MBT Shoe Squidward World Cup eight times

June 21 [Thu], 2012, 16:02
<リンク: http://www.mbtshoesukcheap.com/>MBT Shoes With the goal of Andres Iniesta, Spain's 1-0 win over the Netherlands, won the World Cup for the first time. The outcome of this game once again confirms the title of "octopus man" Paul's prophecy of God, it forecast 8 times in the World Cup.

Prior to the game, Oberhausen, Germany an aquarium octopus Paul again appeared in the troupe, to predict the outcome of this World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain. NFL Jerseys cheap Prior to this, because it has successfully predicted the German team before the World Cup game, and let the many German fans and the world to become a believer that it is the planet of truth Emperor ".

<リンク: http://www.mbtshoesukcheap.com/>MBT Shoes uk In the eyes of some people, the octopus is the world's highest IQ on invertebrates. The octopus Paul has once again been put Sheng respectively, the flag of the Netherlands and Spain container tank container to put the octopus's favorite food. According to predictable rules, the container was first opened by Paul, is the winning team. In the end, it opened the container with the Spanish flag, it opens the lid after removing the food inside eat. In the 2010 World Cup: 8 plenary; forecast success rate so far 100% of the group stage opener forecast Germany wins Australian results: Germany 4-0 'group stage battle predict negative Serbia, Germany Results: Germany 0-1 negative, the group match battle predict a win over Ghana, Germany Results: Germany, 1-0 1/8 finals prediction wins in England, Germany Results: Germany 4-1 wins, 1/4 final prediction wins Argentina, Germany Results: Germany 4-0, semifinals forecast negative Spain, Germany Results: The results of the Germany 0-1 Spain, the battle for third place: Germany 3-2 Uruguay, the final results: Spain 1-0 Netherlands.