This is so Gay

July 08 [Fri], 2011, 22:55
Proponents of gay marriage tend to be absolutely impossible to reason with, and for that reason I generally keep my mouth shut on the issue. Nonetheless, in light off all the silly signs and slogans floating around facebook, I feel like something should be said.

And before you all go crazy on me, let me say this. I don't dislike gay people. I dislike gayness. It makes me feel uncomfortable. But I have never considered this grounds to dislike a person. I've had some good friends who are gay. At times I strongly dislike the way they act and the things they say, but those things alone are not full measures of their character, and for that reason, I'm perfectly ok with being friends with them.

Having said that, let me say my piece on "gay rights." To put it simply, gays have the same rights as everyone else. They always have. In all but the most extreme cases, no one has prevented them from holding hands, making out, and banging each other in the butt all night long. In many cases, they are even allowed to enter civil unions which have nearly identical legal status to marriage. But that just isn't enough. They instead feel the need to redefine a civil institution that to millions of people is the most important agreement in existence, because to them, marriage being between a man and a woman is "discrimination." How nice.

So once gays are "married," the next thing they want is children. But oops, Your marriage is lacking something! Child bearing capability. So they adopt. Having personally know a lot of kids who grew up in fragmented homes, I know that not having both a mom and a dad there for you growing up has a profound effect on a child's psychology. Children who don't have both a mother and father figure to raise them grow up lacking important qualities and missing important lessons. But rather than even acknowledge this, gay couples often intentionally turn their children into charming little specimens like these.

Now don't get me wrong. I know that not all gay people are like this. But to those who are, your excessive flamboyancy and aggressiveness isn't helping your case. You get mad when people don't like seeing you making out on the street corner? Guess what. Most people don't like seeing anyone making out on the street corner. Get off your high horses. Stop thinking the world revolves around you, and that everyone should change to suit your preferences. Stop thinking you have the right to join the military and act gay around other people of the same gender who have to shower with you and sleep next to you. Act like normal human beings, and then maybe people will treat you accordingly, regardless of your sexual preference.
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