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September 19 [Fri], 2014, 0:30
A clear liquid Teisu slightly blue-green at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Boiling point at atmospheric pressure of 1 atm at normal 99.9839 ° C, the melting point is 0.0000 ° C. But in an environment where become supercooled state, water vapor of 99.9839 ° C or less, water of 0.0000 ° C less than I exist. Density is greatest when the 3.98 ° C, the density is less than the liquid [Note 6] solid (abnormal liquid). It melts and floats on liquid water, ice is solid and put pressure on the ice for that. Is a characteristic of water that is different from the number of other molecules, which is due to the crystal structure of the ice is bulky due to hydrogen bonding between water molecules. When it comes to water ice melts, its volume is reduced by one of about 11 minutes. Section of ice See also for more information.

10-7 (mol / dm3) (25 ° C) is ionized, and is a hydroxide ion and (oxonium ion, to be precise) hydrogen ions in a liquid state. If it is said that the color of the water is colorless and transparent in general is often but Teisu a slight blue-green from the fact that the infrared absorption spectrum of water molecules pull the foot in the visible region, and slightly absorbing red light in practice. Huge ice water and forms a thick http://marklester.co.uk/50m-extension-lead-silverline-200084-cable-reel/ layer such as the sea of blue it is also for this reason.

Because water was an important presence in the very affordable in life, it has played an important role as the basis for the unit. For example, of the value of good and fog melting and boiling points of water that 100 ° C and 0 ° C is, it is because you have defined a scale of Celsius relative to the boiling temperature of the hot water and the melting temperature of ice, 1g (gram definition of) is the mass of water of 1cm3 at the time of the 4 ° C, definition of 1cal (calories) was a necessary amount of heat temperature difference (1K) to raise 1 ° C of water 1g.

However, when it comes to require a high degree of accuracy, based on the mass of water, it means that high purity water, the volume of high-precision, pressure, temperature is required necessarily, these cumbersome and difficult and technically both [Note 7], the definition of the mass of the current (see kilograms) that is the basis of putting the cart before the horse that 1 kilogram the international prototype of the kilogram that was created in the 1870s for. For this is currently 0.999972g next, the mass of water of 1cm3 at the time of the 4 ° C has become rather than 1g of the original [Note 8]. Also, was completely consistent with the specific gravity (g / cm3) density in the past, but no longer matches the boundary of this definition.
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