First wk of Sem B 

2005年07月21日(木) 18時01分
Mon- - so so so so so surprise to recieve 's call, haha n i was so stupid that i didn't realise it was him after 5 mins of chattin...... i regret that i turned my phone off those few days it is always so nice to have sumone to chat to and can have endless topics such a comfort

a new sem had started, but everythin seems to be da same anyway, i dun expect it to be fun or anythin.......... i will just try my best to enjoy whatever i can enjoy...........yea......haha like......can enjoy what

wed- - No LEC ..yeah yeah yeah. i miss my holiday now.... went to city with my sis~ metropolis for lunch i just that place~! my bowl of Latte and my piece of cake wish that i can enjoy everyday kekeke

i am not lookin forward to next week it will be awlful~! ve to be busy again i seriousli dun wan 6 hrs NONSTOP what a torture

House of WAX 

2005年07月14日(木) 21時43分
TODAY met Lois n Namhe @ city had dinner n coffee@ metropolis~! watched house of wax~paris hilton is damn ugly then we went to starbucks for a chat~ findin out that my dear frd actually jealous at my crap life?? very ShOCked who will want a life like mine? just becoz i am all free and no one can control me..........but i dun realli need all these~! i rather want my parents and want them to control me and ask me all those annoyin questions u realli cannot understand other people until u step into their shoes although my life might look so cool.....but u will never understand my situation~! n this other frd plz appreciate what u have.........dun say such things when yr life is nearly perfect~! i realli dun expect to get anythin from this uni, except da most important degree no gdfrds no groups no peers..............i am such an odd one i feel myself dun fit into any groups........ maybe this is a reali good i can concentrate on my study
few days ago.....had a reali nice chat on da happi that i am yr frd now.... keke reali one inch name even appear in public...i know u wana see my xanga but i dun use it and i will never ever show this .........coz will sure go crazy but i still can;t reali believe this frdship came so suddenly and can last long

how come????? 

2005年07月11日(月) 14時34分
had lunch with Jisun n her BF @ noodle city is soo busy. can;t even find a place to park da jisun won;t be here next sem.... sad can't ve lunch together in uni lu.......
last nite had another fun chat with , keke n got my look forward to chat on da phone lo sp surprise that i found my own xanga site from 's xanga.... wa lucky that i didnt write anything related to him.........otherwise embrass die jor i remember i even lied last time that i dun ve one wonder where it came from??


2005年07月10日(日) 12時23分
yesterday went to auck........wo.......and spent so much crazy poor now~!
i bought 3 TEEs in 1 day....Paul Frank n Triple 5 Soul.....haha maybe becoz i ven't shop for a while...
but i love what i bought keke so it was worth it~!
we had yam cha at new market~! that was nice and cheap then had dinner in city ........a korean place.....UDON noodle ....very nice too ar
today just wana stay at home and be a lazy pig~


2005年07月07日(木) 17時16分
last nite went bowling with sis n her frds.........n had a reali nice bowl of hot chocolate so delicious ar
today went to city again with vicki.....she is leavin on sat ...i will miss her.......wont get to see her again until next yr lo we watched tom cruise WAR OF THE WORLDS was way better than batmen lo...... then we had a nice chat at starbucks
still ve another week of boring ar..........wana start uni already... so i actually ve sumthin to study or do
i feel realli fine now.........can't wait to live by myself next year. i need to become more independent and have my own style of living

results will be all out soon............but i am not that desprite to know.....dunno why......
i just hope that i can pass SMST........coz realli not sure how i did on that paper

too relax 

2005年07月02日(土) 19時55分
keke yesterday had another good chat with......that was cool
today went to city my favourite metropolic for lunch and went to i japanese for dinner ~ yummy tofu set
wa and also bought this TEE which i reali want be4 ..........need to save
keke i really look forward to open WINGFAT with big sis durin new year will be so much fun with only 2 of us at da shop with my ET SING kekeke we might burn da shop~!
now i feel so much better about being alone next year...........strange...actually abit looking forward to it i am sure i will be fine and enjoy myself ........ although it will sure be abit lonely......but i will get use to it and enjoy all my freedom n spend on heaps of goods

Batman Begins 

2005年06月27日(月) 16時39分
HaPPy Birthday to my dearest frd ar Mo~!

today finally went out n meet old frd Vicki~ missed her so much lo~ so good to be with old mates~! hand lunch and watched batman begins together, keke i kinda forced her to watch that n findin out that she only ve 1cent in her bank account poor girl we also went to STARBUCKS yea i love flat white n must be a large one too

i am abit worry that from next yr i ve to stay in nz all alone all i have is my car ..............should i flat or stay in hostel i m so confused i realli dun wana stay in this country alone i wana go back home and stay with my family but i know its impossible they won't let me and will never understand my situation i dun give a i must go back to HK twice a yr........nothin can stop me i realli dun understand, how come my life is like this while other people are havin so much fun and can be with their family n love ones

review of da week 

2005年06月24日(金) 16時20分
yeah yeah yeahtoday finally finish all da exams, my A sem is over went to city-starbucks with jisun its my 2nd starbucks coffee of da weeki m realli addicted to it now dunno why us 2 always have so much to talk aboutits always good to hang around with this silly gal i will sure be missin her next sem
last week was quite peaceful everything went well i had all da surprising motivations that i always wanted it was reali cool n sweet i also got to find out so much more about but come on.......11 was abit way too much babe seriously 5+ is not even mi hope that u reali treat mi as yr frd n da stuff was true comin out from da reali do look forward to hang out

from tomoro on i will be so free, i think i will become an awlful lazy durin this holiday, since da weather is but i will enjoy myself n get wasted


2005年06月19日(日) 19時11分
望上去 像有架飛機 飛進我天地
任我叫著搖搖兩臂 拼命地截著你
你永遠聽不見 得我看到你 大叫你
你沒有下凡 我沒有翼 難道會飛 誰叫我自卑

即使戀上你 都差天共地
你再遠離我 我也會看得到你
祝我下次 可儲夠運氣 坐上飛機
升空 去結識你
陪著你向著南飛 四百公里
航道有了但找不到 航機

就算每日有八班機 經過這片地
若我繼續垂頭喪氣 貼著地仰慕你
你永遠不知道 這裡有雙眼 在看你
盼望你下來 已沒有望 還是靠己 才會有轉機

f00lish mE 

2005年06月19日(日) 16時39分
,,,,,,i dun like it this way, i wana return to da normal Gie~! i hate this i always think too much and imagine too much why does both of my hands are so ??? i seriously think i am a fool a big big fool. its impossible~! lets face the truth~! chating like that was good enough, just need to keep it that way kekeke.........should be a good motivation 4 da year

i realli need to concentrate on my study for next week~!! and throw away all da unnecessary things .........just need them out of my mind~! at least for the benefit of my exams~!

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