NVIDIA Enhanced Rendering Workflow By Using AI

August 01 [Tue], 2017, 15:45

NVIDIA today announced the NVIDIA OptiX 5.0 SDK, which has a powerful new ray tracing capability that injects the power of artificial intelligence into the rendering workflow.

NVIDIA DGX Station is NVIDIA's newest desktop AI workstation running OptiX 5.0 on it to provide designers, artists and other content creation professionals with the equivalent of 150 standard CPU server-based rendering capabilities. Accelerated computing provided by the GPU to provide technical support will provide users with extraordinary rendering capabilities that will help them to iterate and innovate at less cost while ensuring speed and performance.

"Developers using our platform can help millions of artists and designers access the rendering farm on desktops by creating applications based on OptiX," said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. "By creating the OptiX-based application, Provide to customers, increase their creativity, and greatly improve productivity. "

OptiX 5.0's new ray tracing feature accelerates the process required for visualizing design or characterization, greatly improving the ability of creative professionals to interact with content. It has a new AI denoising function, can speed up the removal of grain in the image, and to achieve GPU-accelerated motion blur, and then create realistic animation.

By running NVIDIA OptiX 5.0 on DGXStation, content creators can significantly speed up training, reasoning, and rendering. NVIDIA DGX Station is a mute system that can be placed on the desktop, using NVIDIA's latest Volta series of GPUs as the most powerful AI rendering system available today.

To achieve the equivalent rendering performance with DGX Station, the content creator needs to access a rendering farm based on more than 150 servers with a power of about 200 kW and DGX Station with a power of only 1.5 kW. The cost of purchasing and operating a farm will be $ 4 million in three years, compared to $ 65,000 for DGX Station.

Industry support for AI-based graphics

NVIDIA is working with a number of key global technology companies and creative thinkers from Hollywood studios to build, design, create roles and create virtual worlds with AI. They have given extensive support for NVIDIA's innovation:

"AI has made changes in all walks of life around the world," said Steve May, vice president and chief technology officer at Pixar. "We are pleased to be able to witness NVIDIA's use of the new AI technology to improve the film production process." If you want to learn more information,please go to electronic parts website.

"We are a loyal fan of NVIDIA OptiX," said Nicolas Guiard, chief engineer at Isotropix. "After we ported the Clarisse renderer's ray tracing core to NVIDIA GPUs, we have not only significantly reduced development costs, but also achieved fast performance. Denoising can significantly reduce the time required for rendering, making OptiX 5 a subversion of production workflow. "

"AI is expected to bring about a great change in the creative process," said Sutha Kamal, vice president of technology strategy at Technicolor. "We can expect that future AI will help artists to fully release their creativity so that the brush can really think ' Able to create images and experiences that were unimaginable in the past.Technicolor has the same vision as NVIDIA, which uses technology to help creative people use a more powerful tool set to deepen the audience experience.