exquisite woman, exquisite wrist form!The spring of 2011 of SEIKO(Jing work) summer style LUKIA the sun electric power wrist form

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:58

emphasize ego, fascinatingly living

SEIKO(Jing work) the Lukia series be deeply popular among the office worker young female since 1995 was born, regardless go to work or the holidayses all match dress very easily, let people make a show of a personal status of grace and be full of self-confident living manner.

this spring, the Lukia series wrist form in addition went into a new chemical element, while carrying first Xin into the technique machine, also attained the equilibrium design of catering to the vogue current, doing not exaggerate the but again was capable, for emphasize ego and look forward to the modern female of freedom life to increase to gleam magic power.

display true my elegant appearance, Be in use all new spokesperson

for attracting the modern female's elegant life, make a show of true my elegant appearance, SEIKO(Jing work) decides to be in use clear Ms. Sha of black wood as the spokesperson of all new Lukia series wrist form.

black wood clear Ms. Sha's that day originally famous youth actress, singer, and is the half-breed of American 1/4 blood relationship.Black Ms. Mu who comes from Okinawa has the style of oneself's uniqueness in Japanese skill ability field.Her Lin however special qualities and possess 〜 and 〜 "cool feeling" and"pliant and tough" female carriage to be subjected to 20-30 years old young the female's high evaluation.Black wood clear Ms. Sha's image and all new Lukia series the elegant image is perfect to agree with , cooperate to create to make the spring that the public moves of the summer is new style of.

Lukia series wrist form all new spokesperson:Black wood clear Ms. Sha

the exquisite woman match exquisite wrist form

the Lukia series use" exquisite woman, exquisite wrist form, everything all not and by chance" as this year the spring summer style topic, make to order for exquisite beauty degree body, release the all new wrist form that the color works properly, uncover spring the supple cheery prologue is for summer.

for the sake of match spring summer special refreshing style, the Lukia series spring summer is specially new style of on 7:00 in dial the position designed lucky four leaf grass shape pattern, the grace light and softly unfolds to open on the gorgeous dial, for wear of the female increase soft beautiful charming qualities.The dial in several colors designs, stainless steel and plate the dual choice of rose gold watch band, all work properly to make a show of among the wrist, as if the light breeze in spring, make people free of mind and happy of heart.The sunlight projects light upon on the blue precious stone glass form mirror, the ray of light reflecting is all over the body roved around to, deduces gorgeous of supple feeling, bring you the good heart feeling all day long.

in spring, take new style of wrist form of Lukia series together, make a show of grace true my elegant appearance.

the exquisite woman match exquisite wrist form, must belong to you!

(is left)the SSVR071 Js(is right) SSVR067 J

carry the sun electric power machine Xin, continue environmental protection topic

Lukia series spring summer new style of topic that continued an environmental protection, carry the sun electric power machine Xin, can from the sun light or other the lights(include artificial light source) convert into electric power everyday and drive wrist form to walk from such as. The technique adoption improvement version IC integrated circuit of SEIKO(Jing work) Solar(the sun electric power) with efficiently solar energy chip, the dial has never needed to keep a high clairvoyance degree external appearance, can also let the bare strength heartily refresh for machine Xin through the dial.All new Lukia the sun electric power wrist form, still keep owning a blue precious stone crystal form mirror, 10 expect the high allocation of watertightness, the dazzling brilliant external appearance design lets wrist more

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