Drinking party! 

2006年06月16日(金) 23時45分
My friend and I drank a lot for the first time in ages.
It's more fun to drink with friends.
But, I drank too much.
I can't drink like I used to.


2006年06月11日(日) 22時33分
I went to cinema.
I watched "omen".
The story of Damien who is The son of devil.
This film is remake.

I am easily scared,
but like horror films.

Jun, 4, 2006 

2006年06月08日(木) 22時36分
I went to Asakusa.
I went to "DAIKOKU-YA".
"DAIKOKU-YA" is famous for "TENPURA".
I was bubbling with expectation.


It was not better than I thought.
It was greasy!
I had heartburn.

I wish I looked into Asakusa.

I might have caught cold. 

2006年05月12日(金) 1時15分
I had a pain in a throat.
My voice was strange.
I coughed many times.
I caught a cold?????
But I do not run a fever.
I had to gargle.

"Access" is nice! 

2006年05月11日(木) 23時05分
I used "Access"!
After all I was happy!

I have to study "FIREWORKS".

I complained about this work to you. 

2006年05月10日(水) 11時48分
This job was hard!
I wanted to use "Access".
I wanted to use "Excel"!


I'vd had enough of this!


Shall I change work?
I was at a loss.
I was irresolute.

The work was too difficult. 

2006年05月09日(火) 22時58分
I must update a website for work.
It was difficult.

I used "DREAMWEAVER" for the first time in over 3 years.
I forgot how to it.
I decided to learn it.

Take it easy!
I'm sure I can!

It was the new work from today. 

2006年05月08日(月) 22時42分
It was the new work from today.
I couldn't wait for this work.
I had not work for one month.

I'm going to work well.

We went for a drive at midnight. 

2006年05月05日(金) 23時26分
My friend and I went to a superhighway by car at last night.
On the way,
We saw Rainbow-Bridge, Tokyo Tower, etc...
It's beautiful.


2006年05月04日(木) 10時51分
I went to the hot spa in Okutama.
Of course,I was with her.

We saw mountains covered with fresh green leaves.
It was gorgeous.

We were caught in a traffic jam.
Do you think how much time we arrived at there?
It took 5 hours how,too!

I wish I had get up early.
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