April 10 [Mon], 2006, 21:31

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Things in my Bag 

April 08 [Sat], 2006, 11:58
I realised my bloggging style is like everyday happenings.
だから, I have decided to post something interesting!

Things in my Bag!

This is my trusty sidekick! White 2004 Balenciaga collection

Inside you will find 1 web project shop drawstring bag full of my recent fetish.
Its all my "cosmetics" Not really cosmetics i guess!

My Gucci Wallet, ( i got good lobangs for GUCCI stuff so please contact me if ya wan ok! Have friend working in GUCCI Group)

My MD walkman, can't live without it ok!

Campus Planner.. (Which i write my lyrics or meetings)

You will 2 bottles, they are my perfum bottles! ( Blue = Gucci Envy Me, Yellow=
Alexander Mcqueen Kingdom)

Random receipts throw into my bag.....

Well Welll Welll 

April 04 [Tue], 2006, 21:40
Well Well After few days of trying out Ysl Touche eclat. YES its stills WORKS!
Darn the inventor! Its a worth invesment! Be sure it will be in my bag like forever.

Next in my retail therapy list is the Origins Pinch your cheeks, i heard it gives the
cheeks a nice blush which actually looks VERY natural! Yes! Being excited, i called up the origins counter. Darn cheap eh~ $21 for one which can last like 6 mths? thats like $3 bucks a day! wahahahahahaha Anyway will save up abit so i can buy
the blusher on Fri......

Oh well to my amazement, days pass by so fast when i am actually doing work!
And yes, i have not done my "shukudai" (homework) I really am starting to hate this blog because it just keeps breaking off my words~ arghH!H someone please teach me how to use the website to blog! CORN!! where are u?

I thought we gona get our brikenstocks ??? Better make it soooon!
Well well.. i should start to save up man... don't know what the hell i have been spending too..

Boss is leaving office tmr to KL!! GOOOD! hahaahah ^^

Ooohhh la la 

April 02 [Sun], 2006, 18:15
Well to cheer myself a little. I bought YSL touche eclat, well dark circles has been
always a trouble for me. And i heard its damm bloody good in reflecting the light and all. Well well, i bought it at a bloody price of $52. Got to admit its damm exp for a highlighter sort of thing.

BUT its worth the price, it neatly covers up, and it so smooth! I recommended it to all my friends who have the eye circles problem. Its worth investing.
My next investment would be chanel eye tonic. heard its blooooody goood.

I need to really take care of my skin now. must be hardworking.....

Well welll.... no more balenciagas bags for me..I had enuff of fakes in Singapore. And i heard Flagshop opening which i predict the only thing tat is going to sell in tat shop is the balenciaga bag.

Ha, i looked at my timetable. Next Fri wil be the last lesson before another holiday come up.. I miss stephanie in the class.


April 01 [Sat], 2006, 12:13
welll.... my plan for today is to watch a movie with some friends and probably head home soonx... probably do abit of shoe shopping tats it. quite tired to go shopping lehx..... maybe next week. I should keep an eye on my money. I had this weird dream.... in my dreams, i dreamt that i was going to the airport to sent him off.. den out of the sudden he called me, and i was suprised full of shock, he ask me where i was. And i told him we are like going to be late and asked him for his departure time and asked him to wait up. Then i asked him, how did he got my no. he just say he knew. Then when i reached saw him, he gave me a ring. before he left for his plane.Weird but it looked so real... So many things been going on my home and personal life. I really hope everything will turn out fine like what my friends said. Life don't always goes the way we want it to be eh, but why is called its your life to chose? Ironical~

Guys are all idiots 

April 01 [Sat], 2006, 1:39
I really am starting to think guys are all idiots.
Am so so so TURN off by this Eric in my class, i tink he constantly avoid me like as if i am some sort of fly... argH~ i merely had a crushx, not as if i am over heads. But i think he doesn't know lax, my friend hannah oso feel tatx he like dun dare to tok to me. AM I TAT horrible?~ darn~, he and his stupid law course. Have to get home. Well...... i seriously think he doesn't have a gf...

but wat eva. got home, stress againz. Something happen, and its kinda of making me feel haix no good things is happening. Which is why, i plan to visit the temple tmr. get my peace of mind. but think i am going to go shopping or probably just try to save some moneyx Argh~ i am trying to quit my addiction towards... Balenciaga... well almost everything. No KTVing.. which i really haven been doing...

I will promise to get more sleep work hard. THANK god my boss is travelling next week. DARN! i can't stand him around in the office. Its making me nutsx. still owe pamela 20 bucks lazy to transfer the moneyx, cause nvr seen any ATMS around too.z

I really wonder whats going through Eric mind.. argh~ he just shut his mouth when ever i entered the room or what. Sometimes i just feel like u noe its ok if you dislike me just let me know. I won't go disturb u. Which in fact , i nvr even do anything. I am getting retarded over this matter.
Am sleeping soon. cause tmr got to go visit UOB bank get my card started. Den need to go withdraw money for dad. Probably go home early tmr.

And Angela hasn't even reply me what time to meet. Bloody bored. don't know if i should buy clothes. Feel like saving moneyx darn.

Monday Blues 

March 27 [Mon], 2006, 22:44
Its monday again.. I can understand how garfield feels now.. typical monday yet another day which i dread and love. because when monday comes you know you are just 4 days away from FRIDAY. The wonderful day when i can see my dear crush eric.

I broke up with him. I love him so so much. After all 3 and half yrs... I am tired... so is he. Isn't it so. I thought he will be the guy who i spend my life with. HA you nvr know. Anyway back to the single life, trying not to think so much. Despite what magazines are saying. I am not obliged to say anything. Because its my pirvate life after all. As for him, i wish him the best of luck. We are still friends. I guess both of us just can't get used to the fact we can't be together anymore. Life sucks. i ain't such a nice gf afterall, i guess this long dragging matter has finally come to an end.

My boss is such a pig, who actually thinks so highly of himself. Probably its due to what fen fen told me later on. But WTF, which boss isn't shitty? I be more tolerant and see how things goes. I have thought about it... i might quit my sales duties to actually help out fenfen while she is going away on maternity leave. And then..... when she comes back.. i probably leave soon... Ya honestly, i will take a trip to somewhere far and be back and fight it all again. thats my plans.

I want to thank all my friends who were concerned with me. Thanks. I will be strong.

Go ahead and laugh 

March 26 [Sun], 2006, 14:10
well well... its a hella of a weekend for me. Which i enjoyed a lovely friday of japanese lesson with my wacky classmates and the Stephanie could not stop touching me all over.. Sexual harrassment.

I uploaded this video of corn. I have no plans today, because basically i am almost broke.. and am healing from my wounds.. and i kept thinking of the law student in my class which i can't wait till fri to see him again. DAMM i have a crush on him... this is not feeble... NOT at all ethical too. but wth. I finally discovered something shocking... How i wish some miracle would happen to me..
There is this thing that is bothering me.. why am i so addicted to Balenciaga bags.. Dammm


March 20 [Mon], 2006, 22:09
hmmm call it weird or what..
But you won't believe it.. back in like last yr aug i was still on the search looking for jobs.. i was actually 1st shortlisted in this company called Raduga Pte Ltd...
Guess what? Mr . Tingwei is in the office now..

hmm not its that much related.. but this synchroncity really creeps me out. I mean.. sometimes i just can't explain it..

Will someone kindly tell me??? whats going on??

Sleeeeeepy Sunday~ 

March 19 [Sun], 2006, 21:53
From the morning since i woke up, i been feeling very sleepy... After my breakfast.. I enjoyed my Debbie Travis moment, and went to bed again.. waking up at around 1 plus.. i went to bathe.. and ate my lunch again to the delight of daniel wu.

After tat, i went out to return comics, and i borrowed Just like heaven and snack on my Ruffles and yakult.. not too long i was tired... i went back to my room and lay refusing to answer ANY phone calls. Its supposed to be reharsal today... but i didn't go.. irresposible i noe. Anyway, i was slacking till round 5 i was lying on my bed.. and i feel asleep again to like near 7 so i woke up and ate my dinner.. not much mood to eat...
so overall i sleep alot today... I had the worst Nigtmare last night. I dreamt someone in my family pass away.. and i would say.. i am most afriad of this.. i was crying and crying.. till i even felt exhausted in the dream...
hmmm next week is a busy week for me.. esp my friend regina birthday is coming up.. goD~ i need a break... i like chiling out with a book. I read some crap book. called double living. No comments. but its not nice. hahahah
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