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December 18 [Wed], 2013, 0:55

A powerful weather system might bring tornadoes to portions of the Midwest and impact several NFL games.The National Weather Service issued a high-risk alert Sunday for eastern Illinois, Indiana and far southwest lower Michigan.A map on Weather.com illustrates the wide-ranging areas that might be affected, including Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, Cleveland and Indianapolis.The matchups that could be directly affected include Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals, although the Ravens-Bears game did start on time.The fate of the AFC North also might be tied to sloppy, weather-altered games.A high wind warning was issued for western New York, which might get gusts of up to 60 mph.The weather warning won't go into affect until 7 p.m.ET Sunday night, but winds and rain will influence the play as the New York Jets visit the Buffalo Bills.Rookie quarterbacks Geno Smith and EJ Manuel might be especially influenced.Just on the outskirts of the severe weather system sits Pittsburgh.There reportedly is a 70 percent chance of rain when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions kick off at 1 p.

.m.ET.According to the report, severe weather warnings have been issued for much of the Midwest.The Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears games might be heavily influenced by the weather patterns.Well, there is rain in the forecast of every day game Sunday.Anyway, in my point of view, I think the NFL game is influenced by the weather patterns, which is a very normal part in the NFL competition.

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