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Chapter one hundred and fifty-three southeast direction If the rain online update time: the 2012-5-12 12:05:25 this chapter mbt shoes sale alphanumeric: 2800 The hands of the confrontation lasted for a quarter of an hour or so, white shark door there and dozens of people, this batch of people not poured to, but from all directions, and is leading in the life of the escape PengDing, it looks like is to the XueGuan in everywhere, everywhere blocking the way. YanFei glad, glad themselves and not one cowardly escape, otherwise I'm afraid now had already been surrounded by people, lane is bad to bodies are cool. Although it is now still in danger in the middle, but fortunately and more than the enemy alone, white shark door there surge at the same time, his team also were arriving for twenty people, roughly calculated to calculate, there was the number 50, are usually and LiaoJu another's brother. That fellow is really enough to ask for something, the only school days, incredibly will provoke the many people, YanFei know and LiaoJu an incompatible never stop these, but others or bitter quarrel is not big, or to be afraid, or is felt for his YanFei s, and white shark door roughhouse don't worth, and this fifty bearer were LiaoJu the most malicious the, estimate internal heat is also quite big, joint with manifold ChangJing was also they hate, this ability and their stand together. Seeing the people here together the more, the more the smell of gunpowder is also more and more strong, the criminal law church elders do not know from where to come up, and said: "the not the fighting, you want to make words go out to play, if in the hall to words, this seat afraid will have sinned against!" Liao ChangJing snake general eye and and stared at the YanFei, hoarse throat way: "children, choose a place of death!" "The younger generation haven't live it, this eight thousand years later things, will not LaoShi" you worry about, but the younger generation is really know a good of our land." YanFei pointed to the southeast, say with smile: "LiaoJu that fellow is buried in southeastern lake, if lives makes death, might as well just go there right, junior good man do the end, will you father and son two people and was buried in one place, you see how?" "Junior curry!" Liao ChangJing had suppressed a internal heat, and be YanFei so run, immediately is bristle with anger, the body slightly in a flash, people have already arrived in front, was about to begin, and she felt a few word around and mana blow and forcing him to have to falls back, looking at, is that criminal law church elders, and three do not know from where old drill out at the same time make moves, completely will he repressed. It was the house of undiscovered talent! Liao chang jing is startled, and immediately took the momentum, in his white shark in the door to all trickiness woman.

So never act recklessly, this time also but is only for the death of the cheap mbt blinded, plus YanFei speech provocation, mind is faint moved his hand, to see the house four old man appeared, and immediately calm come over. The criminal law church elders complexion dark green, sneer at a way: "how, manifold elders when this seat have is jokes? Or spoken parts in an opera shark the door is already strong enough to don't take me to the library seriously, it is no wonder that your son here so arrogant domineer over!" This has said is quite heavy, by rights to the museum this completely neutral place, should not be made to both what evaluation, only YanFei but hall named will focus on training of talents, and the LiaoJu but is affecting the brightest and best, plus have manifold ChangJing spot begin, one who will not hall elders words in heart, this just that old man firing, it looks manifold ChangJing if again what to have moved, the four old man afraid he scored on the spot will be will be. Liao ChangJing is old in river's lake, know that it is not white shark door, but has the more the museum, ferial the best in door pies are away, otherwise this old man before the words outside words appearing favoritism YanFei mean, if their dispute with him again, in a short while BaoBuJi what happens. Thought of here, manifold ChangJing strong self change vice smiling face, surrendering way: "this seat province, old elders trouble, since to and that decide a par and villains!" He said so, criminal law hall elders is bad also comes again, had to have the profound YanFei see one eye, eyes out a few minutes fully helpless. YanFei also didn't expect the words can stir up the manifold ChangJing and the library had a quarrel, but ever since he saw the white shark door elders, it good impression all have no, Philly's future is uncertain, one thousand later really die in this fellow hand, then if not first called on a few sentences, not too hard? Liao ChangJing nor easy generation, see opposite that let him hate gnash teeth in hatred of little thieves want to say, it is not to give each other open opportunity, with a LiaoJu refers to our land, said a voice to "go", the selfish with white shark door all leave, which in turn will the YanFei a army. People have to about the same, just malicious words and has put out, if the whole YanFei escaped, afraid that later also don't mix down the hall, but he also but is less a continue to spray the other side of the opportunity, itself also did not want to escape, see manifold ChangJing with people in the past, also then to criminal law church elders and all inside, devoting to for ritual, say with smile: "you then laughed, Yin fly to and back, in the afternoon and LianDan course to listen to!" "Say of good! My old man waiting for you!"

The man answer is professor LianDan master, old cheap mbt shoes man a beard skip a become warped, came up and patting YanFei shoulder way: "it, you haven't had any situation the old course, afternoon? Don't missed again, this * * don't come back, the old school!" "Disciple I obey!" YanFei hippies should be a sound, then turned, already was to change the vice complexion, have the meaning of the playfulness of tears, those who replace is a determination of face, for he is a familiar ZhouMian and big Yang see be left speechless with wonder or fear unceasingly. Since they all feel the YanFei temper geniality, is a can get along with object, is a can make friend, can all built on the soft impression it, even LiaoJu died in the hand, guys are also think it is YanFei were desperate, the rabbit nasty still bite? And how much more will he somehow is a white sword door inside door disciple. But from now of oneself opinion, the little brother I'm afraid there are many things which they know not character, for example the face manifold ChangJing, change is his second person's words, ZhouMian may is always do things, big Yang eighty percent is directly HuiMen called the people went, but no one can do YanFei so ChongRuBuJing, only waiting for the other party to kill the door, open the struggle against the enemy, don't forget to give the somebody else on some ophthalmic. See YanFei "set out, two people also busy with a left a right, with the dozens of friar YaoWuHeLiu followed, don't look like to open, but like to attend what an outing, only have YanFei expression guys all see in the eye, though still face is a piece of need color, in the heart has no one to will the matter as playgame, who all know, wait to LiaoJu side of our land, afraid that really want to have a the aggressive. This day the first more, please TuiJianPiao ~ Chapter one hundred and fifty-four of our land If the rain online update time: the 2012-5-12 12:05:26 this chapter alphanumeric: 2745 A line of dozens of people out of the museum, YanFei far ahead and see come over a whistle Sagittarius, about has person of appearance, leading man looks beautiful, facial expression quietly elegant, wore a jade green robes, hand shank folding fan, a * * wit appearance, it is that XuQiuYang xu big childe. XuQiuYang in spirits, and completely don't like to go out and people like hard, but like to go out with the spring outing play, follow behind not only has the big waist round GuDing guards, unexpectedly and several beautiful female repair, a prosperous scene very not happy. YanFei know the gentleman is what temperament, the heart also don't care, but manifold often listen to the PengDing whisper, was livid face is released a few silk malicious hot, cold to hum 1 no words, but look at XuQiuYang eyes, has like dead men. You'd better don't take this GongZiGe seriously, YanFei heart did Sarah laugh ways, he and XuQiuYang although just that night short communication, but the other side of the temperament is probably already taken, the childe ye not as simple as it looks, really moving hands of wicked and merciless degree, afraid of the world and no less than an old traveller.

Three group cheap mbt footwear added to together, about more than one hundred number, in addition to XuQiuYang and that several female shave with a smile, but the rest of the people, all is a full face of murderous look, after busy streets, immediately brought the han idle of the onlookers, YanFei at this point in the city has been a little celebrity, many people know him several days ago killed the classmate a hall, at this time should look is somebody else's elder to seek revenge, but also no wonder. But at this time XuQiuYang involved, it is well worth attention, xujiaweizi but wu yue chun county city famous leader, the childe ye and YanFei stood together, rao is the white shark door there is more, but the city is the guard came up, some courage somes big directly on the street the bite at. But these people most is scold scold, and dare not to follow up, manifold ChangJing also do not wish to have more right and wrong, pressure temper that disciples don't respond, to speed up the pace of the city from crossed the line and off. Of course, his eyes still basically focused on XuQiuYang side the old monk body, the monk, send out the breath, let him feel some difficult. YanFei at this time has also and XuQiuYang made brief exchange and plotted the later sent, by the way the asked the same let he is also at the old monk, after all, the monk too assertive, a town and half old grey cassock, a bit couldn't conceal its unique temperament. "This is all master." XuQiuYang said: "it is my father gave me arrange practice teacher, this time for butt prick the hand, only then will his old man's house please over, usually I but please don't move." So this is the last time hidden in the dark past master, YanFei heart worries reduce some, although the old monk but XuQiuYang, will only protect a home childe ye, don't expect you have under the time somebody else can make moves, but after all is also their side of his force. This trip out his side hands though many, but is all some not much better than he is a disciple of the generation, the manifold ChangJing but white shark door elders, it is said that or to fix for the second big elders, even if white shark door as white sword door eminent, can this ranking out strength, want to also won't belo ever sent into which to, far not disciple generation were able to deal with. Previously thought method, is to avoid this fellow's sharpness, with the fastest speed to kill white shark door disciple, and finally again to the old thief attack in, anyway he this trip out various steal crafty have a stomachache things didn't take less, even if still bucket but this fellow, tied to keep most of the life is not a problem. Of course this is only have no choice, can protect the lives is just the idea of wishful thinking, if somebody else's white shark gate disciple is resistant to bucket, or manifold often retreat for more than they imagine, this one could not survive more than a few people.

But it seems to be no need to worry mbt women so much, there is this the whoever monk is present, manifold ChangJing natural first to him to deal with, even if the old monk finally still defeat, but then they even have resolved the white shark gate disciple, then a rush forward, opportunity or much. Considering rooms, they have come to LiaoJu southeast of our land, and manifold ChangJing before looking at nearby the tombstone, monument has been on the meanwhile, not anger against say with smile: "is cored, incredibly still know to give my son made stones, didn't give him down to the sea hello blubber, this seat is to thank your home very kind heart!" This natural is not what good things, as long as it's not mind too elm bumps, to be able to recognize the disjunctive to, can YanFei etc man heard a is the disjunctive, white shark gate disciples but listen to out another heavy meaning, manifold ChangJing this bad temper, easily abused. But that is not his most angry, he most angry time won't call names, it will only to people laugh, words and somewhat at all, just like this. Liao elders when is really angry, white shark gate disciples thought, in fact, think carefully is also, their only son was killed, change who estimated also could not restrain the anger of the gas, wait a minute after the fight, he must produce a performance, perhaps be to the elders, she has no son be accept for seme, teach a wondrous hand, that can benefit greatly from the life. Liao ChangJing's memorial ceremonies is very simple, just to see before LiaoJu by a few eye, sighed and forget about it, he does not want to let in the disciple former shows too much, how much more will YanFei etc the murderer is still in, he nature won't be at this time gave son to scenery big was buried, but turned, every single word or phrase to YanFei way: "kill people pay with life, QianZhaiHaiQian, this is god's truth, you are to death by our own hands, or let this seat hands-on, two road choose their own!" "To stop? Do you think I will so silly?" YanFei not polite sneer at a way: "you that son what disposition, like you do Lao tze also know that day is, he brought people came for me earlier, don't he cut over, also don't allow me to cut back? I have to prod there let him not to become? Now * * of the Lao tze now seek to come, that we all set for everything, if you have skill beheaded little ye, natural for your son revenge, if not the skill word, also little here pack what senior master! In addition, small ye also put a word in here, you even if really kill me, this matter also don't finish calculate, small ye but white sword gate door disciple, if here is what happens, you white shark door just waiting for MieMen!" This said, white shark gate disciples have exposed the color of hesitation, inside this know the identity of the YanFei only peng and manifold ChangJing, others had not known, this also is manifold ChangJing have commanded, and they were afraid have people born cowardly, delayed his son for revenge event.

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