this kind of thing

June 11 [Sat], 2011, 13:15
Chutian which can see this kind of thing could drive before birth, a sword in separation in violent bone beast body -
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Good low shell!
Judging from doppelganger hurts will know this violent bone beast attack high, but did not expect it to have so high attacking is the price of pay similarly high defense. At its current defense value completely unable to say a twenty
multistage monsters.
This attack took the threat to pull back instantly, but chutian also a step back, let violent bone beast counterattack without opportunity, only continue to stay put barking.
He is also can see the monster of probably attribute.
Violent bone beast
HP: 26o7/27oo
High offense low prevent low blood, see this monster attribute chutian eyes are green, and what kind of monster LianJi than this more suitable.
According to the front in this paragraph play, the chutian jumped up the ladder a tango. Enemy enter I back, the enemy retreated me into, from beginning to end only chutian hit, not make his story. If this violent bone beast, is not a mind
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killed, also will be chutian this shameless behavior to live grieve.
Dead too humbled!
Things are not opening, have for the first time, there will be a second, you will find countless.
Variation bone beast
HP: 35oo / 35oo
Oracle-bones beast Kennedy
HP: 38oo / 38oo
An attribute average, attack not how high, defense, nor how low. A completely is a steel, defense, blood is not little still high, thanks to attack is low, rely on blood sucking drinkers can carry dozen.
But three together comparison, chutian or favorite, most headaches berserk bone beast oracle-bones beast Kennedy.
Violent bone pain is pain beast at a point now, only he hit each other, painful not painful part of its concern is not big.
And strong bones, beast is not painful, problems hitting you hit it also not painful. And it hit up completely unable to call dozen, can only say that in grinding.
Kill a established the time, almost oracle-bones beast may kill three violent bone beast.
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