My ride at Japan. 

2008年05月06日(火) 13時45分

Public transport here in Japan is quite expensive compared to Malaysia. The lowest JR (Japan Railway) single trip fare is about 160yen, around RM4.80. My trip to school would cost me 310yen per trip, a 6 minute ride, same goes for the return, a total 620yen, which is about RM18. That's the reason why I bought this bicycle as my ride to school, a 20 minute ride.

It is red, some story behind it. Basket attached in front of the handle, seems like an old fashioned grandma type bicycle. It is pretty common here the Japanese ride on this kind of bicycle. Nevertheless, every bicycle here in Japan is registered with a serial number, like a license plate for your bicycle, and the police has the record of every serial number and their owner.

That's Japan, and my ride.

My first Japanese blog. 

2008年05月06日(火) 11時59分
Hi guys, as requested by Yun Kah, in favor of setting up a blog introducing stuffs from Japan, well, here it is. It's pure Japanese blog, well, you guys can learn to read Japanese in the mean time.

That's all, have a nice day.
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