Whoever wrinkle the turbulent

March 18 [Wed], 2015, 17:33
I stand on the streets in Sydney, helpless look at the crossroads, suddenly, saw the cafe in the corner. I pushed the door and enter, find a corner and sat down by the window. Waiter came up and I ordered a cup of cappuccino. Everything here is so familiar, familiar to I forget myself.
Shimmering yellow hanged at sunset, went across my face, is so weak and pale. Xu zhimo said, at least once in my life for someone to forget who you are. As if this sentence is to write for me, and you become my life of hope, remember went west, looking forward to a time of life forever.
After the lonely, who the old appearance! Long time, who light who made vows of eternal love! Loneliness is the man walking alone on the street after the rain, a black umbrella, dressed in black, a stray lonely shadow, old is green. Time has gone and who touched the sea oath? Who is whose ShanMeng light made?
I forgot to emotions and thoughts, you pick up the oath. Light up, to the best of my heart. Similarly, just pick up, the oath fade away. You chase, I'm pressed down the mood, lost, bury the oath.
Time is the most ruthless, the simple happiness. The romantic feelings, the most precious luxury. You go, I only simple sentence, just a word of goodbye; You come, I with a smiling face, long time no see, just saying. If the simple is a lie you leave, I choose silence; If extravagance is you can't forget, I choose to miss.
One of the world, I silence. Is not without you sad, but pain climbed out of the moment, I forgot to have you in my world.
Miss, seems to be a habit. Habits quietly waiting for return to get to know each other in the origin, always hope at the end of the origin, can see the original picture. There have you, have I, have our long-awaited answer; I don't know, how long have to wait to return to the origin; I don't know, still can insist on how long is the wait to wait for an answer. Miss, very weak, it is because I can't solve the missing answers. Maybe, missing no answer, she is just a hint of old guy.
Memory is cold in the winter, always when you are the most cold give you a warm, no fire, eagerly anticipated by his no, only the temperature of the warm heart and happy moments. I'm afraid of you quietly into summer, in that way, I can't place you. Memory is poison, but clearly don't want to remember, to mind one by one and let you pain, The old time, when they want to miss, given, forget the original picture.
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