2006年01月09日(月) 3時28分

Pantomine @Bham Hippodrome - Peter Pan (下) 

2006年01月07日(土) 23時39分
After I came here, I like planting. In Amsterdam, I tried to find some tulpen bulb back but I was told that it can only be planted in soil outside. I really like my hyacinth very much! Thanks Helena!!!

To me, I m q admire the lifestyle of Colin and Ann, Richard and Helena. They are all talented people who are enjoying their leisure very much. They live in countryside surrounded by green area, have a car allow them to go anywhere they want without concerning much on the parking fee and petrol fee. Go wherever whenever. Sometimes go to cinema, theatre, go travelling, buy what they want, and decorate their house beautifully...... sigh...When will I experience this life? Shall I? Can I?

Pantomine @Bham Hippodrome - Peter Pan (中下) 

2006年01月07日(土) 23時38分
Actually my flat is a bit mess even till now cos I was hurrying out today... anyway.... we showed them the hyacinth. It grows very fast and has a good perfume. I feel so happy that the hyacinth can replant later after I died and dried out. What I had to do is only to leave it dried out in the pot, cut the died part, remove the bulb fr the pot and put it in somewhere. Then I can replant it nest Sept/Oct!!! OMG!!! Cos I put a photo frame on my desk ytd, so they saw my photos with man. Then I intro man to them.... They looked ard my flat then left. I accompanied them downstairs. I feel so happy today!

Before that, I always think about I should go to bham and London theatres once at least. But I never think I would go today!!! There is a good theatre and the show was good. I watched these kind of pantomine before but I couldn't tell where I had seen it. Maybe not in HK, I think HK haven't got these....(maybe HK have, but i seldom go and watch.....well but the level, the scale won;t be that large in compare even...) I guessed I watched these kind of performance in Japan Disneyland.....I still remembered the Little Mermaid Show which I watched in there...impressed.... but now, we have HK Disneyland...so....haha

I heard Bham symphony hall, bham symphony orchestra, Hippodrome, Nec, Icc, Nia etc. for long. Its q famous... I will go and watch more in future I believed.

Helena told me that its a kind of ritual that the castings of pantomine are girls...ooooooo can't believe it!! no way! I don't think its good.... esp when princes are casted by female....

Pantomine @Bham Hippodrome - Peter Pan (中上) 

2006年01月07日(土) 23時37分
The show was great. The theatre hall was very large and decorated. Its full of people, many children were there too. The atmosphere was good, most children responsed to the actors quite well. Though I m not very familiar with the story, also couldn't understand wut they were talking abt /doing, I particularly appreciate the stages design, the transition of sence, their dancing performance, live singing and their costome, make up. (I used a binoculars!) And by using a binoculars, I discovered that Peter Pan was a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops.... well.... but I think its difficult to cast Peter Pan due to his bodyshape... ..so.... however, i guessed the one who acted Peter Pan was a boy.... but then I think 'he' used too much feminine expression!!! ....haha maybe then a boy/man who cast peter pan would also act like this, or, maybe its not a kind of feminine expression but a stage expression...well... i dunno... but I m not particularly like some of these act... seems too disguise.

The ending was good. Took some photos and videos. Sleeting still. After said goodbye to Louise, Julian and their sons, I went with Richard and Helena as they insisted to drive me back. We walked pass the Mailbox. Helena told me that the Mailbox was a post office in the past....wow i wondered...cos its too big for post office i think...anyway..... she suddently suggested showing me what they bought today morning. In the Mailbox?? I wondered... (cos those shops in there are q high class...though I know Richard and Helena are q rich...) ... They bought a sculpture by.....(forgot it!!! Poor!!!) its a metal sculpture depicting a working class man trying to strike a balance after drunk.

Went to the Mailbox car park, parking fee is q expersive in the UK, ard 7-8 hrs 10 pounds. I invited them to visit my flat.

Pantomine @Bham Hippodrome - Peter Pan (上) 

2006年01月07日(土) 23時36分
Due to Richard and Helena's kindly warm invitation, I experienced a quite great pantomine show in Bham Hipodrome.

dated @1245 outside the entrance of Hippodrome, I guessed I would be late due to late sleep, late going out and waiting for bus. I wanna wear more pretty so deciding to wear my white woolen coat (actually quite thin...). After I dressed up, I discovered that it was raining outside....I wondered cos raindrops was quite obvious......well.....snowing????? Its quite cool when I stood near the window. Changed the goose down, took an unbrella then rushed out.

reached the 46 bus stop @ ard 1215, shit... forgot to notice the bus schedule....thought I have no way to check it out actually... so wut I can do is to wait! I really didn't want to be late....it was so cold and the bus came @ 1235.

got off the bus, ran to Hippodrome. in time, god bless. Waited a while, Richard and Helena came. They took me to a Malaysian restaurtant which located near to the china town, we ordered honey roast ribs as starter, king milk prawn, 炸醬noodles and duck vermicelli (炆米) and Chinese tea. Richard and Helena paid the bill. Thank you very much!

Met their daughter - Louise, son in law - Julian, 2 lovely cutie grandsons - one is 6 yrs old and the others (called archi???) is 4 years old.

The Pantimone - Peter Pan started at 1430, 1 break in the middle. They bought ice creams and drinks. I had an choco ice cream..nice... a bit wanna buy the bill, but dunno how to act.... finally Louise paid. Thank you very much. Richard and Helena paid the ticket for me too. Really thank you very very much! I will invite you all to have a meal after I graduated!!! I promised!!!


2006年01月07日(土) 8時36分
This is the 3rd time I set up a online diary. The previous one has been maintained for nearly 1 year (start from 19th 2005 Wed). Time flies, looking back, i underwent great changes and my wording was full of sad, stress and anxious in some pov. Its not easy, but I had to work it out. Tears blurred my eyes, and my future. Though I know we may too young to say sth is the worst time in my life, yet, I'm not dare to deny its one of the worst(???) experience I have. Though I learnt a lot, not only became mature (actually I was q mature in the past.... so now.... maybe my psychological age would be very old??? well.... its better that I still have some characters which belog to youngsters.) but also broaden my thinking (its closely related to what I learnt in Maria and Space). My Mum loves me so much. And also thx man's accompany. Well... suppose this entry Is the first entry and I should public it... but I wondered. Cos I don;t like telling personal sad things to others, thought I probably won't have too much sad things in the near future, I hope.....but I chose to start a new blog, a more private space for me. I will try to post those entries in xanga to here. Hoping that I'll have time to do so. I will also take down my memories of my trip to Europe, host visit, new year act and the pantomine I watched with the Walters family@Hippodrome today.

大晦日 oomisoka 

2005年12月31日(土) 23時59分

大晦日 oomisoka 

2005年12月31日(土) 23時58分
Tired still, cos haven't got regular sleep started fr late Nov (terrible!!!) . Seems no act during new year, but a little bit dun wanna stay alone at hostel today, so asked ard seeing whether any parties I can join.

Knowing that Jasper would hang out with his fds and flatmates in city center, then joined them. Found that only Jasper, and 2 of his fds - Edwin (studying in York, HK sth abt law but more soci); Michael (studying @bham uni, pol science, master).. we walked in the bullring as Michael seems had list of things to buy. I wondered that they were not very familiar with places ard bullring....

Maybe cos I told them there have an indoor mkt which is very cheap, then they wanna go to buy some food and meat. We went to the Shing Fat Hong (Chinese supermarket) too. I bought soya sauce and wodon. Then we went to Tesco. it didn't like new year eve shopping!!!

They invited me to have din together. Finally I joined them cos dun wanna eat alone, and I m sure today had 46 bus back.

Cooked Roast pork with Szechuen paste (Chinese paste western cooking style!!!) + lettuce + 豆豉鯪魚 can +rice . After meal, Michael used his newly bought made in Italy Expresso cafe pot and made cafe for us. But i m not really like Expresso cos its too strong. I like adding milk in it..
Jasper is nice and so as his fds. I felt happy to make new fds in new yr eve. Its meaningful!

back at ard 10:55pm. Jasper and Edwin accompanied me to 46 bus stop.

Met Tim, Ming and .... @ the bus stop. They were planned to go to the Millennium pt to count down. I joined them. Yeah!!!

hurried to there. Nobody. then targeted to broad street... Fireworks fr Hytt Hotel and another side of Millennium... after that, stood outside a restaurant watched TV live. I want to see new year firework in London. Took some photos.

walked back. Reached my room @ ard 1:50am.

Happy New Year!!!
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