omparing a guest is adding rare Boer to work in an opium

October 03 [Wed], 2012, 9:24

Nuo good husband's comparing a guest is adding rare Boer to work in an opium factory.Card carat Ba Di has two daughters, eldest daughter and her person of husband's house lives together.Old man not wish again with little daughter separate, therefore especially idea's picking a young man with no MAC Makeup Cheap property and his little daughter Be married;This young man also take pleasure in accepting very much card carat's the proper method of Ba Di Yong strives for for his camp of a post, and his wife's parents are together living. While speaking match the Nuo is suddenly good the station start to say:"sorry, dear of, MAC Concealer I want to go out a short while and come back right away."Immediately after she how much some ashamedly explained, her husband has already taken a shower, she must go to and prepare breakfast for him and let him eat to go to work so much. "You how can anyone know did he take a shower?"The card Ma Nuo innocently asks. "Do not play a joke on me, " match Nuo is good to answer."How can don't know?The step voice of your you's husband, will you listen to not to come out?" Her cachinnation wears, at card Ma the Ning of face of the Nuo for a while, chase the lower hem Liao of long clothes that her Shuan wears a string of key on the shoulder, started to embrace a black rice to walk to go out. The card Ma Nuo has been still doing not know the language that is so and easily 1 kind to learn of the person's step voice.She cans not helps foolishly hoping window egress absolute being. There is a Fan pomegranate outside the window, at that Zhui full blossom of in the tree branch, have many adopt to spend a thief......Bee flies around over there. Chapter 32 Admire plum the west prepare to rent now alone and helpless build at the Ganges a house of the near the bank, in order to want to do to take part in the procedure of hoping the Boer law society and move a little bit own things so much, he has to also go to Calcutta to go to 1 in person;But he really would not like to walk into that city again.Some impressions left by streets in his brain there always and heavily press in his at
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