If the horizontal line on the sun

December 05 [Thu], 2013, 16:31

Only if the first sign of life, what autumn wind sad picture fanMen clothing brands.

The beginning of autumn is approaching, the summer was gone. Higurashi frog said to another country, mature golden full of calm horizons. Heart: autumn, winter is near. Yeah, that middle-aged people, on a journey.

The rustling autumn dream blow to the colorful. Tell you: winter is not terrible, the cold north wind brings subtle season, a world of ice and snow implied a holyManaged Network.

Life is like the spring season and met the first sentence: joy, honor and disgrace, gain and loss, victory and defeat can constitute a rich and colorful life. Once, moved to tears linger, but lamented the pomegranate flowers
The vessels are filled, there are times when empty; atrial stuffed with, also has a flight season. The cliff worry threw down, standing in the peak, enjoy all the wind.

When the autumn leaves, a troubled heart also gradually precipitation...... Sink into the depth of years......

The four seasons such as life, sunrise and sunset, the tide, the ups and downs says not clear reason, abundant depression is the law of nature, just dominate the fate. Don't ask why, why is there water flowers in the mirror? Oh, don't ask, not sensational.

Spring, spring, autumn rain, summer, summer or winter.

The man in the water side, still in operation. Over the horizon, the horizon, the sky clouds, the Loess Plateau, the tropical rain forest...... It was a long journey full of life footsteps; and on both sides of the Changjiang River, did not pay attention to a spray a tree and grass fragrance, natural warm not awaken enthusiasm.

Answer: life, is life, is in a hurry; sweat streamed down one's face. Bring home the bacon; life, is practical, is not put under the hands of work.

Solar evaporation of romance, core has long incense indemnity.

Under the sun, busy in the view, and lose, not fragrant flowers; without the month hazy rain, no clear...... No, the first complex. Just like sleep not sleep like waking up in a state of non chaotic, vaguely remember that there is a faint fragrance seasons's..
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