wanna know? 

February 15 [Wed], 2006, 1:49
I told you all that I wont post anymore!!!
There are couple of people accessing my blog everyday.

Who are you ????

Do you want to know what's going on with me?

I go to school
looking for jobs to apply
working on the weekends

Oh and thinking what Im gonna do in Spring break!!!

Should I work and save money??
I can even go back to Tokyo???
I want to go to Hong Kong disney, too...
I also wanna meet up with my brother in Canada.
I miss traveling Europe as well...

too many options!!!

I think good enough for now.
I gotta study for quiz.

Ciao ciao

Last post 

January 14 [Sat], 2006, 1:53
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that
this is going to be my last post.
Since I got back to the US,
I really dont have much to say.
My last semester will begin next week,
and I will be graduating this May.
I will be busy finishing my resume,
and looking for a job during the next couple of weeks.
I would like to go back to Tokyo, Japan after I graduate,
but I'll apply for OPT just in case.
My part time job at the restaurant is going pretty well.
From now on, I will only be working on the weekends.

Well thanks again for reading my blog
for the last half a year.
Best wishes to all of you!
Have a wonderful 2006!!!

Hope you all had happy holidays! 

January 06 [Fri], 2006, 13:41
You know, since I got back in Springfield, MO,
nothing is really going on...
I used to travel every weekend,
but now I'm just working 5 days a week at the restaurant...
Im going to take TOEIC
(Test of English for International Communication)
on Saturday with my ex-roommate.
Im going to see a skin docter next Thursday.
My classes will start in two weeks...
Maybe it's almost time to quit my writing blog...???
We'll see...

A Christmas Story 

December 26 [Mon], 2005, 23:42
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas this year
I had to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day.
Actually, I have to work pretty much everysingle day
until spring semester begins
which is good because I spent too much money
while I was in Europe hahaha ...

I went to Strader's parents house after work
and had a wonderful Christmas dinner

Well I will update in couple of days to tell you about
my new place in Springfield

okaeri babe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 12:00
I left my hostfamily's house this morning
and I drove back to Springfield, MO

I just picked my boyfriend, Strader up at the airport
He didnt know that Im here in the US
Because I was supposed to go to Spain to visit my friends,
but my credit card had been declined several times.
Yes, basically I had no money whatsoever
So I changed my mind and decided to go back to the US
earlier and surprise him and I did

We'll have a wonderful Christmas together, ne
Love you, babe

Back in the US 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 11:40
hahaha, Im sorry i havent updated my blog for a long time!
Well, I got back in the US on Sunday 19th
Im visiting my hostfamily in Wichita, KS
for several days
They are like my second family
Its always great to see them
I love you sooooooooooooo much

We made Cristmas cookies


December 16 [Fri], 2005, 11:12
I finished all my finals on Thursday
and there was a huge party
organized by university of Liege on Friday night
That was like a homecoming party in the US,
girls waer dresses and guys wear suits
I went with my friends from Belgium, Brazil, France, and Bosnia
Very international, huh
We had a very nice dinner at my partner, Mike's house
before going to a party
Thanks Mike and his parents

That was the BEST party ever
I'll miss listening to a GOOOOOOOOOOOD music

Almost done 

December 09 [Fri], 2005, 22:40
Feel like Im studing really hard for a first time
since I got here in Belgium
School system is a totally different than the US,
and Im sooooooooo ready to go back
See you soon Missouri

im alive 

December 06 [Tue], 2005, 22:39
Im ok! Im alive!!
Believe or not, Ive been busy for study

Angel from Spain visited Belgium over the weekend,
and we went to Brussel and Brugge.
It was prety cool!

Well ciao for now!

American and Canadian Party 

December 02 [Fri], 2005, 20:51
American and Canadian students
organized a huge party on Tuesday night
Wow, what a crazy night
Thanks all for coming
Im sure we all had an AWESOME time

I'll see you in Springfield, Katie!!

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