☆Unreachable letter☆ 

May 04 [Fri], 2007, 1:11
I can promise you...

I wanted to make you happy...
when u were happy, I was also happy.
when u were sad, I was also sad.

Compared with the time with you, all that we shared back
then remains unchanged. That's what I believed.
However, everything was changed...

Do you remember?
When I had a cold, you cooked for me then brought it to my room.
When I cried, you hold me.
When I confused homework, you taught me.
when I had hard time, we thought how I can solve it.
when I angry with you, you always lapped me over.
Even if I told you very badly, you didn't make me sad.

You were always beside me. You gave me a lot of things.
What did I do for you? I just hope you were happy at least
when you were with me.

I met you by chance during one of the times we passed by each other
Wasn't it wonderful that a miracle that I wished for
Wanting to be with you, the time that we can't be together passed

There were nights that I cry myself
you were everything... I am stronger than you think,
if you had kind lies for me. I don't need them.

I know no matter how I hope, time will never come back.
I know no matter how I hope, it will never happen.

I will look for a place to belong to...
Whatever happen in the future, you will be my whole life.
so many times I had to rescue myself from my feeling...
I will attempt my own rebirth.

I believe miracles don't usually happen so easily.
The only miracle for me was that we met in this wide world.
I am really glad to meet you...

As I told you, we live on the rail...
Everything might be destiny...If we have a chance to meet again by chance,
it is also destiny... I don't know how long does it take...
Until we meet again, I hope we can have the one who can love and
to be only one. Let's smile together.

At last, I am embarrassed at how childish I was when you got a first job.
Now I am ashamed of it...I am so sorry.

Incoherent bits of old episodes. yes, it's just some old story
from the past.

Not by reliving the past, Not just hoping for the future,
the present is all we have..

I am glad you are happy now and I am so sorry to hurt you...

Please take care of yourself...

Good bye...

☆My Last Flight☆ 

April 26 [Thu], 2007, 19:28
My last flight was Singapore...
It was a nice flight

I don't care about distination where I must fly..
I just care about member of crew in the flight.

This crew member made me work easily...
I mean cooperation, good communication and respect.
If we don't have those 3 things, we might feel we can't work flexibly.

It takes 9 hours to reach Singapore from doha.
It is a night flight...Passengers were so quiet...
Singapore flight is usually like this...

So, during this flight, we had talking and eating etc... at the back side...
we sometimes eat First class meal... First class meal is not oily like
economy class... That's why I gain weight...hehehe...

When I reach Doha, I checked my schedule!!!

Ohh my goood!!!!! I saw message

ROSTER CHANGE!!!! again!

Tomorrow I have Airport standby at midnight


Tooooooooo much flying in this month!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to go home

picture.... member of crew from South africa, India, Philipine, japan
in economy class...my last flight crew member


April 25 [Wed], 2007, 18:08
My next month schedule was out...

I am a language speaker of Osaka flight and Turkey flight.
Why turkey!? because there are many japanese tourists.
What do we need to do as a language speaker...!?
1. assist passengers
2. make japanese announcement

Since this month, China flight is added as a language speaker.
I was wondering why I need to be a language speaker...
I called the office why...

He said I heard you can speak chinese...
hey...come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I am a language speaker of china flight, I fly to Beijing, shanghai,

I said I can't speak chinese much...It is really...
I can understand mostly what they speak in chinese..
I can read and write more than communciation...

I really can't speak chinese very well...
How can I be a language speaker....

He said we don't have a lot of chinese crew...they need language
speaker...don't worry...you can do it...
If you can't do it, just let me know...

I can't ...that's why I am telling you!!! ohh my god...

I am sure if I am a language speaker of china flight, most chinese
passengers can't speak in English except hongkong...
I can imagine what gonna happen to me...

before I flew to shanghai, most passengers thought I m a chinese.
they speak to me in chinese...I could understand...
but while I was busy, I always told them I can't understand...
sorry, sir I will call a language speaker...and escaped from the passegers...

I can't do it anymore...

Now I feel too much pressure...
as a first class crew and chinese language speaker...
and if I am a first class crew, I sometimes need to be a
cabin senior director in economy class ... it means I am incharge of
the economy class....if problem happen, ohh my god...
What do they expect from me!!!???

Too much pressure!!!

but it is good chance to earn much money...
earning much money earlier, and resign this company next year.
then, go back to japan...and catch my happiness...

☆happiness and sad☆ 

April 24 [Tue], 2007, 17:34
I came back from bangkok yesterday...
It was so hot and humid... but very comfortable place
Here in doha, please imagine!!! It is more than 45 degree
and very very humid now, especially in the afternoon.
I can't go out any place...I can't wait for a taxi even 5 min in outside

In bangkok, at night I went out...
and my mobile was stolen..
I am so lucky girl...my wallet wasn't stolen so lucky!

but I am fine! I planed to change my mobile...so time to change

I need to be more careful...cause this is second time to be stolen..
first time my camera was stolen in shanghai...
I am so careless I know myself haha...

This was my sad thing.

Happiness is about my friend
My collegues from Malaysia who entered this company same time engaged I have met her fiance before...he is from Egypt..
I really really hate arabic guys, but he might be kind and honest..

My company is strange...We have a contract not to get marry for 5 yrs
So, she need to resign this company but it is a happy ending.
so I want to see her off with smile
They invited me to go to their wedding celemony on May...
I am thinking what present is good!? I am so happy


Since my London flight, I ve been so busy...
After 12 hrs arriving at doha from London, I flew to bangkok...
and this morning I needed to go to the US embassy to get USA crew VISA.
We gonna fly to New York and washington DC soon..
Ive been so tired recently... need time to enough sleep

This morning, I was so funny...I set up my alarm at 6:30am
I woke up 7:15am cause taxi driver called me...
He said...where are you?? I arrived your home!!!!

Ohh my god!!! I just woke up...He woke me up...hahahaha
and I prepared for 10min and went to the US embassy...
You know how much I am tired... hahahahahaha

anyway, time to sleep now... hehe...


April 22 [Sun], 2007, 8:58
I am so happy

Before bangkok flight, I got a letter from the office

When I saw the letter, I was so scared and wanted to scream


It was a good news for me!!!!


I'll promote to the First class Crew!!!
I don't know why I can skip the business class crew...

Maybe I always work hard!? and got good letters from the passengers...

Honestly, I am happy of course! but also feel responsibility strongly...
There are a lot of business people...I need to think that how I should behave
them to do good service...

The way of service is actually depend on distination...
For example, Osaka flight is very difficult for me to do good service.
Passengers are very strict for service ...
I need to change the style of service compared to another distination...

On the other hand, I really don't think about service indian sector...
I always have a fight with indian passengers
Of course, I use at least common sense...That's it...
actually no time to think about a good service...

anyway, I can escape from 300 passengers in economy...
wa hahahaha....byebye economy...

and hello 12 passengers in first class

I will concentrate on my work for now...

Let's do my best!!!!

Picture is in London....BIG BEN

☆Schedule changed☆ 

April 19 [Thu], 2007, 19:07
Last night I checked my schedule....

It showed ROSTER CHANGE!!!


What flight did they give me?????

I am So Lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am supposed to fly to Bombay in India...
For us, Bombay flight is the hardest flight distination.

BUT the flight was cancelled....wa hahahahahaha!!!!!

And I got a Standby for tomorrow...

After 4 hours later, I checked my schedule again....


It showed ROSTER CHANGE!!! again..

I have London tomorrow!!!!


I need to wake up at 3am..................


☆Calling from DEVIL☆ 

April 18 [Wed], 2007, 1:55
Today I was sleeping for 15 hours
but I still have fever...38 degree
My brain is stopped and nose block terrible condition

In addition, in this early morning, office called me
Usually calling from office is not good news
It was about 2nd assessment... every 3 month, we will get
an assessment from an office checker...it is about safety, service, first aid,
ground service etc....

When I got 2nd assessment before, I couldn't answer how to make
"Spritzer"... It is made by soda water and white wine...
but but...Passengers never never ask me about it...so
I totally forgot it...

Then, offier said why couldn't you answer it?? pls explain...

Ohh My Goooooood!!!!
So scared.....

In my mind,,, safety is more important than service...
I could answer every question about safety...FORGIVE ME!!!!

I said to the officer honestly... I just forgot it

She said to me ""it is not reason!!!!""

I may get 2nd assessment again... ahhhhh!! headache
That's why my fever reached 38 degree... hahahaha...


This evening, I went to hospital...
My company introduced an indian doctor to me.
I heard he is very professional and famous in my company.

During the examination,

Dr.George...""where is your family??""

MAI..."" in Japan""

Dr. George... ""Really, so sad...you can't meet your children and husband..""

MAI... ""WHAT!!!??? Excuse me?? What did u say??""

Dr. George... ""Why don't you invite them to here??""

MAI... ""I don't have children and husband""

Dr.George... "".....""

MAI...""I am still 24 years old ""

Dr.George... "" Do you have a fiance??""

MAI... "" I don't have!!! I am STILL young!!!!""

Dr.George..."" hahahaha...""

What impolite he is!!!!!

In india, Almost women get marry before 20 years old..
That's why he asked me...


It means I am expired girl in India


Picture is in desert... It was so exciting!!


April 17 [Tue], 2007, 5:57
Today is my last Off day Time always passes so fast

Last night I went to Korean restaurant with Junko
She is my best Japanese friend and collegues here
She always decides to go to restaurant suddenly

I was cooking dinner with using a cooking book
When I have time, I sometimes try to cook food that I've never cooked


As always, Junko came to my home and just said one thing.

「Mai, Let's go to that restaurant!!!」
I know what is that restaurant cause we used to go therehehe

Cooomeeeee onnnnnnnn!!!!
I start coooooking!!!!

but i decided to keep it for breakfast..hehehe

I haven't been to restaurant for a long time...
So we ordered so many foods and ate a loooooots
I really miss PORK!!!! Pig pig

Here is Arabic country...
that's why not allow to bring pork and alcohol

But if we go to hotel, we can drink alcohol...
Or we need to have a permission card of liqueur if we wanna drink
alcohol in the home...
Pork...no where to find... IMPOSSIBLE

anyway, we had nice dinner time


April 16 [Mon], 2007, 15:48
I have 3 days off since yesterday
but I have a cold...
Recently, I haven't taken enough rest...
and I often fly to many countries which is cold or warm

for example, today I fly to London where it is snowing
then after London flight, I fly to Maldives where it is sunny
Difference of temperature is more then 20 degree celsius

I really feel control of the body is very difficult in my work...

What I can do is only two thing

Eating healthy food
and I try to cook myself as much as possible
Stamina comes from delicious food hahaha...

one more thing is to eat fruits and Yoghurt..
I really don't know it affects to manage health

Buuuuut....I have a cold with high fever now
Day after tomorrow I have a double sector to Mascut and Bahrain

Do you know??

when we fly with a cold, we will have ear pain
I experience it before...
That time, it was very serious blood came out from my ear
In the flight, we might not feel anything but after top of decent,
the symptom will show slowly...and finally I couldn't hear anything
even passenger's voice
Unfortunately I had to make japanese announcement...
It was my worst flight

That's why I am so afraid of having a flight with a cold...

Anyway,I need to recover my sick until day after tomorrow!!
Since day after tomorrow, I have flights everyday until 24th Apr

Let's concentrate my work

Picture is from the airplane to Osaka...It is Himalaya mountains...

☆The Past☆ 

April 15 [Sun], 2007, 15:32
I was wrong when i hurt you
But did you have to hurt me too
Did you think revenge will make it better?
I don't care about the past
I just want our love to last
There's a way to bring us back together

I must forgive you
You must forgive me too
If we wanna try to put things back the way they
used to be cause there's no sense in going over and over
The same things as before
So let's not bring the past up anymore

Out of all the good we had
You only keep track of the bad
Though you knew i never really loved him
Didn't anyone tell you yet
That to forgive is to forget
How can you be mad if you don't remember

I must forgive you
And you must forgive me too
It's the only thing that's left that we haven't try to do
One thing that i'm sure will work
That we haven't tried before
Let's not bring the past back anymore
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