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January 21 [Mon], 2013, 21:10
Kutenda Presents: Upcoming Webinar - Four Proven Systems for Achieving Maximum Growth.Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Kutenda, a local Internet marketing company serving the healthcare market, announced today that it would be hosting a free 1-hour seminar for Colorado-based medical practices.

The online presentation will address the four proven systems that every medical practice must address to achieve maximum revenue growth, said Michael Cooch, Kutendas founder and CEO.

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We have seen revolutionary advances in medicine and medical technology, and there have been equally dramatic changes in the marketing realm for this industry as well, said Cooch. Its our mission to help the medical community navigate these changes and in doing so build thriving practices that create wealth and promote health across our state.

The webinar, Cooch says, will introduce a new four-part philosophy that can help organizations of any size and specialty to boost their profitability and increase patient satisfaction along the way.

In my experience most medical professionals dont like to market themselves; its not why they got into medicine, Cooch explained. But in an age when informationincluding patient reviewsis so readily accessible on the web, they need to start paying attention.

But what, exactly, should they be paying attention to?

Cooch has identified four areas that all healthcare providers should be focusing on: managing their reputation; expanding their reach; adding value to every patient relationship; and actively encouraging positive word of mouth.

He calls this his R4 systemwhich is an abbreviation of reputation, reach, resell and referral.

In my experience, people are active in only one, perhaps two, of these areas, Cooch said. But its when they focus on all four elementsall four Rsthat they start to see really terrific results.

The recent changes in national healthcare policy, Cooch adds, have given local providers an added sense of urgency when it comes to improving efficiency and increasing their visibility among potential patients.

Theres a lot of uncertainty out there, he said. One way to deal with that is to create a greater degree of certainty in other areas. And thats where we come in.

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Four Proven Systems for Achieving Maximum Growth

Presented by Michael Cooch, CEO of Kutenda

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