Rising Passenger Cars Demand to Drive the Indian Tyre Industry

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 12:29
Rising Passenger Cars Demand to Drive the Indian Tyre Industry
According to our new research report ブーツ ugg “Indian Tyre Industry Analysis”, the Indian tyre industry is オークリー レンズ 自転車 サングラス
one of the fastest growing industries globally. Strong developments in all prominent automobile segments have infused tyre demand in the country. Additionally, tyre manufacturers are ramping up their production capacities in line with the growing automobile sales. These capacity expansion plans will ultimately result in high tyre production, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 8% during 2010-11 to 2013-14.As per our findings, the passenger car marc by marc jacobs segment is expected to sustain its growing tyre demand during the next few years. Further, at the OEM’s front, the passenger vehicle industry is expected to add capacity of around 1 Million Units during the next 3 years. Major players, マークバイマークジェイコブス 財布 which have capacity expansion plans, include Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Toyota, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors Limited, and Ford. Moreover, some international auto giants are in the process of entering the rapidly growing automobile industry.Further, our report discusses the direction, in which, the Indian tyre industry is likely to move in near term. The report also includes changing dynamics of market share among market players. Besides, our report provides a thorough analysis and forecast on market potential of tubeless and radial tyres in the coming years. It also covers the regulatory developments in the country’s tyre industry.Our report “Indian Tyre Industry Analysis”, アグ 大変上質なUGG☆クラシックカーディ/Classic Cardymulberry provides an extensive research and objective analysis of the Indian tyre industry and its different segments. The report presents authentic statistics and information of market structure, moncler ダウン tyre production, and demand by segments, exports & imports trends till FY 2014. It also features a detail outline of import procedure for raw materials and tyres in the country. Forecasts for market potential have also been covered for radial tyre industry and tubeless tyre segments to empower clients with cutting edge market intelligence.Besides, the report contains information アグ 大変上質なUGG☆クラシックカーディ/Classic Cardymulberry about the leading industry players with focus on their business description and recent developments. As the performance of tyre industry depends on the availability and prices of raw material, the report will help clients in understanding the impact of rubber prices fluctuation on the tyre industry.For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: http:///Report/IM267.htmCheck DISCOUNTED REPORTS on: http:///promotion.htm
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