Is this cave demon domain leads to inflammation sector space the door

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 18:15
Two purple robe, gold cents after coming out of the demon domain immediately separately rapid turn to find up to inspect the peaks of a suspended last rendezvous with. Haiqing face gold cents opening said: "King Yi Jue Exalted really gone, here's immortal souls are not." The Guan Yu face Kim cents indifferent: "Yi Jue turnaround has demon domain is the fact Do you reckon who rescued Yi Jue? "the Haiqing face Kim Sin solemnly said:" This is not good to say, Yi Jue trapped demon domain know only three days demon, but into the demon domain and uniforms three only a handful of demon characters, will be a three Emperor of Heaven. the Guan Yu face Kim cents shook his head: "not of Heaven, three Emperor of Heaven are afraid reentry domain of this demon." sea The green face Kim cents asked: "King, three Emperor of Heaven when Zhumie million Genma main, is not it also is not a light?" the Guan Yu the face Kim Sin indifferent said: "Three Emperor of Heaven in the same year in the heart desire Genma witchcraft, but they do not have a significant impact, they just can not reentry Wan magic demon domain. "Haiqing face gold Immortality:" That is who rescued Yi Jue it? can find the Wan fantasy demon domain are few Men's Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber. "paused children, Guan Yu face Kim Sin cold said:" Perhaps three days demon let Yi Jue. the "Haiqing face Kim cents stunned and said:" No, King, three days demon not With convention? they dare to breach of contract to let go of Yi Jue stone listen to heart startled, he has to listen to the 80% of Guan Yu face gold cents Kun King, can not think of Kun King and three days demon collusion It was his accidental secret. Hear Kun King Cold Road: three days cunning demon suspicious, they might think that I will not compliance turned Yi Jue they gave Yi Jue, a water jinseki cited my attention, and then with the other a water god stone hidden, good judgment, three days demon must be hiding in a space Qianxiu simply not in the hands of Yi Jue Haiqing face gold cents nodded: "Yi Jue declared three days of detention demon, with her turnaround is immune, it may be three days imprisoned demon, I do not know three days demon hiding that space went. "the stones listened to found out that he had made a low-level error, he asked Yi Jue carry a curse, Yi Jue really kept a promise to carry the curse, but Yi Jue absence of foreign aid to war three days demon, he ignored Yi Jue is not strong foreign aid to rescue his lower error also misleading Another result. Ears Kun King Cold said: "I'll find them." The Haiqing face gold Immortality: "King of the days wind mainland cents so reported to say where the military offensive Pangaea met the BI heaven immortal interference obstruct Kun King Cold said: "matter of Babel peak has been reported with my the four continents nonaggression rules I set, they do not know?" Haiqing the face Kim cents nodded, special referrals the kings decided upon. said: "under the meaning of the King to understand." the stones listened Xincun the days wind intrusion things really Kun King instigated, seems Babel peak cents to make certain concealed the truth is he shot with four continental non-aggression the pretext first seal Kun King's mouth. Two said Kim cents, are no longer words together Subheading Note with a suspension of the peaks, to see the stones and the idea of ​​God is curious that peaks see that mountain is somewhat strange, high about fifty meters, on the tip of the next round, the overall like a huge bird eggs. "King, you suspect three days demon possession into here?" The Haiqing face Kim cents inquired. "You wait outside," Kun King finished golden flash has been flying penetrate eggs peaks disappeared, stone-look odd, about fifty-six seconds the golden flash Kun King came out again, Haiqing face Kim Sin Huanliaoyisheng, golden flash at both disappear to leave the demon domain. Stone, waited patiently for a long time, make sure that the two cents of gold no longer returned before flying to the front of the eggs shaped peaks, to stand first glance before the peak and other peaks no difference, from top to bottom fine an observation, found in the middle site of a cave, but also other peaks of the cave, not too surprising. Stone could not find another specific place, hesitated flying into the cave, the cave is dark and tortuous careful flew into his creators alert, flying fifteen or sixteen meters after three tortuous, appeared in front of the a bright opening. Stones alert ended not fly before, looked bright hole pondering suspension mountain yi how can a bright hole that Kun King came in after they left in a hurry, does this cave dangerous. Hesitated for a moment, to retreat eventually curiosity dictates, he was careful to fly a bright hole, quickly flew out the bright hole outside the cave scene that made his stunned, in front of a vast desert, heaven, the sun is shining, the heat blowing, he looked back hole still, but the hole in a weathered rocky. Stones thought was in front of everything is an illusion, he alert facilities a day as the surgery alternative vision to observe the truth in front of, but all day as the surgery under immediate or desert, this desert is real. Under this stone confused, how can we come to this desert mountain caves since the demon domain it? He look back to the cave, and this time he saw the cave five meters away from the left stand a Shibi, rock walls incised word. The he Piaoshen a look, above kanji classical, letter: "This was demon hole, entrants will certainly fail, saw Ximing to avoid any" under the book section name, Han, Chisongzi. Stone look stunned, how can this desert ancient Chinese characters warning? Fine chemicals breath here, I found very like Earth's air relent, he surprised the release of the concept of God WAN peep results really Earth Canada Goose D Alpago Sale, he is just staying in the desert of Xinjiang area. He stayed for a moment, suddenly Piaoshen into the cave, and smoothly back to the demon domain. Eggs like the mountain looked back, thinking about what he saw really do not like hallucinations, Is this cave demon domain leads to inflammation sector space the door, why Kun kings go after returning left it? Could that inflammation sector is not interested. He thought for a while and flying through the cave to the earth Canada Goose Kensington Parka, to turn around and face of the cave, he suddenly had an idea, is the domain of ancient demon million phantom demon Earth's ancient demon class to Xiu demons created 10,000 phantom demon domain, this Demon's Den initial ground rice body of that ancient demons. Think of these deep sleep rational inner doubts and curiosity will fade away. Demon domain is not what the secret is to be found immediately mood longer stay, think about it a long time out of the back. Just want to automatically read the back sector beads space exhumation Bay City Royal Palace, suddenly welling up another idea, that is contingent back to Earth, should go and see Zhao and Fang-wan, the way the sector day ring gave Zhao. With this idea he changed his mind, and immediately flying plus teleport and ran to his home. Ten seconds on to his hometown, about three in the afternoon, the stones feel comfortable to come to Zhao and his new home, a new two-bedroom three-set district hug at the sky, this is the future and Zhao Jing married new house, two although not married already cohabiting few days. The back naturally have to love a surprise, stone teleport directly to the bedroom, according to the usual habits slow during the day Zhao will work in the company, Zhao Jing also discuss with stones do not go back to find her direct phone to call her home reunion. Teleport stone in the bedroom appears, wanted to wait for their new homes whose loved ones had returned only one appearance that know someone felt the new home's living room, a man and a woman, the woman is Zhao Jing. Stone hesitated and to the door Piaoshen, happened bedroom door ajar, and be able to see more than half of the living room, he saw one wearing a light gray casual, handsome youth, youth stand in the hall in front of the sofa, facing significant Zhao spoke. Stone surprised a moment, he did not know who this young man is? How can to Zhao and his new home? The young man suddenly grabbed the hands of Zhao Jing, kneeling on a short squat body Zhao Jing front. Stone look Kuangzhen heart, eyes look wide open shocked as the Chamber, just listen to the young man pleaded: "small quiet, I know that was wrong, I know that you really like, I know you're not married, beg you to forgive me and accept me. "Zhao Jing panic earn hand snapped:" You let go of you, we is not possible, you brisk walking, and not allowed to come to me later. "youth sound turn desolate road:" small static I pursue you for so long, but you always refused to accept me, I know that life could not have you, all I ask you one thing, I beg you to give me a joy as good memories, I guarantee the future we do not looking for you. "Zhao Jing shaking his head dismayed Road:" No, you brisk walking, my man is very powerful, so he knows will kill you. "Zhao Jing voice hardly ever, the youth shoved bomb body and the sky flapping hugged Zhao static cling Zhao pressing in on the sofa, violently pulled Zhao coat mad exclaimed: "I'm going to, you should also me." "No, you let go of it." Zhao Jing panic struggle screaming. Stone to see this scene that by angry murderous violence is in their hearts, his eyes crimson body a move that saved the bedroom door to the sofa at the body dump a sudden snatch grabbed the youth, the right fist violent youth abdomen, chest head greeted the blink of an eye, splattered with blood, young people in a dozen punches after became a terrorist rotten blood corpse. The female voice screaming loudly horror, the eyes of the stone with the sound its eye on the Zhao Jing, watching Zhao goes horror pale face up against he hate Cross sorrow from the heart, and irrational anger roared: "Why? Why this man is our home. "Zhao Jing horror shook his head, vibrato and said:" No, I did not do you a wrong, you have to believe me. "stone angry blood corpse thrown to the ground, pointing to the blood corpse angrily said: "The new home is you and me, he let me how to believe." Zhao looked terrified despair stone, shook his head and looked incredible, a helpless her eyes around, and suddenly The body of a move to sway, reached over and grabbed a fruit knife in the hall a few. She looked bleak despair the stone, the tip of a turn shoved piercing his chest. Stone ah screaming, hurriedly rushed in and hugged Zhao Jing, dismayed and cried: "static." Zhao woodenly looked stone, weakness and said: "you believe me?" Stone listen to the heart big pain, acute regret violent hearts and minds to the body just felt cold virtual soft tears fear: "a small static, I was wrong, I was wrong." suddenly a sound Xumiao said: "Well, wake up stone surprised a moment, tears hazy looked up, saw the immediate legislation of a shadow, looked very familiar, he Zhengran said: "Who are you?" the shadows Xumiao Road: "I am your you. "
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