yamaguchi with my grandma

February 16 [Tue], 2010, 23:19
masae in yamaguchi----!!!
to take care of my grandma.
i just came back and ll stay here for 3days.

actually, it was first time that i came here alone.....
everytime, i visited here with family by the car.
but i m already 21years old>< have to be adult!!!haha

long time i didnt meet with my grandma. it was almost 1 and harf year.
sooo i was glad to see her.

now she is alaready 88 years old.
and progressing to forget everything...
she cant remember what did she do.. even though it is a few minute before...
so now, i worry about her.

she just stay her home and dislike to go out.
coz of troublesome..

we tried to bring her to Tokyo to live together.
but she everytime refused.
i thought for her, it's better to live togerther with us.
she can talk with my family and dont need to be alone.
but tokyo is not friendly to old people such as upstairs and
the biggeest problem is no friend near my home.

that's why she went back her hometown.
maybe it's better for her.

it's only thing that i can do for her is frequently come back to Yamaguchi
and talk what happen for me and just be listener for her.

i dont come up with any other ways...

but her BOKE is toooo serious...
as i said she forgot everything what she did.

and i feel soooo sad. and i dont know how can i support her....

but i m sure she will enjoy her life, coz she have Gohonzou...
her her evertyime heart is together with Ikeda sensei.
i also.

and it's impossible she will be unhappy.

that why i ll chat more and more for her and wish her hapiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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