News-Kaka is determined to continue for Real Madrid

June 22 [Sat], 2013, 16:09
Whether Germany Soccer Jersey to renew than C Ronaldo, Kaka many Real Madrid fans are also concerned about whether to stay team. Spanish media DC network's latest news is that Kaka is determined to continue for Real Madrid. However, staying firmly Kaka to Real Madrid Bernabeu but it will affect the acquisition Paulinho issue. Kaka as Real Madrid want to take the head gave Corinthians, and to reach Hua Xiaoqian introduction Paulinho purposes. DC Net: Kaka will not leave Real Madrid Kaka reluctant to leave for two reasons: first, he believes Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti will help if to retrieve his peak; Second, he claims himself to join Real Madrid performance since a disgrace to the club. Kaka joined Real Madrid Total 120 games, only 23 career starts playing in the audience, and in theory, can kick 20,400 minutes of game time, Kaka Real Madrid battle only played 6863 minutes. Corinthians very much hope that the introduction of Kaka this summer, but the player himself has refused to takea pay cut, which makes the Corinthians feel very helpless. But for now the Corinthians, there is a good news is that Carlo Ancelotti hopes to become coach of Real Madrid after the introduction of the Brazilian Corinthians striker Paulinho active, while Real Madrid was the player valued 20 million euros If this price is still not enough to impress the Corinthians, Real Madrid will put quotations to "Kaka + cash." Real Madrid Kaka pay cuts need to be convinced to switch to the Corinthians, and the current situation, Kaka is absolutely not acceptable. However, even if do not want to go to the Corinthians Kaka, Real Madrid will certainly strive to introduce Paulinho, after all, he was appointed Carlo Ancelotti to buy the people, not to mention the 24-year-old Paulinho also has become a "Aron cable successor "potential, while Alonso's contract will expire next summer and until now failed to renew, Real Madrid midfielder position requires a rainy day. According to "Marca" the latest news, Naples Barcelona soccer jersey Real Madrid has said that if Real Madrid wanted to sign Cavani, then you have to take the head as Khedira and Morata to Naples. Real Madrid's response was given Cavani transfer fee can continue to negotiate, but Khedira and Morata is never transferred to Naples. Morata's name is also linked together with Malaga, Malaga hope Morata can take time as Isco transfer head, while Real Madrid that they were willing to pay 25 million euros for the Isco transfer fee At the same time, Russia will put the B team of young striker Qielishefu to Malaga. In addition, "Marca" There revealed that Real Madrid determination with young defender Nacho contract until June 30, 2017, while Nacho current contract expires later this month. Nacho reason about to get a new contract, the main reason is that Mourinho left Real Madrid. Last season, Mourinho would rather let Essien guest left guard did not give Nacho more opportunities debut, which makes Nacho frustrated, but once moved freely switch Betis mind.


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