missing europe

June 26 [Wed], 2013, 21:22
missing europe so much
not so much the country
but more of the feeling of being free
I dont have to wait for anyone
I do what I feel like
I go where I want to
it's been such a long time since ive been on a trip where I dont have to 看?色
now that Ive experienced it once again I think I want it like this forever

just left a group sort of dinner and heading home by myself while the rest are still at it. feeling so drained even if it is only 9pm. didn't feel much of what they were talking about. 20% of the jokes were funny. some made me cringe because they were trying hard to be funny. they liked each other but I thought the company was lukewarm.

while on the way home can't help thinking how much I was not enjoying myself. I dont want to mention how disappointed I was and for what reason but I was disappointed.

ah how I wish to be walking on the bridges between the bastei rocks. or maybe heaving at the top of the clock tower enjoying the cool strong breeze. I would like to be there again by myself. it is a magical place and I dont want others to steal the magical feeling away from me
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