The End.

November 29 [Sun], 2009, 4:10

I moved there.
Yap me again and please continue visiting.

This blog is closed from now,
cos i think its time to move on

The past will stay like that, im building up a new future.

Mata ne;



November 26 [Thu], 2009, 8:41
im feeling happy x]
this idiot mofoish cutie made me laugh as heck.
and guess what?!
i bought blue piercing for her 8D
she saw it and she likes it
i did a good job,of course.

right now im watching South Park cos im sick of
L world right now x[
its boring to watch these episodes several times.
i mean, they are repeating these episodes D< fuckit.

My idiot cat,kyo is sleeping on my tv xD

my leg hurts as heck i dont know what happened.
i just stood up and it was *CRACK* i was like O_O wtf?
my ankle hurts now and i cant walk normally
but i have to go to school tomorrow so its ok.
i will try to work normally even i will break my leg xD

im talking to Aaron now x] Ji is kinda away this time.
But i think i stay at home on friday or i dont kow x[
Next tuesday im going to meet the doctor that will tell me
some facts about my teeth operation.
then in next month between the Xmas and new year holiday
i will go to buy my airplane ticket.

x] ugh.
thanks for reading.



November 26 [Thu], 2009, 5:14
Mugi and i kinda fell asleep in the morning.
We woke up kinda later than we wished to xD
but still, we arrived to the school, it was OK.
on my first class i boredom x[
then i made this drawing.

then i had my art class. i drew a manga figure and
i came back home.

Fera came over and he helped me with my trip
to Germany it will be awesome, of course.
Mio will ask her aunt if we can stay there at her house
while im there :) i hope she will say yes >_o

oh and i've made some pics today x]
i just look so perfect at all 8D this idiot keep molesting me
on msn xD Yes,Mio xD i cant even concentrate to this blog
cos she is kinda.. grrr talkative? xD idk <3 but cute.

so back to my pictures, look:

and feeling kinda..angry and sad xD
im just worried about this fucking idiot D<
i honestly want to kidnap her from her dad. x[
cos she is so fucking adorable, you know?
and i want her to laugh and feel good like..everytime?
xD if thats possible of course, but lets see, everyone are
happy who knows me and who are friends with me and
talking to me everyday <3
others sucks of course xD i dont care.
but still, i wanna kidnap her. x[ and right now i wanna fill her
tummy up with tacos XDDD and uhm what else she like..
-thinks hard- D< pizza xD yeah. xD and..ugh i dont know
but ugh...i cant wait till i will be there.
i think i will honestly ask her to come here and live with me xD
why not? its a crazy idea since i dont know her, she doesnt know me.
but wtf im afraid xD and worried about her.
and no, i dont care if she say "<斜>Nah, dont worry babe"
tsk its not like that. (hehe she just found a band that she likes xD)

so, yep. if we will be enjoying the time while im with her in Germany,
then i will ask her to come back home with me 8D
remember, i still have my small apartment which is cheap at all,
so ... but lets forget about it right now <3 its far from now.

ugh, she makes me smile really 8D
and she is way more different than those people i met before. >_o
i wanna know more about her personality :]
She is really interesting and cute even she is like..tsk..acting like a man
of course i found out already, she is kinda like me xD
but it isnt bad at all. i like the way she is

thats what she found. >_o
hmm interesting xD <3 but its a good one,suits with my mood xD
and makes me feel great of course.
even i dont really listen to any rock/metal/punk musics, its a good one.
hnm xD i feel like i will download this song xDDDDD
whatever. so..
back up to the feelings.

i like her.
thats it.
right now this song made me strong,so i cant continue blogging.
maybe later.

thanks for reading anyways.

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