Third party immobilization migration healthy platform terminal consumer is very passive

June 25 [Wed], 2014, 10:02
Intelligent wrist watch, health application ......When Tristar and apple when healthy data tracing and the solution domain “turns a group”, Gu Ge announced suddenly that or the I/O congress which will convene on this week will promote the own cranio maxillofacial implants Android healthy platform. On the other hand, although Microsoft has not been clear about the statement to crave in the digitized medical service, but its had HealthVault individual health to manage the platform, much less recently also had the news saying that Microsoft will also promote can with it match intelligent wristwatch ......
May say like this that each big IT great man fodder soldier does undergo the horse in abundance now, when war of the motion healthy platform fires, perhaps this is only the opportunity question. However, if we also want by the traditional ideological mode to forecast that perhaps this time victory and loss, that has been completely mistaken - - the motion healthy platform, no longer will be only the pure expense actuation type market.
Technical media Fool publishes the critical article to believe today that the medical IT enterprise or will become the decision numeral healthcare market the core.
The so-called health IT enterprise, is refers to the production electron health files system and equipment's third party enterprise. So-called consumer. Also no longer is accepts the medical service by the independent form the individual, they may be doctor, the hospital superintendent, is the health IT expert possibly. In particular in large-scale Medical establishment, IT department and superintendent not only to large amount numeral medical equipment purchase, in Medical establishment to numeral medical equipment's receptivity, also will play the more important policy-making role. How then the medical service will safeguard the IT enterprise to affect the entire mini plate market to move toward?
Organizations and so on user and doctor, hospital share the healthy data ability level, or decided finally the entire market development, contracts chronic illness's patient in particular, because the Medical establishment carries on the monitor and the data management for a long time to it, the patient creates the commercial value will be also more. In other words, section of healthcare App is specially for some Medical establishment's some surgery research and development, takes some kind of health IT the solution, but widely exists, this will serve the supplier by the healthcare to decide.
The example: It is known that the Apple Company announced at this session of global exploiter congress, this company before soon just commanded troops with the electronic health files enterprise Epic the Systems establishment cooperation, it the electronic health files which develops face the patient apply MyChart also with the apple bundle.
Why said that this transaction is important? Because it meant that the Epic achievement faces the Cleveland clinic, John·US famous Medical establishment's and so on Hopkins Hospital third party suppliers, it to the apple receptivity, will decide makes the numerous Medical establishments with it to the digital medical service receptivity - - HealthKit user to very much to the apple authorization, can share own healthy data with MyChart, then forwards to again by MyChart it doctor. Although HealthKit can handset many individual data, but which data useful, which health application and do the equipment meet the requirement in the reliability and the valid aspect, these make the decision by the Epic medical service supplier.
With Mac and PC, iOS and Android, Samsung and the Apple competition is different, this time, the terminal consumer's words power was weakened, third party middle organization “right” by infinite enlargement. Facing this kind of market, we still
medical electric drill needed quite long recently to carry on the optimization, the promotion to it.
Is 1V1 accepts some kind of health to manage the platform, the 1VN opening meets the input terminal, is receives some kind of specific service overall to receive, currently speaking, on the surface is “because of must decide” by the patient, but in fact finally beats time medical service supplier.
Along with the digital medical service healthy industry's development, how future will the entire market change us to be unknown at present, but may determine, third party clincher both sides connection's this kind of aspect, will certainly to have the transformation.