your heart can accommodate many people, and I can't, this is what I don't want to drink you to the real cause of the marriage, you're a good lover, will never be a good husband." Make public countered: "even good lover is won't do it, the more can't be a good husband." GuJiaTong smile, standing up: "good, let's go out to chat, to accompany me to the swimming pool to look at the stars." The night sky is crowned with countless stars, they are your own power, the little drops of the light intertwined, as the light from the sun, the moon is clear, but it is bright, the twinkling in the dark blue sky, just like the bright diamond edition, the beauty of the stars,mbt kisumu 2 bring a person serene and peace. GuJiaTong lying in the make public shoulders, two people sit pool, looking at the stars of the night sky, GuJiaTong will be soaked in the pool of white jade is sufficient's total, up from a splash, autumn night has slightly cool, but inside they are warm, make public open arm, put GuJiaTong at Chelsea, whispered: "if can lifetime so much good!" "If you don't hate me, I'll be at your side!" Women in this under the stars will become abnormal gentleness, even GuJiaTong such a woman entrepreneur is no exception. Make public point nod, kissed GuJiaTong bright and clean and forehead, GuJiaTong gave him a true feeling, she doesn't like the little girl entangled like that, she will be paying quietly, women can have such bosom of the really rarely, make public feel very lucky to meet so many confidante, although they are careful and keep his distance, but one thing is beyond doubt, they are very like themselves. GuJiaTong suddenly thought of one thing: "make public, I want to ask you something!" Make public nodded way: "you say, as long as I can do it!" GuJiaTong look seem to be some hesitation, she little track: "keep the condition of a day to get better, I think when you try to avoid and she again!"

Make public YiZheng slightly, then see GuJiaTong speak these words really meant, she must be in the worry about and raise their raise problems between, in make public seems to GuJiaTong concern obviously is redundant, she smiles to say: "you feel it, I've been to keep raising as his sister Look, you don't really when I was a rascal, want to put you this team sisters flower all accept? " GuJiaTong white his one way: "you'd like to......" Perhaps is felt the phrase is undeserved, she paused have a way: "I believe that you only have a sister see as the, no other idea, can doesn't mean a raise think so, you put her as a little sister, and she is unlikely to you as a brother!" Make public and some difficult of looking at GuJiaTong. GuJiaTong way: "keep raising almost and social no contact, she is a childlike girl, I don't want her to estrogen for you, in fact, I see your eyes from her have perceive different, make public, she is very not easy to just stand up, absolutely cannot bear to emotional blow." Make public wry smile way: "listen to what you said, I really feel alone like, you trust with sinners, I mbt shuguli gtx will pay attention, keep a leg or almost better, should need appointment, even if need to visit, I also not with her talk, absolutely keep distance, let her dead the heart, true not line, I said to her." "Say what?" "We said about!" "How dare you!" GuJiaTong DengYuan of my eyes. "The world is no I make public can't manage to do!" Make public a will GuJiaTong full up, on AIRS will to pool, GuJiaTong tightly floor the make public the neck, JiaoSheng way, : "you be willing to part with or use?" "Willing to give up!" GuJiaTong still look out the make public, but not hot but in the pool, but is still in the wide soft bed, he then saved up, his arms support in bed, pressure GuJiaTong upon the four eyes relative, a long time at deep feeling, GuJiaTong stroked the make public face, and the two hot kiss together, the body of the entanglement in bed churned, GuJiaTong finally make public pressure in on and she shy of smile, bent down and kissed make public lips, and then to make public the islets unlock shirt button, lips along the make public neck all the way down to kiss, kissed him solid breast, strong and handsome abdominal muscle.

GuJiaTong tongue in make public body moving, her hand reached out to shut out of bed little lamp, make public in the darkness of the clothes are all subsided, he suddenly feel grow strong part of damp and hot is the containing, GuJiaTong somewhat unfamiliar with the tongue of the make public what tickling pointed body, make public upturned up the body, hand petting the GuJiaTong bun, for she untie, let her black volume flow waterfall fell down version. GuJiaTong a sound light smile, even teeth gently bite the bite, make public want to sit up, but are GuJiaTong down again in the bed, and fuzzy ray, GuJiaTong bright and clean and beautiful body slowly climb up, with attractive charming hindquarters carefully make public containing, make public because felt the familiar wen run and took a deep breath and chest ups and downs. The night GuJiaTong relax themselves to, she was like a chi hire grassland knight, black long into the night swaying, white flesh in this atmosphere, appear enchanting and full of temptation. As they immersed in shock h feeling in, GuJiaTong mobile phone rang, and she is some depressed shook his head. Make mbt panda public low voice way: "don't tube it!" GuJiaTong nodded, charming hindquarters are still in with the make public actions can phone endless rang, she sighed, want to go down the phone, but make public "down to put, can only be reached in the head of a bed phone grasp come over, to make public made a gag order action, stable in the mood word" hello!" Phone call from the WeiZhiCheng is her husband, GuJiaTong heard the voice of the WeiZhiCheng, a heart immediately sank, though she and WeiZhiCheng only nominally husband and wife, can after all in the law they have this relationship, and now she answers the phone, are and make public do such a thing, deep feel uneasy. After all, everyone has a moral standards. Hear WeiZhiCheng voice of that a moment, GuJiaTong really feel, maybe she should think over this marriage. WeiZhiCheng calling to let GuJiaTong weekend go to dinner at the home of, if not his parents urged, he won't make this call, he and GuJiaTong separation has had several months, parents see in the eye urgent in their heart, so his claim to the GuJiaTong go back, please. GuJiaTong answer very simply: "I will not go back, for my regards to both of them, I went to the old man's house is only ACTS increased their troubles, forget it, WeiZhiCheng, every time we met will quarrel with over, I'm exhausted, I let go, and you have been to your life......"

She suddenly felt the force that fellow on stand, GuJiaTong nearly didn't scream, hand was on his chest and pinched a record. WeiZhiCheng sighed tone: "good, I have always made in considering our things, and I really do wrong many things... I want to talk to you, intimate talk about......" "I think there is no need..." GuJiaTong voice slightly shivering, damned guy out of jealousy or is not a joke, under the more violent in revs, GuJiaTong almost out of control way: "I don't want to say......" She hung up the phone, with the phone to throw a part, hands pressed make public of shoulder: "bad, I want to bent on striking you......" Chapter ninety-one [to sell wine girl also crazy 】 Zhang adults alike to natural not afraid of tong better revenge, and early in the morning the this fellow was refreshed the gardens, played a set of chooses boxing, loosed a systemic bones and muscles, the dawn asperses full whole yard. dew on the grass in rolling, to spread the cheap vibram five fingers bright light of the morning air caress, send grass mixed the fragrance of the earth in, all the way chooses finished boxing, make public the breathing obviously rapid some, he shook his head. The last time for WenLing cure exhausted him most of the work force, h thorn acupuncture point although currently in a short time he will work to the utmost of, but he is great damage to the meridians, want to return to the state before, I'm afraid to for a long time. Following in a white nightgown better tong appeared in front of the villa, her face still not flush of qiao faded, it is night h IP feeling, leave for him, a sign of black which shoulder roll in, beautiful eyes of gloom, noble midstream languid is lazy temperament, see make public acrobatics, he thought the this fellow in tai chi, whispered, "you play taijiquan?" Make public smile shook his head of tai chi chuan is reborn in his only after exposure to things, it is late song dynasty and early yuan dynasty zhang sanfeng record, his natural will not know after all zhang sanfeng is in after him across the born figure, he patient explanation way: "I this is chooses from laozi's boxing, the evolution of moral, I want to tai chi chuan should be one of the branch chooses boxing."

Better no following Paul heard chooses late boxing, he yawns way: "fighting skill in bad, also closed but guns, have the opportunity, I take you to the shooting range knowledge knowledge, I shot level but first-class!" Her cell phone again ring, a businessman, a lot of moment are cell phone to bind, pick up the phone. The other party and a warm voice: "miss gu: hello, I'm WangXueHai!" GuJiaTong slightly YiZheng, very not easy to remember WangXueHai is Beijing new JingYuan hotel boss, but I don't know he is how do you know the phone. But since the somebody else find, she also to show the most basic etiquette, indifferent to say with smile: "WangZong ah, what is up?" With others may be small a few words, fatal once, GuJiaTong temperament is different, her to do things like get right to the point, have what what to say. WangXueHai way: "I am now the body in the dongjiang river, at noon in the garden hotel booked a table for rice, please also miss gu come!" GuJiaTong wanted to refuse, but in the new JingYuan hotel last time after the conflict, she listen to land and resources XuZiDa mentioned, he want to do business in the dongjiang herve leger dress river, the find her ten to one is to this matter, GuJiaTong although to WangXueHai this person is not too cold, may to the business opportunities are not easily pass. Taking consideration, she agreed to a WangXueHai invitation. Hung up the phone, she put the matter to make public said, want to let make public with her past together, make public shook her head. "WangXueHai that people I don't like, the feeling is very realistic, again say, I now going to go look at my sister dongjiang normal university, you don't have time!" GuJiaTong listen to he says so, it is not forced him. The garden hotel is a h mansion dongjiang city. Contacts here are having quite status, WangXueHai choice here treat, are well thought of. GuJiaTong and not think of WangXueHai invited guest only herself, walk into rooms, little surprised, looking at a table filled with dishes, couldn't help laughing: "WangZong, if just invite I to have a meal, don't waste so?" The vice WangXueHai or Chinese style to dress up, for GuJiaTong gentleman open seats, invited her to sit down and smiles to say: "when I was a kid, I used to bitter, so now where like to do sufficient, hotel st some food, I want to KeZhao strength son point again.

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