She is not usually more impulsive

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 17:16
YANG Gui January grandfather's murderous than Chen Tianming can see the kind of murderous killer, he's such a murderous look like from the bottom in the heart of a murderous this murderous battle-hardened, murderous like ancient generals only. This murderous than his own murder Women's Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, but his bones in the battle-hardened after they produced. This murderous enemies met certain wind appalled. God, this miserable, YANG Gui month's grandfather is definitely not ordinary people, as the month YANG Gui said, if they played well, and his grandfather must have their own Health stripping live cut. Chen Tianming in the heart Anjiao, he has been determined to be sure to play a good show, and so had to turn off quickly ran YANG Gui month, do not come here. "Dawn, this is my grandfather, my grandfather, this is the dawn" YANG Gui-month introduced two people. "Hello, YANG Gui-month grandfather held out his hand to shake hands with Chen Tianming. Chen Tianming hurried to hand out to go and when to hold his hand and YANG Gui January grandfather, he felt an internal force pressure to hand over. No, YANG Gui months of grandfather internal forces to test their own? Chen Tianming do not want to let him know martial arts, he pretended to "Oh," a cry, his face put on a pained expression. "Grandfather, how do you like this ah?" Yang Gui Yuegang before the tender was gone, his face showing a pair of angry. YANG Gui months of angry Chen Tianming Why not use the internal forces to resist what his powers are much higher than their own. "Oh, you look, you did not get married on patrol he, alas, 女大不中留 ah!" YANG Gui January grandfather laugh, and then greeted Chen Tianming sitting on the sofa. Chen Tianming YANG Gui-month looked at his face red, his heart could not help admire said: "You see, people YANG Gui-month multi-professional multi-talents in acting, nor her par." Expect here, Chen Tianming a YANG Gui months to pull off sitting on their own side said: Xiaoyue, sit down! "YANG Gui months now face more red, peacetime Chen Tianming not so gently to her, we usually are scold scold to a pair enemies like Chen Tianming so make her a little uncomfortable. YANG Gui months of grandfather looked secretly nodded beside own home seems Tiger has someone to himself not to worry. Originally, he thought YANG Gui month is deliberately looking for a man to let Gao break off an engagement, did not think him a look today, even YANG Gui month is like Chen Tianming, although on the surface they are acting, but kind of like the ingredients already seepage and with a discerning eye can see that. At this time, the outside into the an official level quite high the soldier he YANG Gui January grandfather King of a military salute, said: "Commander, the Central Military Commission to the dense electric, cleared your perusal." "Go, we go up to say", YANG Gui January grandfather a listen to his own aide-de-camp the a secret power above, in order to be kept confidential, he stood up to go upstairs and adjutant. "Commander?" Chen Tianming two and one black, almost fell down to the ground. God, YANG Gui month's grandfather commander, the instrument allows provoke disaster, let him know often bullied by his granddaughter, also called for her chest female, and deceive his. Soldiers following him, casually called over each spit a mouthful of saliva can to drown ah! No wonder people with doorstep has guarded by soldiers, there seems impregnable fortress-like. However, YANG Gui months there have been a grandfather, how to go outside when police? But also often their own bully is not to find someone to help her, but casually called some soldiers came, that he is dead no lives were lost land. GAO Yu Yi, he is not a general, he takes a few bodyguards, that bodyguards not only martial arts, but also a kind of temperament, as if the military temperament. My God, martial soldiers as bodyguards, GAO Yu Yi simple ah, listen YANG Gui month that they play with, and then said Gao with her maternal grandparents are neighbors, there VIP . The thought of this, Chen Tianming secretly resolved, one would take advantage of people, and immediately fled. Do not know what offended people, the dead do not know when, how ah! "How are you afraid of it?" Sat Chen Tianming around YANG Gui month seems to see Chen Tianming mind, she deliberately asked. YANG Gui months such a shock, Chen Tianming bloody out, "I am Chen Tianming would be afraid of it? Commander of a big deal, not monster. However, you want to tell me your grandfather's identity, or else I will certainly be a fool of myself. "YANG Gui month in the heart secretly smile, she did not tell before coming Chen Tianming own grandfather's things, is the fear of Chen Tianming scared to. The whole country to know his grandfather name many people, in order to let Chen Tianming on the sets of her course to conceal. Now, Chen Tianming go also difficult. The thought here, YANG Gui month smug smile a bit. Often the rogue bully, bully him back, feeling particularly pleased. "My grandfather told Xu Shengli, commander of a force", said YANG Gui-month. "What? Hsu, and Xu Shengli commander?" Chen Tianming sofa fell down. Xu Shengli YANG Gui month's grandfather? Horrible Canada Goose Snowsuit, Xu Shengli M a legend in the country, every war as long as he can win the game, he is a national hero. Some also said that because his name to get good victory victory How can anyone not fight victory? Therefore, Xu Shengli is the idol of many young patriots. YANG Gui month continued: "while the military restricted area is not generally restricted military zones, people live there are people above the level of the deputy commander level, even if the commander to come here, if there is no special passes can not come." "Days ah, such a terrible ah! "Chen Tianming shocked," then there afraid of people mistakenly enter our waters it? "" No, a kilometer away has Anshao suspicious people simply can not enter this km and you do not think that here calm on the surface, in fact, there is a special reinforced battalion, even if you insist forcing also done some do not come. "YANG Gui month said proudly. Chen Tianming snappily said: "Hey, how would insist forcing it, I was kind of bad guy?" Hee hee, I is an analogy. "YANG Gui month said with a smile. "Here are all so high-level military personnel, are not afraid of some terrorists come to seize them to blackmail the country?" Chen Tianming strange, it seems a bit too lightly it! YANG Gui month, said: "Here are some retired, some still in bits incumbent out often, so someone tried to grab not so easy and I have not said this? There is a special reinforced battalion, they not only military strong technology, and all of them will be martial arts, we are afraid of those terrorists not to do! "turned out to be so," said Chen Tianming. "The environment here is very good, is a the leadership keep good place, many high positions who want to come can not come!" YANG Gui month said proudly. "I know you're powerful, **, after you, do not bother me, I help you tonight once, I will not come." Said Chen Tianming. YANG Gui month said quietly: "What? Chen Tianming, you dare funk? Useless man." This is not called funk, My name 识时务者为俊杰, do you understand? Breasted girl, but I see you all brawn of people understand not so much. YANG Gui month that said Chen Tianming fire. "There, I hate people to call me useless man cleared after you do not call me, otherwise I have been unkind to you." "Then you have the ability to not escape, or else I'm going to call, a little skill are not even the GAO Yu Yi is not as YANG Gui-month face revealing contempt Women's Canada Goose Chilliwack. "You say Who, me as that taken for a ride?, I do not go, I will let you see how powerful I." Chen Tianming YANG Gui-month Sure enough, in terms of the bowel. YANG Gui-month Chen Tianming words, happily said: "Well, this is what you said, if you escape, I called you useless man." See Chen Tianming hear yourself Xusi Ling's granddaughter not only did not immediately ingratiate himself, but farther away from their own YANG Gui month was a little strange. Chen Tianming Sure enough, others do not, those who want to get close to their own because of his own grandfather. YANG Gui January childhood lived in the home of my grandfather's grandfather's relationship, her child's side there is a group of people with ulterior motives, YANG Gui month grew up, only to rely on their ability to inclement. Is also because of the relationship of her grandfather, her file is a senior confidential, the average person can not see her file. Therefore, the City Public Security Bureau, the circulating YANG Gui-month special status, but how special, no one knew. YANG Gui-month job well capable, she rose quickly. Her often some ** bureau's leadership did not dare YANG Gui month how. Chen Tianming stayed, how so swayed by personal feelings ah, YANG Gui month a shock in her count. God, YANG Gui month? She is not usually more impulsive? Her own bowel can not control, but then he turn up like her, was a shock not control myself "This, I, I just told you a joke," Chen Tianming bit of a headache, GAO Yu Yi people, but powerful figure, is not like the devil who Wulin who own get into trouble. "Come on, useless man, YANG Gui month coldly, her eyes kind of lost, why this, YANG Gui months do not know, she only knew hear Chen Tianming earlier, and my heart is very uncomfortable. See the expression of YANG Gui-month, Chen Tianming heart do not know why a little uncomfortable, and he deliberately said: breasted girl, I never would say stay away, I tell you a joke, in any case I have to play good show ah! "You play me?" YANG Gui-month angry Chen Tianming instep brutally stepped on his foot. "Oh, chest female, you can tap? Want to trample me ah?" Chen Tianming holding foot screams, now he discovered YANG Gui-month, and usually do not wear high heels today put on high heels, no wonder its own The foot is so sore. M, if not that her grandfather was upstairs and she really wanted to seize beat her PP. Thinking her Gaoqiao hips, Chen Tianming's heart could not help a move. Satsuki, how do you flirting in public ah? "Xu Shengli laughter coming from upstairs. Cell phone to ask: WAP. 16K. CN computer access: wwW. 16K. Cn
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