Tie coral, best-selling summer!

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 15:14

The coral tie with fuchsia and lime green is the "Best-Seller" of the summer! Fresh and sparkling, color coral seduced many men wanting to brighten their look with elegance. Faced with an original color, the question remains how and when to wear this type of cheap custom suits
. Here are some fashion tips to dress your neck with the colors of summer.

Tie coral

Elegant for the office:

Work as men's fashion can prepare a little daring and color! Tie, a symbol of ready to wear men, is often acclaimed in the professional world. Desiring to brighten a dark suit, many men are now choosing to assert their fantasy through their tie. Something for which the tie coral on a pink, red and orange, fits perfectly. At the office, the best combination of color for coral tie is a white or sky blue shirt and a navy blue suit.

Chic for ceremonies:

New fashion trend called ceremony, choosing a color scheme for all or part of the guests is increasingly applied. Coral, once will not hurt, here is also a new color reference. Do not be surprised if this was at a wedding, the groom and his witnesses wear the same tie coral. In this context more festive, bright or dull gray suit is the most beautiful effect. Looké through and through, the bride can also include a touch of coral in his dress and a coral cover can be slipped into the pocket of custom suits gentlemen.