2008年05月13日(火) 0時00分

Seirei no Moribito (animation)

I haven't updated my blog for some time.

Actually I did have some fun the last days.

I have seen many friends of my highschool, we went together to Schwedenplatz.

And I drank just a little bit alcohol and had some hangover.

After this day I had to rest and for a long time I started a new animation:

Seirei no Moribito.

Beautiful landscape, beautiful world.

I would like to draw landscapes so badly, but I hate to do it at the same time.

It's controversial, but drawing landscape and dead things is a pain!


2008年05月05日(月) 19時05分


Die Dinger liegen auf meinem Tisch.

Die meisten Sachen habe ich geschenkt bekommen.

(ah 2 davon hab ich von Bora bekommen <3)

Ich hab gerade keine Lust auf gar nichts.


2008年05月05日(月) 18時48分

HAHH?! Sie hat eine weisse Schleife im Haar!!

Das ist eigentlich tabu bei uns ...

Sieht aber suess aus. <3

(mir gefaellt aber der Rock nicht...)

Das Model ist generell huebsch,

ich will auch so schlank sein. (TuT)


2008年05月03日(土) 17時30分


I haven't watched any animation beside AVATAR

- the last airbinder
(I'm a BIG fan!!) for a looong time.

but some days I ago I just felt like watching an animated movie.

a friend recommended me this animation once.

it's an adaption of a RPG game.

I have to say I'm pretty much surprised that it's fairly good.

mainly because it's really beautifully drawn.

it's by studio GONZO and that of course makes it 1A!!

I have seen better ones of course,

but somehow no animation wants to fit my taste...

I think next I will give a short series the chance.

but the problem is that hm... many of them are so boring... (´_`)~


2008年05月01日(木) 1時31分

random boy doing magic tricks

heute habe ich eine folge HEIDI aneschaut.

ich finde die serie voll gut gezeichnet. (*v*)!

die gesichter der maedchen sind voll huebsch!

und dieser eine kleine junge (freund von Heidi) ist auch voll suess!

ach, ich finde die alten animationsserien sind so toll! <3

letztens habe ich auf youtube auch GEORGIE und LADY OSKAR angeschaut!!

das weckt erinnerungen! (´_`)~

und vor allem sind sie nicht von einem image wie serien die heute... ...(._.)


2008年04月30日(水) 5時53分


OH MY, look at this wonderful cover!!

it's so beautiful so beautiful !!

(mr. yoshida akihiko is so incomparable !!)

bought it on ebay haha, but the cover has many scratches... (;_;)

i want to have another one without scratches but that's hard to find...

the game is so HARD... so incredibly difficult (T_T)

the main character dies so easily and the enemies are too strong !!

it's even much more difficult than FFT ... ...

(actually it's the second hardest rpg I've ever played....

-> hardest = BOF V ... )


2008年04月30日(水) 4時30分

inside Albertina museum

I was so surprised by the pomposity inside the museum!!

so much GOLD and other valuable things, WOW!

want to live in such a place too. 8D

this was one room. you can see a Habsburgian emperor. 8D

I think it's Josef II, but i'm not 100% sure... (>_<)!

oh btw, I have to study muuch... but I don't want to... :'(
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