2005年11月11日(金) 23時18分

Literature test 

2005年11月01日(火) 12時46分
The Book of Job from The Old Testament (旧約聖書)
The Bhagavad-Gita (インドのお話?)
Oedipus the King by Sophocles
The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
Hamlet by William Shakespear
でございます。 Hamlet は100ページ以上あったけど頑張って完読しました。The Canterbury Talesが読み終わらなかったんだよね~。テストは結構なんとかなりました 嫌なテストが終わると心も軽いねい!鼻歌歌うような気分だよ。フンフフンあと今週はChemistryのテストがあるからそれに向けて勉強するだけ!頑張るじょ~!


2005年10月31日(月) 8時01分
今日はHalloweenでした だからって何があったわけでもないけど。ただ図書館に行ったらバスケットにお菓子がはいって置いてあって自由に取れるようになってました。もちろん、フリーだから大量にもらって帰りました ウフフ。




2005年10月27日(木) 0時27分
i had a literature class today.
I have only one class on Thursday, so it's easy~~.
But, I got a test on next Tuesday, so I need to study for that.
Can I finish reading???


2005年10月25日(火) 10時35分
My friends checked my computer yesterday.
and we found harddrive is broken!!!! oh, shit!
so, I can't fix this computer by myself
It will be expensive to fix it.....


2005年10月19日(水) 11時30分
I have to read Hamlet about 100 pages by tomorrow...
but, of course I can't do that, so I borrowed a DVD from library and watched it today.
I could understand the story, so I'm gonna read it from now.
I will stay awake tonight.

I wanna sleep more~~~

10/18/05 Tue. 

2005年10月19日(水) 11時18分
about application.
I finished writing an essay today and finally got ready to send application!
After the class, I went to a post office and sent them to the school
a~~it will be received in a week.
I hope I don't need any additional documents.
a- I'm sooooo tired

10/17/05 Mon. 

2005年10月19日(水) 11時01分
In Spanish class, the teacher returned the mid-term exam.
I got B+ on the test.
sensei no kechi!
but midterm grade is A good good.

By the way, I also had Fitness and Wellness class today.
The class always finish in 30 min, but today the teacher didn't come and other teacher came to the room.
He said, "just turn in a paper and you can leave."
a- subarashii!
This class is really easy~~~.

Fairmont ha level ga hikuindayo


2005年10月19日(水) 10時54分
My roommate and I cooked Gyoza today!
It was first time to cook it, but I cooked very well~~!

What I put in the Gyoza is
grounded pork, garlic, cabbage, green onion(negi), mushroom.

happy happy

exam&grade 10/14/05 

2005年10月15日(土) 11時41分
I had a Spanish midterm exam today.
For the test, I stayed awake yesterday and slept only 2 hours, so I'm really tired!!! I needed to memorize many words in Spanish.
I think I did well on the test.
The teacher will return the exam on Monday.

...and, I also got midterm grade in Literature and Chemistry class.
I got B in Literature and A in Chemistry class. It's not bad~~.

I hope I could use my PC.
I can't listen to music anymore
I can't type Japanese.
I can't send e-mail to my friends in Japan.
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■性別■ 女
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■誕生日■ 5月17日
■My Favorites■ Lord of the Rings・マンガ・読書
■現在■ アメリカWV州に留学中。2006年春学期から移籍してTESOLを専攻予定。
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