October 09 [Tue], 2007, 13:25
The Month Of Halloween
so its finally october. and sorry for the late entry. school has been keeping me busy. For me october means CANDY SPOOKY THEATER listening month. For those who dont know. THE CANDY SPOOKY THEATER is a band that is all halloween themed Yesterday i wanted to look up on how on the band was doing, and i learned that one member i liked really liked left the band ;-;. The member I am talking about is ZULL points to picture =>
i couldnt believe it i pretty much was like fcking sht how could i be this out of date with them?! 凸(゚Д゚#) This.is.probably.my.favorite.picture.of.him.too. Oh well i need to get over it D: Anyways at the end of this month is my school's homecoming dance. I'm so excited =w=;; I kinda have an idea of what i'm going to wear. Andand in case you didnt know. I got my kigurumi last month~! I love it. Its so cute :33 Aha its such a horrible picture, but you can see it right? I cant wait to wear it on halloween. People will be like WTH?! Ha, and then i can be like Kangaroo's are cool.

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August 23 [Thu], 2007, 7:47
My kigurumi is almost done. This picture here is a Kigurumin. This is the the meaning of a kigurumi: 'It can also be used to describe a type of full-body pajama that looks like an animal, cartoon character, or mascot. It usually does not cover the face, and does not have to cover hands, arms, legs, or feet, though it can. The pajamas are loose fitting and usually made of a soft material, like polarfleece. Hoods or oversized "head" hats can be worn; the person's face is usually showing. They are often referred to as "disguise pajamas". Info From: live journal community Kigurumin Just in case some of you didnt know. And by the way Hello Nao :3! Thank you for reading my blog. Its good to know my blog isnt too hidden ^^; If you dont mind me asking. How did you find my blog? Heh, just wondering.

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August 20 [Mon], 2007, 8:17
kso, i havent posted here in awhile. I gots me a laptop! Its pretty cool. School started last tuesday. i'm already sick of it x.x; The classes are alright :/ but the kids are boring.or just the same. nothing different. My birthday is tomorrow O:! oh mannn. actually i'm not all that excited xD!~ It doesnt really feel like my birthday is soon. i dont even know what i want. I think i just want to finish my kigurumin. Its gonna be sweet. Mhm. FER SURE. ahaha. btw; if i dont know you. Hiii I'm Angelica. You should really talk to me. so i dont get freaked out on strangers reading my blog O_O; Myspazzzz? /amongmytears. Well, I'm gonna go for my early birthday dinner. TTYL


July 05 [Thu], 2007, 9:22
Been Awhile No? (-o-)
ah. its been a long time since i updated this blog. GOMEN NASAI V.V; its july 4th today. an american holiday. an cafe new single in august. lets get it for me ay? Cause i know i'm gonna find the download online. but it'd be cool to actually have the cd y'know? Picture to the right makes me sad. yeah cause i'm that much of a fcking fangirl as 'ravemaster' says xD Erm, finallly beat pokemon diamond. YAY YAY YAY XD. I kinda cheated though. used my cousins LVL 100 pokemon^^; and i talked to marly yesterday. no more computer for him till like February T~T cause of 'school' DANG YOU SCHOOL D<< HARHARCUT PLZ?! Srsly i was supposed to get it like last month. but i've been busy -_-; this month. i promise. tomorrow is kanon's birthday. nyappy :] I really like how he spikes the back of his hairrrrr upp. I think i might do that when i cut my hair. just because i can. & recently Tablo became one of my idols. Degree in Creative Writing?! PSWA! ILOVEYOU :3!!!! MHM. SKILLS YO ;o Thats basically it right now. nothing new.
I shall talk to you guys later. online.phone.however we chat :]]]]
~~~~~~~~JA NE~~~~~~~~


June 08 [Fri], 2007, 7:56
( >V<)/ ~~~NYAPPY~~~ \(>V< )  
summer is going okay for the most part. but today was pretty good. causecause i had one of those life changing days :D!!! and now i'm in a really good mood. LOL at the yellow blogs to the right! LOCO ROCO is pimp xD;
so i've set goals for my summer which will happen
~finish my service hours for school
~get a job
~cut my hair :D
~take my dogs to the park EVERYDAY
~hang with the cool kids
~speak better spanish ._.;
~attempt to learn japanese&korean
~spend a day in San Francisco
~make more friends with the same interests
~go camping

kso thats about it for now
let me leave you with a music download :3!
FLY- Epik High
its been a epik high month for me ;D


May 29 [Tue], 2007, 3:54
Ranting (;¬_¬)
pretty much got frusterated yesterday. i left my ipod with my dad. and was looking through it and saw my music videos. then when i came back he was like "crossdresser videos? whats this on here? O_O"
so then i began trying to explain the whole oshare/visual kei style. it didnt go very well. yeah thats the last time i try to explain it to anyone. i guess you just gotta learn on your own how to idolize/get used to them o(>w<;)o
cause it lets you have an open mind :D! and then your sense of style becomes wayyy cooler than everyone else. LAWL! no music download for this entry. srry ;-; i'm not a my home computer. it has all the goods xD;
PEACE. (^w^)v


May 27 [Sun], 2007, 5:33
yes, summer is finally here. no more going to that school xD;
haircut in june. pretty excited about that. yeah i like to cut my hair a lot, its fun. I srsly need to make friends with a hairdresser. that way i can get free haircuts. andand. so the hairdresser wont give me weird strange looks when i show them a picture of how i want my hair done >_>; and Saito Kazuhiro has been replaced already v.v; put a dent in my summer happiness. there's a new guitarist (TAKUYA) and keyboardist (YUKII). Takuya looks alright, but Yukii is like EWEWEWEW ;-; its not gonna be the same either wayy. but i hear their gonna make a DVD with Bou's last performance. TOTALLY gonna buy that. gotta start saving up for that. about the picture on the right. fanservice bby ;D STFU if you think that picture there is a little weird. you learn to deal. its just ..yeah ^^; anyways. before i leave let me leave you with a download. its smile ichiban li onna. this is probably my favorite song by an cafe.
:knows the lyrics&translations:
probably my favorite music video too.
so here you go.
by: An cafe

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May 12 [Sat], 2007, 6:30
What can i say? ┓(´_`)┏
i'm writing today cause we got out of school early. half day yo. finals are soon :| but that means school is close. i was listening to a bit of miyavi today. and it got me thinking about how much he changes his hair x_x; and i watched his pv Senor Senora Senorita. ah it makes me giggle. his 'moustach'. LAWL
Finals are soon. and people are already starting to freak out o.o; its just finals guys. we're freshmen just chill i think from now on in most of my blogs i'll leave a song to download. sounds good ay?
the first song i'm gonna put up is...

Thank you for the MUSIC
by:Imitation Pops Uchuu Sentai NOIZ

Epik High Video 

May 08 [Tue], 2007, 7:44
i finally got a chance to watch the video for lovelovelove by epik high. oh man Tablo in the end @_@; I need the Romanized Lyrics. That way i can sing to the song. y'know? But it'll be hard cause a lot of those sounds dont exist in english. so my mouth will be like :S English sucks
I like the little face things this site has. pretty cute if i do say so myself :3 so yeah what else. erm. its really hot here. I dont like the heat .-. but who doesnt? especially when most of your clothes is winter themed. Dang sun

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May 07 [Mon], 2007, 1:26
(^o^)/~~First blog
mmkay so blogging isnt exactly my thing, but i'll try to update when I have time.
summertime is close and i'm pretty excited. this high school year has been plain. why is it all the kids i get along with live far away? such as the other side of the country? life is mean like that i guess. andand the Jrock Revolution Concert is soon. I WANNA GO SO BADLY. but whatever. i got a date&shindig going on that day anyways ;D
this weekend has been jrock downloading weekend
my ipod (marlysaur) is pretty happeh and i am too.
Jrock :D!!!!
this year i found 5 jrock kids who live near me. oh man
my goal is to find jrock kids near me who i actually get along with xD;
that'd be good. ay? what else to say? Erm, my hair is bugging the crap outta me right now. i need to straighten my bangs. and do my homework.ewewew.
no me gusta tarea y escuela. okay first entry done. read more entries to come? Ja ne
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Height: Taller than you?
Job: Downloading :D!
Husbands: These Two Crossdressers. Yes?
Food: Sandwiches
Hobbies: fan fiction writing, drawing, playing with my hair and fangirling x3
Idols: Them Prett'eh Boys
Ultimate bands: Antique Cafe.yeee

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