Kingdom Hearts II is soo short 

2006年05月20日(土) 17時15分
I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II for 35 hours now and I'm almost finish it.
I'm already in the World That Never Was and I just need to fight the last nobodies.

I can't believe the 2nd one is this short!! I mean... for KH, I need at least 60 hour to finish the game.
So now I'm going to leave the World That Never Was and I will level up first + find items so that I could synthesis the Ultima Weapon, Save the King and Save the Queen.
I also tried fighting Sephiroth (by accident) and I DIED..

Yes... Sephi is too strong..
I haven't even launch a single attack and I died...
Well my level is 55ish so I think it's imposible to defeat Sephi on such low level (or maybe just me).
~*Kingdom Hearts*~

N.B ( ´∀`)゚・*:.。. .。.:*・ラブコン見たいな〜〜 Hope this is the right Japanese.

Free for awhile 

2006年05月18日(木) 21時14分
Yeah.. I won't have any test coming until wednesday next week and it's only for Indonesian...
should be OK.. I hope

I think I've been playing too much Kingdom Hearts II nowadays.
I even dream of playing it in my DREAM!! that is how obses I am about this game.
And I think its almost the end of the game... I think..
Because I'm already on lv50ish and I'm already on the world that never was.
I died 3 times in that world fighting the bloody nobodies.. So anoying.
One of the nobodies is really hard to beat!!
I have to say... KHII probably the game that I died alot when playing it.
I only died 2 times playing FFX, about 3 times in KH because of that bloody phantom (that I finally able to beat with Sora lv98, 99 now) and etc...
I don't remember dying that much.. unlike in KHII...
The game is not that hard but... the control is sometimes a bit hard and I guess the bosses (esp the nobodies) is really hard to beat.

Anyway.. I still have to do Japanese and my Art assignment.
I have to make a children story book for my Painting theory assignment about Pissaro's painting and life *sigh.
I still have to make a writen assignment about his life and style... damn it.
~*Uchiha Sasuke*~


2006年05月16日(火) 19時00分

I'm f***d
I failed... failed...


Go back playing KH2


2006年05月12日(金) 23時23分
yes.. you got my point..


Got the game 2 days ago and been playing it for 13 hours now.
Currently on the Agrabah town (well going to land.. not yet land on the world.. still on the world map).

Anyway I love this game

~*Kingdom Hearts!!*~
Love Sora


Barely pass GWaP 

2006年05月10日(水) 17時52分
Phew... I pass my book essay response...
I got B+... not that good but good enough.
Better than my C+ for that bloody creative writing.

I'm going to have Japanese Listening SAC on Monday after school.. damn
And on the same day... I have Method test... grrr
Then on Wednesday I have another English creative writing test...
WHY!! WHY!! this is soo anoying.

Anyway... I need to write a design brief for my viscom.
I'm making my own company but I don't know what to call it...
hmm this is very difficult.
I have the name 'Tears' in name but its probably for the product name.. not the company.
So now I have to think of a company name.. damn it.
~*Mihara Mitsukazu*~

I'm feeling sleepy... 

2006年05月09日(火) 19時20分
Curently listening to Robbie Williams - Angels.
I love this song.

So yeah.. today was... alright.
Nothing interesting happen and I feel so SLEPPY in methods...
I think I could fall aslep any minute if I didn't feel sorry for my teacher.
I hate my method class. They're to noisy.

Hmm.. I think the tenimyu is getting into me..
Damn it...
I have to say.. those people playing the Tenipuri character are very funny.
They really random and totally hilarious.
I like watching them in the backstage. Not the tenimyu
The tenimyu is just to painful to watch because it's damn funny.
~*My own art*~

woohoot.. Chemistry test 

2006年05月07日(日) 17時57分
yes.. I'm being sarcastic...

Tomorrow I have Chem test.. damn
Kinda study for it but ..hmm.. not that confident at the moment.

I played FFX again yesterday and find it very addictive .. again...
And after seeing the preview of FF12 then play FFX... man the graphic really different.
FF12 graphics are totally totally nice.

Oh! and yesterday... I finished my bloody 2000words Art Assignment..
Take that you Picasso and Goya!! bwahahahah... don't mind me.. too much stress

Anyway I shall go back to my studying.. "Organic Chemistry"
It's all full of Carbon baby~
~*The Death*~
Mihara Mitsukazu


I feel like s**t 

2006年05月03日(水) 16時19分
Today was fine until English...
I got a bloody C+ for my bloody Creative Writing.
That's show how suck I am at writing.... hate English..
I feel like s**t right now.. totally

and sometimes I really hate it when my friends complaining about their 'A'...
IT'S AN 'A' PEOPLES!! GET OVER IT!! better than C or B...

+ I want to play Final Fantasy 12....
~*Gendomaden Saiyuki*~


Indonesian Seminar 

2006年04月28日(金) 18時41分
Today there was an Indonesian Seminar that start from 9.30am to 3.00pm.
It was alright... kinda boring.
The seminar is for both 2nd and 1st language speaker.
There is a lot of 'western' taking Indonesian actually...

Anyway we have to watched this old movie that was published in 1990..
Can you believe it!! 1990!! I'm still 1 years old...
So the movie was boring.. I almost feel asleep.
Afterwards we have lunch and I talked with an Indo guy..
Then we get seperated from the 2nd language peops... then I have to do my bloody Indonesian oral..
I failed it.. totally failed it.
So sad~ And it's a SAC... *sigh....

Anyhow.. overall it was fun.
I also got to meet new peops.

Oh yeah... I finally cried watching the 1 Litre of Tears..
It's really sad...
~*Kingdom Hearts*~

Formal Photos 

2006年04月26日(水) 17時20分
I've uploaded my formal photos at Friendster.
Click here to see it hehehe.

So.. what has been going on in my life.
Let see..

1. I'm going to have my Indonesian seminar this Friday + I'm going to have my oral too.
2. My viscom work due tomorrow and thank god I'm able to finish it.. phew~
3. We're watching the comedy festival tonight. I think it will be good.
4. I need to take shower so ciao~~
~*Final Fantasy Advent Children*~

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