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October 26 [Fri], 2007, 11:55
Just like this blog, it's been awhile since we've spoken.
So much as happened, so much you have missed.
I try to see the best from this, but it's like loosing a best friend.
I still wonder if you ever think about me or if you care how I'm doing.
As we enter the fall season we turn back our clocks, but we don't just turn back time, we turned back our lives.
The cold days remind me of you.
Even though I have a new interest it doesn't spark me the same way.
Maybe i'll learn something new from him, maybe he'll be a better man, maybe he will love me more, maybe I will love him more.
You use to make me cry when all I wanted was a simple "hello".
I never got that closure, I never got those words...
I wish I knew a way to bring you back to me, but God set us on different paths.
If we end up crossing roads I'll follow beside you.
Or if in this lifetime we never speak again, I'll try to be with you in the next.
For now I'll keep living and you keep breathing.

I'll be honest 

May 16 [Wed], 2007, 11:56

This isn't a poem..just random thoughts...

Last summer I met him. I wish I meet him sooner.
He was so beautiful inside and out.
He was different and he won me in one shot.
A new feeling came over me, something I never had before.
I was high off him. He became addicting.
I gave it my all, I gave up sleep just so I can talk to him.
Every single day I was drained but I still knew he was worth it.
Though my health wasn't great the thought of him made life better.
I wanted to keep him. I thought I could.
I thought I would never get hurt again. I was wrong.

That was then, this is now.

Amazing how life changes when you least expect it.
What did those 2 months away do to him?
I never expected him to sacrifice, but to notice what I sacrifice for him.
Like a toy I was thrown away.
Like a baby I cried for attention but no responce.
Like a dog I stayed by his side anyways.
Maybe I was lied to this whole time. The truth may hurt even more.
I know this is stupid because we live in 2 different places but he put a hoop in my heart across the globe.
But now I'm being neglected.
Nice guys just don't exist.
He makes me cry, he use to make me smile.
He's one of those people you will never forget. They changed your life. They made you fall in love with them. They made you learned something.
They make you miss them.


April 09 [Mon], 2007, 18:31




April 08 [Sun], 2007, 21:16

Don't ask because I don't know either 

March 21 [Wed], 2007, 23:15


March 19 [Mon], 2007, 13:00

Always cheers me up.


March 08 [Thu], 2007, 2:25


March 04 [Sun], 2007, 19:11



March 02 [Fri], 2007, 11:24

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