City park can be "home address"?! 

January 28 [Sat], 2006, 9:33
Court rules city park tent qualifies as 'home address'
The Osaka District Court ruled Friday that a homeless man's tent in a city park should have been accepted as his home address when he submitted details of his new abode to a ward office.
The Asahi Shimbun 01/27/06

I really cant believe that.

First TOEIC score 

January 28 [Sat], 2006, 8:48
I took TOEIC test, which is an English exam of business communication skill, at the beggining of the month.

Well, I got the score today. It was not good as I thought.
I was not prepared at all. I had never ever studyed for TOEIC before.
When I took the exam, the listening was not that hard, but it has a lot of reading questions. I had 10 questions left. I put "C" for all the last 10 questions.

I really need to try it again. I have to be more prepared.
Next time, I will get 900 or more!!

time to start looking for a job 

January 24 [Tue], 2006, 7:44
I have not decided what im gonna do after graduating yet. Should I do OPT? Should I go back to my country?

It is not easy to decide.
I want to go to a grad school, but I have to get money to do it first. I cant study with my parents money anymore. Im grown up.
To be honest, I want to stay in the US little bit longer, and get more experience. However, because of Japanses social system, it will be risky to staying in the US one more year after graduate. what it means is Japanese companies have interested in only "NEW" graduating students. they have no interest in people who already graduated from college. conservetive companies will not read even regeme from those people.
So, if I stay longer with OPT, it will be very hard to get a real job in Japan later on.

Also, I need a "planning" job. Politically, Japan has a different system in planning. planning job is a very minor occupation. there are so many architecture agencies and firms, but only a few of them has planning jobs. Because I study outside the country, it will be hard to get the lisense to work under the government.

Its really tough to decide what I gonna do. but, I think I have to start looking for jobs to apply.


January 24 [Tue], 2006, 6:41
Im in the US for more than three years.
but, I still feel inferiority in my English skill to other people in my class.
My bestfriend from the marching band is helping my English a lot. I think Im lucky to be friends with her.
She has ears to listen to people, and also she does respect to other people.
I dont think it is an easy thing.
Even I have a weired accent, different culture background, and strange personality and even I speak slow or understand slow, she still listent to me. By the grace of her, my speaking is getting better little by little. actually, my speaking skill might not be improved much, but Im getting have more confident to speak English. I dont afraid to making mistake like I did before.
I think it is hard to get a respect from others, especially when we communicate with foreign language.
『Cant speak --> cant be understood --> cant get respects --> unconfortable to speak --> cant speak --> ... 』
so, non-native speakers are sometimes easy to be frustrated, because they cant express themselves as they want. Probably, Im not an exception.
I feel my inferiority when I have to do some groupwork in class. Since Im feeling that im inferior to other, I get afraid to speak up. then, just the vicious circle starts.

So, Dont be negative! Its not like me. I can be more positive!!
I gonna show what im thinking, and what im doing in this blog.

first post 

January 24 [Tue], 2006, 6:09
this is my first blog entry here.
I have some reasons why I start this blog even though I have some more websites that I have update. The main reason is I want to achieve my goal as a planner.
Im studying city planning in the US, and I have only one more year left to graduate. One year... thats very long and super short time or period at the same time. Time always goes by farster than I expect. I guess, my last year in the college will be passed very quickly. I still have to so many stuff that have to be done before leaving the school.
1. I want to improve my english skill.
2. I have to get more knowledge as a planner.
3. I want to learn more about GIS(Geographic Information System) as well.
4. I have to do internship in this summer, hopefully in Japan.
5. I need to get a job.
6. I need have fun outside of the classes, and enjoy the US student life.
....etc etc. (maybe I have more things to do)
So, I keep a blog in English (sometimes in Japanese). It will help to achieve the first goal, improve my English skill, and to make my work visible. I mean. people can see what I learned, what I did, and what I got to achieve my goals. I think it is important for the lazy paerson, like me, to make them visible.
okay, thats briefly why Im starting this blog. all the information here is just a notes for myself, and has no guarantee on its reliance. But, if I could share my idea or whatever with somebody, it will be very nice.
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