2007年02月02日(金) 10時33分
Is it late to say a Happy New Year{??????}
February was comming{????????} I feel January left so soon.
This is my first writting in 2007.

I wish I do well in 2007.
I wanna try anything I can do.
A lot of things, I want to.

First, I wanna improve my English skill more, particularly, speaking.
I have a class discussion, but it is still difficult for me to talk with American people.
For improve my speaking skill, I'm starting speach volunteer{?}?C?N}{??}
It might help my speaking, and also it is good to become accustomed to speaking fromt of many people.

Don't give up
Keep everythig well
Try anything
Don't waste time{?r???v}
I must not forget these things{?A?b?v}

I maybe do not forget keep dialy, maybe...{?¬??? ̄}

Start Agein! 

2006年10月07日(土) 6時47分
Iwill start again writing my diary

I forgat my pasword, and I became lazy
Today, my frends told me how to open my yaplog, and then I can write

Essay in English A 

2006年05月04日(木) 12時07分
Now, I still no idea what I have to write essay about immigration.
In English A class, I have to write essay about 1000 words.
Essay due is day after tomorrow, and I lost my essay draft
I become panic little bit.
Today,I gathered material for the essay.
Then, I will read these sorces.
I decide that I will finish writting essay tonight.

I try to reconsider what I have to do in this week
1, English essay
2, Essay about Tennis
3, geography map
4, register
5, pay tution
6, call my parents
7, go target and wallmart

I start writting Blog 

2006年04月27日(木) 6時27分
Today, I deciced to write about my life in America.
I have been in America for two years.
I realy enjoy my American life

I study at College.
Now, my major is general, but I hope to study travel major.
I'm looking for community college which has travel major.
I have no idea which college I should go.
So,I seriously have to search about it!!
If I transfer this college to another college, I have to take TOEFLE!
Actually,I am NOT ready for TOEFLE(汗
I'm not sure how long I will stay Merced,and when can I graduate college.
Anway, I am eazygoing
I'd like to go my own way

I pretty enjoy traveling around America.
Last Spring break, I went to Northern California and San Diego.
San Francisco is one of my favorite place, and closest big cicy from my city.
When I have time, I wanna go to San Francisco much of times♪♪
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