Looking forword to GABOGABO day  

November 18 [Sat], 2006, 7:27

How was baking party. I envy you........GAOOOO!!!!

Anyway I ate some cookies. It's OK.

I made just one bisiness card today. Except that, I was making X'mas card. Mr. Uokawa told me nice and cheap site for ordering cards. We can order 100 original cards for $30 and shipping. This is good price isn't it?

I'll show you when you come back tonight. I did good job.

By the way when are we invited to Thanksgiving party? I'll organize anather party at our Apt. with Mrs.L.

Thank You. See you soon.



November 17 [Fri], 2006, 7:36
Hi !
I finally found out my password for rogging in this page, so I am able to write this dialy again.

Today I had two jobs, that were typing Christmaicard message and typing adresses. I am so apreciate to have these little things to do everyday.

It was rainy this afternoon, I didn't open even window braindow, because I don't like these kind of weather.
Mr. littleBig was sleeping for a long time. Now, he is pooping a LOTS!!

and smiling, too.

Our neibgher L called today again and asked me to have a GABOGABO day party if we are free. Let's talk about this tonight.

Please tell me my mistakes when you have a time again.

Thank you.



August 31 [Thu], 2006, 2:38
That movie was so wonderful !!
I watched it after right napping. That was good idea because I could keep awaik.

I was so moved, and I want't to watch again and again. Of caurse you. too.

It was seems like Ice age... don't you think so?

Characers also cute and loving (especialy bears).

I want Yoshi to watch it when he gets good age.

By the way, I sometime hear sounds from my velly. Is this Yoshi? It's like the bone sounds. But don't worry so much, I think it might happen in this period...of course I am going to ask to Dr Lin.

And I heared his voice also when I was in bathroom. Maybe this is just misunderstanding....

Anyway, I am going to take a walk and buy some groserly things and make cookies !!

Oh, I don't forget to wach trash box.

See you soon -

good news 

August 10 [Thu], 2006, 2:44
A friend of mine "L", got the phone from J hospital about her intervew appointment!!

She called me a few minutes before and told me about that news.

Last time, she couldn't get job becouse she was over qualified, but this time, they seem look for a person who can do medecal record desperlatery.

She is getting a big chance !!

She said that she is flouring on the clouds. wahahaha.

She also said that she fooked in the door before.

Congraturation !!

She is coming maybe at 3 pm, we are going to have tea party with your chocolate cake. But don't worry, I leave your's for tonight's teatime.

You are tired with standing work. Take a blake !!

By the way, are you going to go hospital tomorrow?


kicked out by FOOTH BALL 

August 03 [Thu], 2006, 3:53
I just came back from pool. I went there with my best friend " L " around 1 pm.

At first, threre were just us, and so comfortable !!

But, after a while, some boys came, and started playng catchball with a football in the pool !! They didn't care us who enjoying slow swimming.

We were scared to be hit, so I sugested to go back home.

BOOO --------------------

My friend "L" said, football is FOOTHball in German.

German and English are similer in some point, right?

By the way, I am going out again to but the foods after 6pm..

Please call before you leave there !!

Take care !!

bye-(I love them)

pooped !! 

July 27 [Thu], 2006, 4:29
I came back from pool right now and took a shower. Foo.... I am pooped, but that was fun so much !!

I went there with a my friend. Do you know who she was?

Guess who.

If you don't figure out, click !!


July 25 [Tue], 2006, 23:32
I'm thinking to go the library today because return date is tomorrow. But before I leave, I have to make sure whether the computer supporsed to be arrived or not. Honestry, I wanted to go by bus because it's hard for me to walk a little now. Yoshikun is getting heavier.

How are you today?

I am worring about it.

Today I have nothing to write anymore because today has just started and I haven't done anything, you know?

I'm trying not to eat a lot.




July 13 [Thu], 2006, 5:33
She called me in this afternoon. She explained me about the incidents last week and when her friends came to Ch.

I understood some her insists about her actions.

It is difficult to explain to you right here. So I will talk to you later.

I feel the misunderstandings got better, but I told her just not to have such kind of conversations in front of us who don't know their situation well.

That's it !!

So let's forget everything and just pray for them together.

I am looking for you come back tonight !!



July 12 [Wed], 2006, 6:30
Hi ! Appa

I went to the pool at noon. I walked shortcut way, just passing Rolling road and going through the way between condminiams. That's was easy.

Before I left our house, I had changed my clothes into the swimming suit.

When I arrived the pool, I found out there were just a lady who was swiming in the pool except me and there were more than 3 life gard men sitting and praying chess or reading magazins.

I was thinking to go back home before I swim because it looked strange that there were jist 2 person in the huge pool !!

But, I decided to enter the pool with my courage. I just showed my pool's pass and wrote down name and adress.

As soon as I started swiming, the lady went back.. that means I was swiming alone for almost an hour. Can you believe it ?

The depth of the pool was from 2feet to 13feet !! Wao !!

At last another family came. I observed them for a while, and finished today's excise.

POOPed !!!!!!!!!!


July 11 [Tue], 2006, 3:55
Hi ! ! How are you doing today ?

I have to apologize to you for not reporting before I did.


I bought a goggle for swiming.... that was 8 bucks...

I went out to bank to change coins and then I remenber that I need one for my apointment with Ms. Sittler.

But it was so hard to find it !!

I went Alico (cloth store in front of wargreen). walgreen, Giant, shoppers, orries,
and then I found one at CVS !!

The nearest place from my start point !! fu---------

Unfortunately my swiming schedule was canceled because of her granpa's sudden funeral. She has to go back home until tonight. Her home is in Pencilvenia.

I have to wait her until she comes back or, I am going to just by myselt.....

Anyway, let's pray about her safe trip.

Then, I mailed Lynne to say sorry about Saturday meeting. She mailed me back soon long letter. I'll show you when you come back home.

Ok, see you soon....

Have a good afternoon !!

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